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Top 1501-1550 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1501)   sinc simple random quotes script
Webmasters can have random quotes on their sites using this random quote script.

1502)   Vdaemon - Web Form Validation
An important aspect of creating Web Forms pages for user input is to be able to check that the information users enter is valid. VDaemon is a PHP library that grants an easy-to-use but powerful way to check for errors and, if necessary, display messages to the user.

1503)   Creating a Mail Form with PHP and Flash - Part 2
This tutorial is an follow up of the article 'sending emails from flash'. In the contact form, there were only 4 fields to fill up. But in this improved contact form drop down menu and checkboxes were added. Some sample codes are also given in this article.

1504)   2D Graph
2D Graph is a PHP scripted online programme used to draw two dimensional bar graphs. This easy to use script is very useful to the middle school students to draw bar charts easily.

1505)   CSV Data Tool
CSV Data Tool component is a PHP based database tool. This program provides a shortcut to update and maintain your database driven website easily and quickly.

1506)   e-moBLOG
This is a web blog system created using PHP and requires MySQL and GD graphic library. With this script you will be able to create a complete and powerful web blog system. It can be installed easily on your website.

1507)   Solace MUD/Telnet Proxy Client
SMC is a PHP script, that allows your telnet client to connect to the MUDs or any other server through a telnet protocol. It acts like a proxy-server between telnet client and server, processing all incoming and outgoing data. SMC allows you to work will all well-known databases, internet (sockets, ftp, http, etc.), extended text parsing and much more...

1508)   Simple Browser Proxy
Simple Browser Proxy resists others to know the things what you do with websites. This script supports PHP platforms. You can make the details of your location, URL wherewith you work, and more data invisible.

1509)   Mobile webcam
Mobile webcam is an advanced multimedia tool using which you would be able to snap a shot through your cell phone, upload and post the same directly to your website.

1510)   Links Book
Easily manage reciprocal links on your web. This script is made for snmall to medium sized sites. Automated reciprocal link checker in the admin area. Users can also modify their links. Thumbnails of linking websites. alexa ranking and google PR included.

1511)   Array: Lesson Part 1
Use this script after you have gained knowledge in PHP variables. By learning the first part in this array class, you will be able to store and organize the data structures easily.

1512)   Manga Guestbook
Manga Guestbook is a php guestbook program where users are allowed to make entries where it can be added, edited, sorted and deleted. Simple to use and install.

1513)   PHP Support Tickets
PHP Support Tickets is a simple and powerful customer relation software available online to solve all customer relation problems. Setting up multiple login for more staffs is possible with admin side. Various features like file attachments, receiving emails automatically etc.,are offered.

1514)   iHost Automation for Account Creation In Cpanel
Automation for Dedicated, Reseller, and Free web hosting companies. iHost can create both normal accounts (with billing) or free accounts instantly and automatically. Dedicated server owners can also user iHost to create reseller accounts. [ client control panel - email templates - subdomain support

1515)   Contact Us
Contact Us is a programme used to contact visitors of your site. It hides your mail address from your visitors is an added advantage. It works fast and simple.

1516)   Dasc's Guestbook
Dasc's Guestbook is a php guestbook and which uses plain text file for storing data on the webserver. This script has a multipage listing feature.

1517)   PHP Auto Dealer
PHP Auto Dealer is an easy to use content management system that allows automobile dealers to showcase and maintain their vehicle inventory online using only a web browser.

1518)   PHP Calendar
PHP Calendar is a simple PHP based calendar programme. It displays you a monthly calendar with correct date, months and year. Useful tool for you to display a calendar in your system.

1519)   AlstraSoft EPay Pro
This PHP based AlstraSoft EPay Pro helps you to run your own payment processor on the net with all basic functionalities of a powerful billing system.

1520)   phpRebel SEO
phpRebel SEO is nothing but a search engine optimizer for PHP based search engines. This can be done by making some simple changes to your website.

1521)   Create a random password
This is about creating a random password. You can integrate this script into your existing custom website to make your restricted area more secure.

1522)   intelliCanvas Studio
intelliCanvas Studio is an editor for php, html and asp. This editor enables you to write codings. A very easy script to understand and use.

1523)   Card Depot
Card Depot is a php program and a post card that permit users to send individual cards to multiple recipients and to add music, avatars and stamps to their cards. It has a basic email validation facility.

1524)   PhpDig
PhpDig is a search engine program and is written in php. This program shows a result page with documents which contains the keywords on a search query.

1525)   tplSoccerStats
This is a very useful programme for soccer team webmasters to control matches and players by seasons. Though this programme was created to handle one one team, making use of several databases, different teams can be handled.

1526)   Nanoweb
Nanoweb is written in php and is a HTTP web server. This server can be used as a framework to create web based applciations. Modules can be customized and is a very secure program.

1527)   VS.Php - Visual Studio Php Editor
VS.Php - Visual Studio Php Editor is an editor and is used for developing php applications. This editor can be used to generate, deploy and edit php applications using the interface.

1528)   PHP & JavaScript World Domination Series: Storing data in the client.
This article teaches you how to develop a program that writes another program. This type of program is used in chatroom, news system etc. In this sytem server side will be PHP and client side will be javascript.

1529)   42go ISP-Manager
42go ISP-Manager software is a linux webserver management solution system and it is easy to operate. This software has several features with security.

1530)   my little guestbook
my little guestbook is a php guestbook program where users are allowed to save the entries in a text file. This script is simple and easy to install.

1531)   Rewards Site
Rewards Site is a simple money making affiliate program using which you can earn and gain commissions through paid emails, lottery picking, paid to signup, paid to click, popup banner exchanges etc.,

1532)   Banner Builder
Create high quality looking banners in a matter of seconds using this powerfull PHP banner builder script. Simply choose your settings, click create and you'll have your very own professional looking banner.

1533)   step one CMS
step one CMS is developed using php and is a content mangement system. This system is used to create and maintain websites. Users can update internet or extranet sites.

1534)   Maian Events
Simple events calendar system.

1535)   Promisance
Promisance is a online strategy gaming programme written in PHP. This programme facilitates users to add modules for enhanced playing. Uses MySQL in the backend.

1536)   EasyEdit
You can use this PHP based script to edit the contents of your website either directly on the HTML codings or through the WYSIWYG editor.

1537)   WHMSubs
WHMSubs is a program built on PHP which can be used by the users to manage hosting plans on cPanel Servers. It provides automatic creation of user account, subresellers accounts and many more for cPanel server management.

1538)   xueBook
xueBook is easy-to-install, easy-to-use, easy-to-customize, and made to suit all your custom needs. The templates are fully customizable so that it can be easily integrated into your existing website. Features include post editing/deletion, IP logging and banning, custom spam filters, custom HTML filters, optional email notification of new entries, six empty variables, powerful template tags, option to make required fields, and more.

1539)   Server Monitor
Server Monitor is an efficient online tool that helps you to keep track of domain ports. This is a handy tool for the webmasters in tracking the performance of FTP, HTTP, MySQL, SMTP ports.

1540)   Webspace hosting script
Webspace hosting software is based on PHP. This software is used for developing a web site in a simple way. It supports multi language and is a highly secured software. Online demo is available.

1541)   HockeySTATS Online
This is an ice hockey league controlling program that could be controlled through a web based browser. HockeySTATS Online gaming script can be utilised to other games like Field Hockey, Roller Hockey and Lacrosse Leagues.

1542)   TorrentNews
This is a powerful news publishing utility through which you would be able to circulate news arround the world without even a bias or censorship.

1543)   TinyTool
This is a simple web hosting tool that helps webmasters to automate account activation for their website customers. All customer details are recorded in a single file for later reference.

1544)   simpleauth
simpleauth is an authentication script for multi-user PHP sessions and MySQL. It is written using PHP and MySQL as database. It is very useful for the beginners. It is easy to understand and easy to customize.

1545)   Vision.To Dynamic Photo Gallery
Vision.To Dynamic Photo Gallery is a dynamic photo gallery in flash movie. You can use plenty of images as you like in this programme.

1546)   phpSecurePages
phpSecurePages is PHP script used to secure web pages from the intruders and non members with an username and the password. MySQL database is used to store the members information.

1547)   Authentification Script
Authentification Script is a security based PHP script that helps webmasters to secure their site pages from unauthorized user's accessings. Each page can contain the security codes.

1548)   Installing Apache, PHP and Mysql in Windows
This tutorial helps users a step by step installation of apache, php and Mysql on a windows based system. This doesn't work with Windows95/98/ME.

1549)   Nuke-Proxima Pack
This is a software pack composed of Php-Nuke 5.5 by Francisco Burzi and Proxima Pro theme-editor by Roberto Beltrame.

1550)   CGIInstalls-Portal Installation Service
Portal Installation Service is a software solution system that provides features to install all kinds of scripts on your website. Installation is based on simplicity and speed. Gives security for your scripts.

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