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Top 1701-1750 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1701)   Free PHP online questions. offers free PHP practice questions at However, you need to register for taking the online exam.

1702)   FAQEngine
FAQEngine is a PHP based script which can be used to maintain your FAQ database effectively. The script uses MySQL database for storing all the relevant information. It contains a bunch of new features.

1703)   Simons Event Calendar
Simons Event Calendar helps the users to write their main events in this calendar script. It has customization facility to view, hide, modify the events. This script secures your event details from unauthorised users.

1704)   IMG2ASCII
IMG2ASCII is a script written in PHP which is capable of generating images from JPG, GIF or PNG into ASCII format. It is also featured with several options to cater the needs of everyone.

1705)   vAuthenticate
vAuthenticate is an authentication system which can integrate with any existing website. Authenticate provides a gatekeeper wherein any user or admin must satisfy the password verification to either log in (user) to a protected area or administrator.

1706)   ContentServer
This is a Content Management System that combines with any website and boost it by designing a qualitative design for it. It uses a common user interface to enable all functions to the user.

1707)   Astro-Compatibility
Astro-compatibility is an entertaining PHP programme that Offer your users Western Astrology sign compatibility who were born between 1900 and 2003. This scripts brings more new visitors to your website to visit repetetively.

1708)   php Essay Editing
php Essay Editing is an editing software.It gives solution for educational institutions,Public enterprises.Portable and easy installation.

1709)   Markit's Simple Guestbook
Markit's Simple Guestbook is a php guestbook software which provide users a simple way to get feedback from their site. This script is simple to use and to install.

1710)   Sherpath Groupware
Sherpath is a Group organizing system that is powered with PHP script. Password protected admin page, safe mode utility, HTTP based data transfer, emailing, SMS, database for storing contact info are supported.

1711)   PHP MySQL Job Board Web Site
This is the entire backend in PHP including job listing board, CV/Resume uploader/builder. Online Job Applications. Employers profile. Employer Advertising Opportunities. Search Jobs by category or location, keyword. Admin area to manage database and HTML pages.

1712)   phpGiftList
This is a script which is coded in PHP and uses MySQL as database backend. It is a web based gift list or gift registery manager available online.

1713)   Alstrasoft autoresponder pro
Alstrasoft autoresponder is a script based on php which is a 100 percent automated system, delivering information instantly to your potential clients and follows up with clients mutiple times.

1714)   PHP Articles
PHP Articles is an ultimate tutorial containing several online manuals with which webmaters and developers are skilled with each and every possible tasks using PHP codes.

1715)   Flutt Server Status
Flutt Server Status is a php program that permits users and their clients and prospective customers to quickly and easily check the status of your whole online network.

1716)   p_protect
This script is used to protect your files within the directory you decide. It sents you an email if any non-members tries to enter into the secured area.

1717)   PHP Code Lock Source Encryption
PHPCODELOCK helps encoding your PHP source code published on a website. It uses a very secure algorithm that is foolproof and impossible for anybody to break, but can still work on a server or browser.

1718)   InfoBase for PHProjekt
InfoBase for PHProjekt is a simple knowledge base for multiple users to work with phprojekt. Users can download scripts and programs to be used for their development activities.

1719)   RadBids
Using this software you can set up and run a fully featured configurable online auction website with a powerful back office administration.

1720)   xoapWeather
xoapWeather is used on PHP based websites to forecast weather reports. Cache system is inculded for fast retrieval. No need for database. Zip code function is available to identify the location.

1721)   AppServ
AppServ is written in php and is an installation kit program. This program installs apache webserver with php and zendoptimizer. Apache fix proxypass for ftp requests.

1722)   Bitrix Site Manager - Enterprise Edition
Bitrix Site Manager - Enterprise Edition is a powerful e-commerce software with which you can organize e-commerce projects online with several advanced web portals.

1723)   VAMP
VAMP is a web based emails and it is a web-mail client written entirely in the PHP scripting language that can access POP3 mailboxes.

1724)   ttCMS
ttCMS is entirely given in PHP modules that is used for management of web content. Supports themes, unlimited bloks, links, icons and much more.

1725)   Loginwa
"Loginwa" user registration script. For a successful registration the user has to add following informations: username, firstname ,surname , password and a correct email address.

1726)   Abriasoft Merlin server
Abriasoft Merlin server is a php based script and is a production server. For database driven websites, this server gives a robust deployment environment. This server also comes with a news system and template based web portal.

1727)   1-2-3 music store
1-2-3 music store is a simple music distribution channel software for selling songs, albums etc,. with a global exposure through your website.

1728)   HVT 2.0
This tool tracks all the visitors to your webpages. It logs ipAddress,file visited,time of visit, date, hostname in to a file. The simple and nice HVT viewer makes it so easy to view the reports. The new feature enables the users to set MaxFileLength value. i.e users can set the file length parameter so that whenever the file reaches x entries the oldest y entries will be removed.

1729)   HelpOnClick
This is an online customer support chat utility which helps you to communicate with your online customers. You can easily customize the chat window of this utility. You can easily integrate this chat utility on your web sites.

1730)   Google SERP Position Check
With this PHP script, you can find the rank of your website on google.

1731)   starXtest
Starxtest is test script with plenty of multiple choice questions. This is a PHP scripted and an online application with a administration control. You can add several custom options to each question. A nice script for quiz masters.

1732)   X-tract management
X-tract management is a PHP based program that can be used by the administrators to build a powerful Content Management System to maintain their paysite.

1733)   Snoopy
Snoopy is a little web based application which is Provided in PHP class. This script is used to collect headlines from news sites. It supports posting of files. HTTP status can be shown.

1734)   Answers 2000 PHP Essential Scripts
This is a collection of scripts include our top site script (run your own top site), poll script (run multiple polls), click/counter tracker which silently counts visitors to any of your web pages or advertising links, and feedback form.

1735)   PHPCoder Script Encoding/Compiling
PHPCoder gives you the PHP modules to enhance your PHP code security. It prevents the users to view / access your source code. You can let your script not to be distributed for a particular server / user. You can set a time to expire your script run mode.

1736)   Marc's PHP Debugger
PHP Debugger is a debugging program and is developed using php. This program is used to debug your newly written php scripts locally or remotely. The output is redirected to the listener that is part of php debugger.

1737)   Virtual Photo Album
Virtual Photo Album is a PHP based image gallery script which will be useful to display the pictures of your family or friends as an organized collection. It supports dynamic captioning, creation of custom photos for visitors, displaying animated GIF files and much more.

1738)   The Tager
This is a simple tagboard designed with PHP programming language to enable your site vistors to sign in and post their message to you.

1739)   FormToEmail
FormToEmail is a web based programme used by the web masters to receive comments from their customers. Your mail address will be hidden from your site visitors and also protects your mail address from hackers.

1740)   TellDog LE
TellDog LE is a script designed for recommending specific webpages from your websites to all friends and colleagues by tracking each and every links.

1741)   A Document Manager
This dynamic on-line document managment system will give you and your employees the ability to create an online repository for commonly accessed documents.

1742)   O-Kiraku Nikki
O-Kiraku Nikki is a simple PHP based calendar. This script displays you a real monthly calendar. You can add your events in the calendar. MySQL database holds the data.

1743)   ST Portfolio
ST Portfolio is a dynamic portfolio program that allows you to add new items to your portfolio with ease. No more manually creating a web page, making a thumbnail, and uploading it to your website! Now you just need to login to your portfolio system and add a new entry with a simple form. It is perfect for web designers, programmers, artists, and more! It has many great features.

1744)   Phonebook.php
Phonebook.php is a contact manager that runs on PHP and MysQL driven websites. Seperate field contains cell phone, pager phone, and telephone along with name, location and comapany's logo. Needs XHTML to import files into Excel.

1745)   Exifer
Exifer is a PHP based photo library system that reads the EXIF data that are embedded in the images and stores them. It is tested with almost all the leading digital cams available.

1746)   Formmail Script
Formmail Script is a template driven formmailer script.

1747)   Dealing with special characters
This tutorial will teach you how to deal with special characters like HTML tags, white space etc. from a user submitted form and database output.

1748)   32Tech Free IP to Country Database For MySQL
A PHP script that helps the webmasters to find from where and which country does the visitors belong to.

1749)   Vantaa Intranet Toolkit
Vantaa Intranet Toolkit is a PHP application that consists of several modules which are project manager, document loader, news system, telephone directory, file manager, user admin section etc.,

1750)   Bar Charts With GD
Bar Charts With GD presents useful information about creation of bar charts with 'gif' and 'png' support using PHP's image modules. This tool enables you to develop the image manipulation to generate complicated pie charts.

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