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Top 1401-1450 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1401)   MyDMS
MyDMS is a PHP/MySQL based document manager that stores binary data. Meta info is about author, created date, stutus, version, and more. Security mechanism keeps data safe. ADOdb supports mulitple servers.

1402)   PHP-Link Trader
You can use this program 'PHP-Link Trader' to exchange and market your website links with other websites and to track the total in and out hits for the links.

1403)   Advanced PHP Form Builder
PhpForms is an advanced Web Form Builder that allows you to create Web forms quickly and easily. You can create an unlimited number of forms with any number of radio-buttons, checkboxes, pull-down menus, text areas, etc. PhpForms supports form validation.

1404)   Quick Intro to PHP
A quick introduction to the basics of PHP for complete beginners.

1405)   Lyrics script
TurnKey lyrics script (SEO friendly, 128521 lyrics, amazon integration, powerfull admin and more)

1406)   phpMyVisites | powerfull web stats analyser
phpMyVisites is a Web traffic analyzer with very detailed reports and advanced graphics. It is not an Apache log analysis tool. phpMyVisites creates its own logs, and it allows access to more complete statistics. phpMyVisites provides information about visitors, page views, visitor follow-ups, countries of origin, software configurations, referrers, and much more. It also includes a powerful administration and configuration tool.

1407)   phpQuest
phpQuest is a powerful online quiz and testing program with which you can test the students with ranking systems. This program is compatible with any server.

1408)   Hot-or-Not Clone
This is the ultimate hot-or-not script. hot-or-not allows you to create your own image voting website. Visitors to your site can rate images on a scale of 1 to 10, and voting results are displayed on the page. Visitors can also upload their own photos, and leave their email, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ and homepage information as well.

1409)   PHP/MySQL News with Comments
PHP/MySQL News with Comments is a PHP tutorial that describes the common PHP features and functions to create a PHP based news module with commenting facilities.

1410)   Adzor Banner Exchange
Adzor Banner Exchange is a set of scripts that allow webmasters to run their own banner exchange, it's very easy to customizable, easy to use, foolproof and functional.

1411)   Live Accounting
Live Accounting is a user-friendly web, based double entry accounting system that works in all countries.

1412)   Binary Data + MySQL + PHP
This tutorial teaches you how to store images as well as the html files directly into the SQL database through the HTML forms. The functions are explained clearly with examples.

1413)   HYIP Lister Script
HYIP Lister Script is a program based on PHP with which administrators can generate and maintain their own HYIP listing. This is an easy to use program.

1414)   HTTPPost
HTTPPost is a script written in PHP which helps you in posting an array of data to a given URL using rfc2616 protocol. The script is also very simple and easy to use.

1415)   online bookmarks
Online Bookmarks is a set of php scripts to store bookmarks and favourites online. It is stored on a web server and user can retrieve from any computer and browser.

1416)   DLGuard - file download protection
DLGuard protects your downloadable products and collects customer data, automating and securing your website downloads. Features thankyou page protection, expiring download links, built in customer database, export to major mailing list formats, and easy to use installation and setup.

1417)   Easy Weather
Easy Weather is a PHP application that displays weather data on your site. It provides a list of locations and to which weather information is displayed.

1418)   FileDB
FileDB is a php script for webmasters to store files in a database. This script performs functions such as storing, displaying and sending files from a db.

1419)   SiteChunk
SiteChunk is developed using php and allows users for managing websites and is also a content management system.

1420)   phpIRC
phpIRC is an IRC layer for PHP, which enables you to use all IRC-features from your own scripts! phpIRC will enable you to code IRC bots, online checkers and the like without any hassle.

1421)   Asn Forum
You can download Asn Forum, a better solution for webmaster who needs a simple and fast forum and.., of course, FREE! It's very easy to install, no membership required and full with strong filters and advance features.

1422)   Hosting Signup script
Signup programme is a php based programme used for control panel administration. MySQL database is used to store the data.

1423)   Free PHP local time script
Free PHP local time script is written in php and is a date and time displaying script. This script makes an adjustment between local time and server time. It is simple and easy to use.

1424)   Nixie Affiliate
Pixie Affiliate is a simple PHP software for selling digital and downloadable products with ebay auction and Paypal's IPN support through your website.

1425)   MPM Chat
MPM Chat is a basic chat written using PHP. You can chat with or without webcam,displays online users,multi language is supported,you have rights to ban users. It is easily customizable.

1426)   Tufat Family Tree Creator
Dynamic, web-based family tree creator.

1427)   MySQL database Useradmin
MySQL Database UserAdmin is a database tool performs to create webbased interface. It administers the data of the user in MySQL database. Customization is included.

1428)   The Invoicer
This is a powerful financial tool that has the ability to generate invoices for all your online transactions with updated and current billing status.

1429)   NePHP Publisher
NePublish Server® is a perfect solution for web publishing like an online magazine or media websites. It works also as Content Management System that are easy to install and manage.

1430)   Super Simple Survey
Allows you to create tests, polls, surveys and customer response forms in minutes without having to code your own HTML form.

1431)   Random Ad
Random Ad is an ad rotator program written using PHP. It fetches the HTML code that contains ads on your website. The script supports both text as well as graphics to support any kind of ads.

1432)   phpMyBackup
phpMyBackup is a MySQL database tool. It generates the backups from a MySQL-Database in given time. It stores the data in a gzip file.

1433)   myGuestbook
myGuestbook is a php guestbook program that allow users to select how many messages to show per page. To customize header and footer files are provided here.

1434)   MPGallery
Using this image gallery script you can generate your own dynamic photo galleries that supports slide shows for all images of your collections.

1435)   TenderSystem OS
TenderSystem is an Internet based system to source, award and manage the total procurement process.

1436)   Conversion Tool
This is free script for conversion of Units and Measurements including Regular Beers and Tall Beers.

1437)   Multicolumn Output from a Database with PHP
Multicolumn Output from a Database with PHP is a tutorial which teaches displaying multicolumn output results from a database with using some PHP code function.

1438)   SendStudio
SendStudio is a PHP based e-mail marketing software with a powerful follow-up marketing system and HTML editor to personalize 'One-to-one' relations with the customers.

1439)   Live Help Messenger
Live Help Messenger is a customer service software that provides solution to the support operators to have a live chat with their online browsers in real-time.

1440)   PHP, HTML and Java Test Board
PHP, HTML and Java Test Board is a powerful development tool using which you can test the efficiency of your projects and softwares without the support of FTP's.

1441)   File Thingie
File Thingie is a php program in which users can access to a small part of their file system without FTP passwords.

1442)   Traffic Trader
Traffic Trader is coded in PHP / MySQL that enhances your site rank among other trade sites. Anti-cheat system is included. 'Kickstart' function accelarates trades fastly. Proxy hits can be got in percentage.

1443)   EZS News Management System
EZS News Management system is a php based script designed for small websites. Multiple news categories are easily accessible by names , posting of comments and a centralized control panel.

1444)   PHP DBZNet Shout Box
A PHP Shout box for your site, without mysql needed.

1445)   AcidWorX Guestbook
A complete guestbook in PHP n MySql with an admin interface.

1446)   Dating Agent Pro
Personals, dating, matchmaking professional php script. Comprehensive member profiles, advanced search, member browsing, picture upload and management including approval system, picture rating, top rated pictures, internal private messaging and blind email notification system, mass email.

1447)   Button Image
Button Image is an image manipulation script written using PHP that will create dynamic button images instantly. The script is simple and easy to use.

1448)   Setup login and logout script
This is a PHP script to validate the user and allow them to access some specific files in the secured area. It uses PHP session to track the users.

1449)   MailMachinePRO
Mail Machine Pro is a professional mailing list manager written in php. This program features a web-based setup wizard, unlimited lists and subscribers, unlimited admins, personalization of newsletters with user data, email attachments, link tracking, bounced email management, opt-in/out, optional SMTP sending, mailing lists stats, import/export of subscriber list, automatic backup and restore, real-time message queue and more.

1450)   iTunes XML Playlist Reader
With the help of this program the users can track ID, track bit rate of album, artist, genre etc., of songs which reads in XML files that generated by iTunes and shows list of songs.

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