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Top 101-150 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

101)   PHP-TXT Guestbook
PHP text Guestbook is a php program that permit users to store datas in a text file. Dynamic page selection facility is provided in this script.

102)   Easy PHP Poll
Easy PHP Poll has a collection of PHP made modules which can be used to implement a voting system on your website to obtain your visitors feedback about your work, site usage etc., Prevents multiple vote from a same user.

103)   Simple Form Script
Simple Form Processor is a script that automatically detects all form fields submitted and send all the results to a e-mail address. You only need to set the email address and have the option to require fields not be empty. You can also specify a location to redirect to after the form is processed.

104)   Photos
A photo database; a web based application for managing (storing, cataloging and retrieving) digital photos. This script is programmed in PHP language and uses MySQL database.

105)   phpMyTicket Portal
This is an useful program to book tickets in advance for fete, party, theaters etc., This program is enriched with powerful admin features.

106)   Chat
Chat is a simple PHP script with Mysql as database. It has most enhanced features. It can be used for small business,beginners and easy understandable.

107)   PHPmenu
PHPmenu is a PHP scripted simple programme fully meant for site navigation with submenus. You can add/update/delete links and other allied links.

108)   eForum
The eForum is a forum that doesn't require database and was developed to fill the lack of a good forum using TXT files. Has an admin area to delete topics and a search system.

109)   phpBB
phpBB is the worlds leading Open Source flat style discussion forum software. It includes all the features you expect to find in todays top of the line software. phpBB has a user-friendly interface, simple and straightforward administration panel, and helpful FAQ.

110)   Parsing XML with PHP
Parsing XML with PHP is a tutorial and an article that teaches the users about how to process XML documents with PHP by using the built in expat parser.

111)   php database wizard
Php database wizard is a php database tool and is one of the best programs in the mysql-php database area. Very useful to create database driven web pages. We can automatically insert, delete, list or update forms.

112)   Random Alphanumeric String Generator
Random Alphanumeric String Generator is a php based script useful for session identifications, tracking ids, validation checks. Also used for generating password. This program does two functions that you can use to assign random strings of any length.

113)   DJ Status
This is a simple PHP application intented to help webmasters in managing their shoutcast radio station and to provide current active DJ details for the visitors.

114)   WebbyFiles -- Web-Based File Sharing for Intranets/Extranets
WebbyFiles is a Web-Based File Sharing System that allows groups of users to easily share and manage a central repository of files and folders by using any standard web browser. It can be used for Team work as Project Repository, to build Private Download Areas or to replace FTP. It's easy to install and use and fully customizable. Try the self-documented, full-featured on-line demo.

115)   phpAddQuote
phpAddQuote is a program and guestbook based on php where this script provides option for displaying images on a message listing page for the users to view in the guestbook.

116)   VWar
VWar is a virtual community script written in PHP and uses MySQL database for storing all the information. The script is very simple and also easy to customize.

117)   PHPmyGallery
PHPmyGallery is a PHP script for creating online picture gallery system which also helps you to publish and manage galleries on the website. The script also supports multiple languages.

118)   Thermometer,Goal Graph
Thermometer/Goal Graph is a programme that shows the current status of fund raiser in the form of goal graph. With this script you can monitor the level of the funds raised and what are the steps to speed up the activity.

119)   Gbook MX
Gbook MX is a php program which allow users to write messages on their own webpage. Easy to install and to use.

120)   LSW,PCHZ Members Online Script
LSW/PCHZ Members Online Script is built in PHP code that supports online members on websites. It allows the registered users to post whatever they want to write.

121)   Ad Banner Rotator
The best ad banner rotator around. Simple to setup, but packed with features. Our ad banner rotater is packed with features, any thing you could want is here, the script can rotate HTML, groups/zones, weighting banners and loads more.

122)   Kinp's Reciprocal Link Checker
Kinp's Reciprocal Link Checker is a simple and easy to use link cecking script created using PHP that is available online. An online demo is available in the website.

123)   phpVote
phpVote is a simple polling solution that is written on PHP language. It gives multi-language support. CSS style is used to customize the appearance. Cookies function is available.

124)   GooCMS
GooCMS is developed using php and is a content management program which is used to create websites. It is simple to use.

125)   Spip
Spip is a PHP based program using which webmasters can have a content management system for publishing content on their existing websites. This program has several features for users benefit.

126)   Guestbook
Guestbook is a php based software and where users can comment on any topics on their website. Header and footer files are available to customize this script.

127)   MyNews
This program is used for publishing news on website. It uses no databases to store data and it stores the data in flat text file. Administrators can customize the news items and layout of the output easily.

128)   Image Properties Viewer
Image Properties Viewer is a PHP based image manipulation program capable of extracting image attributes from your localhost. This program supports GIF and JPG image formats.

129)   DevShed Discussion Forums
DevShed Discussion Forums offers information on PHP, and an online discussion forum.

130)   Graph Drawing Class
Graph Drawing Class is a PHP scripted programme to draw charts and diagrams like line, point, area, and bar graphs. This class output results in picture formats.

131)   Gbook MX
This is a simple and useful guestbook ptogram in PHP designed with multiple functions and tools to record visitor postings. This program supports BBcodes, HTML and smilies in visitor postings.

132)   minishowcase
This is a simple PHP program that helps users to organize and manage their image galleries online without any programming knowledge.

133)   Rpg illusion
RPG illusion game engine is an online game system created by mickael l.t. It is an RPG-style game in which characters explore the map, fight monsters, gain experience and buy items, among other things. It is written in PHP4, with a MySQL...

134)   PHP Stats
PHP Stats is a Web Statistic analyzer which counts the number of online visitors and stores the statistics details about that in database. It contain all of the current tools to configure. Easy to use and configuration is simple.

135)   Piece Of Cake Guestbook
Piece Of Cake Guestbook is a programme that can easily configurable and comes with plenty of heading options. Has two folders. One is Guest book which contains the script for displaying and adding new messages and the other is titles which contains SWF files.

136)   Vz Guestbook
Vz Guestbook is a php guestbook program that permit users to post entries like email, name, geographical location, comments and messages on website. Simple to use and install.

137)   Creating Next / Previous Buttons with PHP and MySQL
Creating Dynamic Next and Previous Buttons with PHP and MySQL is a tutorial that teaches the users how to create dynamic navigation links by using PHP and MySQL.

138)   Viet Calendar
Viet Calendar is a simple calendar software. It shows you current month with day, month, date and year. This calendar has two options to show either a single month or all twelve months. You can customize it as you like.

139)   Softbiz Online Classifieds
Softbiz Online Classifieds is an application in PHP that lets you to run classified service. This is an online service and makes you earn high income.

140)   phpBB PHP Classifieds Ads
phpBB / PHP Classifieds Ads Integration Script

141)   classifieds website
This is a PHP based online program using which you would be able to post your ads for either the products or web based services. You can provide descriptions and images for all your products.

142)   AzDGGuestbook
AzDGGuestbook is a php guestbook program which has a powerfull administration with admin reply features like optimizing database, deleting messages, IP banning, editing and repairing.

143)   Calendar.php
Calendar.php - creates a calendar gif with current day highlighted. Uses GD and TTF Fonts - can be changed to PNG format if desired resultant gif has transparent background to black, can easily be changed

144)   Shadows Rising RPG
Shadows Rising RPG Game Engine will allow users to add items, classes, quests, NPCs and locations to create a custom RPG powered by the core engine. Includes the default Shadows Rising Game. Written with PHP, Javascript, MySQL/PostgreSQL and XHTML. NOTE: We are currently in Alpha so all comments are welcome to the forum to improve the game.

145)   PlaySMS - SMS Gateway
PlaySMS - SMS Gateway is a powerful communication tool through which you would be able to send and receive SMS to your friends and dear ones or broadcast them.

146)   PhpProBid
PhpProBid is an online auction software designed for small and medium sized business people to put forth their products with item swap facility.

147)   Jax Petition Book
Adaption of Jax Guestbook to run an Online Petition List. Supports the Same features as Jax Guestbook v.3.06...

148)   Sorting Database Results with PHP
This tutorial describes how to show your data from a database and gives the user choice to sort the data by different columns. The author gives some PHP code functions for displaying this easily.

149)   WebLeague
WebLeague is a php based script and is an online league system that helps users to categorize different types of leagues such as, rating, ladder, points etc. This is completely automated program.

150)   Php Unlimited Chat
Live chat support script based on Php & MySQL. Many great features and works on both Linux and Windows platforms. Unlimited website version.

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