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Top 1601-1650 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1601)   Chipmunk Topsites
Chipmunk Topsites is a php based script and is a simple topsite system. This system maintains your topsite listing. This script has admin control panel to validate buttons.

1602)   X7 Chat
X7Chat is one of the best scripts written using PHP. It carries many features and good interface. This chat can be used for many purposes like, small business,schools,personal and for also commercial purpose.

1603)   PHPIX
Hotornot photo rating script. Pics display in order, can be sorted by the user, real time stats. Track total photos, users & visitors online. Web admin area, browse user accounts, top 10 men & women categories, members area for updating info & managing photos, add banners easily, IP tracking.

1604)   4CM_GuestbookPro
4CM_GuestbookPro is a php program that allows users to post messages alon with name, email, URL, aim, ICQ, YIM, location and a national flag in the guestbook. Smilies can be added with the messages posted.

1605)   Radius Authentication
Radius Authentication is a simple PHP script to authenticate yourselves through SecurID. To run this script all you need is an authentication server.

1606)   fastLogin
This login script encrypts the password and submits it in a unique hash on each login. Don't let your passwords travel across the net unprotected. Commented php and shouldn't be too hard to write into your existing scripts.

1607)   abarcar Auction
abarcar Auction is a complete auction system embedded in the abarcar SiteEngine

1608)   TCExam
TCExam is an useful platform-independent server side educational software with which you can generate online exams with improved realiability and web based interface.

1609)   ConceptRTE
ConceptRTE is an advanced CMS utility designed as a perfect WYSIWYG editor to replace the standard text area form tags with a simple and user friendly interface.

1610)   Referrer Script
This email utility sends your mail to the given mail address and after successfully sending the mail, notifies you about the status of your mail.

1611)   phpListPro
phpListPro is written in php and is a top rate listing program. This program is used to rate your websites on a scale from 1 to 10. Does site rating based on incoming votes and cookie detection.

1612)   Invision Power File Manager
Invision Power File Manager is a php program for users to manage files. This script allows the user to control their files through any modern browser. It is free for both personal and commercial use.

1613)   Magic Form Mail
Magic Form Mail is a simple online form processor that can extract user inputs from your online forms, saves them on a CSV file and then exports it to your mail.

1614)   Olate
Olate is a php script for download which enables users to a system for downloads on their websites. It provides you with an open source, PHP solution to download listing.

1615)   upload system with download counter
Note: This is website content is in a different language, not English. Script allows upload of multiple archives by protocol HTTP to a servant of dynamic and simple form. All the raised archives are stored in a directory specified in the configuration of the system and the correpondiente information to each one is inserted in a data base MySQL.

1616)   Referral Genie
Referral Genie consists of PHP modules to integrate your website rank on search engines. It helps you to bring more traffic to your site and grabs too many URL links to your website.

1617)   SEO Doctor Search Engine Positioning Tool
This is an advanced search engine poistioning tool which allows you to reach top Google and search engine positioning by transparently allowing for the injection of content, headers, links, titles, and meta tags for the search engines specifically.

1618)   Client Exec Tool
ClientExec is a web host tool that helps the resellers to manage their clients effectively. ClientExec is designed to be flexible and can be easily added through its simple interface and simple to use.

1619)   Search Pilot Pro
This program is used for creating search engine facility on your website which enables the web visitors to search their required topics or programs from your website. It searches the result from two search engines like, search feed and revenue pilot. Its a pay per click search engine.

1620)   phpWhois
PHP Whois is a PHP based script that contains a whois RFC 954 library. It allows a PHP program to create a whois object and obtain the output of a whois query with the lookup function.

1621)   Instant RSS, XML Feed Reader
This is a simple PHP program that can read RSS news feed sources from your server and displays the news on your webpages. This program is simple and easy to handle.

1622)   World Best 3 X 3 Fast Pay Money System PHP Script for Sale!
3x3 Money System Script is a complete collection of PHP scripts that will let you run your own profitable matrix site with complete control with a few clicks of the mouse.

1623)   Build a Web Portal in 20 Minutes
Turn your Home PC into a web portal with PHP Nuke.

1624)   Searching a directory of files
Searching a directory of files is a tutorial that helps users to grab meta tags and compare with the search criteria. Actually the search is performed through the entire directory and picks the valid filenames only.

1625)   PHP Upload Class
PHP Upload Class is a php program that allows users to upload files in your webserver. Users can do file modifications for the file that is uploaded. It is simple and easy to use.

1626)   Upload Form
This program will help your customers and visitors to upload their files to your site directly through the forms. This program is easy to use and to handle.

1627)   Video Code Script
Video Code Script is allows you to create your own video codes website - without all the hassle. Simply upload and go, with over 5,000+ artists and 10,000+ music videos its simple. All the content is legal, off site and available to everyone!

1628)   sysinfo
sysinfo is a php program that enables users to get informations of the server for accessing by the users. Simple to use and to install.

1629)   Mybizz-Classifieds
MyBizz Classifieds - your classifieds website in 10 minutes

1630)   BlogHoster (Weblog Hosting System)
BlogHoster lets you create a network of weblogs on your website, allowing you to provide a weblog hosting service. Features include editable templates, comments, user profiles, friend lists, avatars, interest links, privacy settings, HTML editor for entries, and easy integration into your website.

1631)   phpMyLinks
phpMyLinks is a PHP based script which allows you to create and manage your http URLs. The script is very simple and easy to install.

1632)   NePHP Publisher
NePHP Publisher is used as a multi purpose software that assists on developing online magazines and media websites. It supports multiple categories and sub categories, multiple users on different levels, and multiple editors for comments and posts.

1633)   AssetMan
AssetMan (Asset Manager) is a materiel management Intranet application written in PHP. You can use AssetMan to track your company's capital assets from the initial purchase through to end-of-life.

1634)   Magia Calendar
Magia Calendar is web based calendar programme. PHP is used to build this calendar software. This allows the users to view date, time and can add important events in this calendar.

1635)   WAP Contact Page
WAP Contact Page is a Wireless Application Protocol software and is written in php. This software creates contact page for WAP sites. It is simple and easy to use this script.

1636)   Backends Sharing Data
Backends Sharing Data is a tutorial and an article that tells the users about how to make a script for performing remote procedure calls by using php.

1637) affiliate search affiliate search is a simple affiliate program to search Amazon shopping cart products. Using this script you can affiliate sales associates to upgrade the products.

1638)   Cyrillic convertor
This is a simple language converter script in PHP which is able to convert a given text in Bulgarian characters into the corresponding English characters.

1639)   AD Space
AD Space is a PHP script used to post their link in search engines to promote their site. It is faster and reliable management script.

1640)   PHP For Dummies
PHP For Dummies is an article that teaches you about the ways and means of using various PHP variables for specific desired objectives.

1641)   Auto Control Pro 550
Auto Control Pro 550 is a PHP based programme allows the customers of you to place an order online. Customers can manage their frontpage and databases by their own.

1642)   Free Code Obfuscator
Free Code Obfuscator guides you to protect your PHP source code page from malicious accessings. You can convert your entire program code into complex format and the visitors can not guess the real code.

1643)   RIBS (Rsync Incremental Backup Script)
RIBS (Rsync Incremental Backup Script) is a php program which permit users to utilizes some common type programs in a webserver through web based browser.

1644)   PHP Draw
PHP Draw is a simple but powerful web drawing tool that uses the GD library for generating images. It has the ability to draw lines,Rectangles, filled rectangles, filled ellipses, and pixels.

1645)   PHPSiteMon
PHPSiteMon is coded in PHP language that reports PHP errors that are occured on a page. Your visitor can be away from knowing the errors and emails notify you about the fault. Warning message can be included in every page.

1646)   Leadhound affiliate software
Leadhound affiliate software is a simple script that provides complete solution for maintaining an online affiliate network on your website by providing different loggings to all merchants.

From programmers can post their new articles related to php to this site. PHP programs and scripts are available for downloads. Users can post their comments and ideas. Photo album is available that helps users to design their site.

1648)   Hide Email
This is an useful email utility capable of protecting your emails from spammers by encoding your email address with HEX encodings.

1649)   Multimedia Resource Directory Plug-in for Match Agency BiZ
Using the Multimedia Resource Directory Plug-in, members can upload and attach to their profiles, various resources

1650)   2Checkout Pro
2Checkout Pro is a php based universal all purpose recurring product and a multiple return url script. This script helps users to run a membership or product download website.

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