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Top 1801-1850 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1801)   myPHP usenet
myPHP usenet is a software written in PHP that uses MySQL database backend. This script allows you to select a newsgroup and conduct searches.

1802)   Project-based Calendaring System
This is a Web-based calendaring system designed for project management on group environment.

1803)   TrafficCenter
This script supports all kind of exchanges including PHP based banner exchange. Exchange ratio, categories, newsletter, IP banning, viewing banner statistics, customization in banners, sticky banners are some of the prominent features included with this script.

1804)   AgMAY 's PHP Tutorial
AgMAY 's PHP Tutorial is a simple online tutorial that explains users with the basics of PHP and its programming techniques right from the elemental concepts.

1805)   Bannerzone
Bannerzone is a PHP/MySQL-driven banner exchange program and is actually written in German.It has many prominent features which highlights its importance.

1806)   FAQ747
FAQ747 is a FAQ management system written in PHP for the purpose of managing FAQ database on your website. It comes with various features like functionality boxes which is equipped with search box, category box, most popular questions box and much more.

1807)   Drew's Tell A Friend
Drew's Tell A Friend is a PHP based recommendation script that sends proposing messages to all recipients both in 'send forms' and 'emails'.

1808)   phpUseronline
phpUseronline is a counter script. It is used to count how many visitors are online. It stores the information in MySQL database.

1809)   PopUp Manager
With PopUp Manager 3.1 you can start and combine multiple PopUp, PopUnder and rich media Layer advertisement campaigns and manage all of them with just a few clicks.

1810)   Albert's RateIt
Albert's RateIt is developed using php and is a simple rating program. This program is mainly used for photos, pages and files. It displays number of votes.

1811)   VirtualTextChat1.1
VirtualTextChat1.1 php based chat room.

1812)   Tatvasoft - Software Outsourcing and Offshore Software Development India
TatvaSoft is experienced offshore outsourcing service provider for software development. Since last 4 years we are providing custom software development and web - intranet development in Microsoft .NET technology as well as in C++.

1813)   Calendarix
Calendarix is a calender software based on PHP with MySQL database. It allows for unlimited calendars for unlimited users and also permits for public view with protection.

1814)   Count and display the number of rows in a mysql database table
This tutorial code helps to count the amount of entries or records in a MySQL database table and outputs the total number of records.

1815)   Clan-Kasse PHPKIT MOD
Clan-Kasse PHPKIT MOD is a simple and easy to use financial software that creates unique ledgers for your day to day business activities.

1816)   EasyEstimates
EasyEstimates is an easy to use quote system program written in PHP with which customers can easily estimate prices for the services or products you offer.

1817)   NueQuiz Pro Lite
NueQuiz Pro Lite is the perfect and accurate solution for creating the online quiz. This tool offers the webmasters to have an unlimited number of choices, questions etc.

1818)   RSS headline grabber
RSS Headline Grabber is a cool script to parse RDF/XML feeds and then display them on your webpages.

1819)   EasySQL
EasySQL lets you run SQL commands on your mySQL database using just your web browser. Set up EasySQL in three easy steps.Its easy for beginners aswell as experts too.

1820)   FhImage
FhImage is a simple photo album script written using PHP programming and does not require any database. A color picker tool for configuring is also included in this script.

1821)   Mailgust
Mailgust is a mailing list manager providing different admins and web access settings for different lists. This software also provides HTML newsletters for subscriber list import and export with message archive. You can also setup mailing lists or message boards scripts alone on your website as desired and required.

1822)   88scripts Banner Manager
88scsripts Banner Manager is a highly rated banner management software that is available online for the purpose of managing the ad banners on your website. It supports campaign based banner grouping.

1823)   RLIB - Reporting Engine
RLIB - Reporting Engine is a php based script and is a report generating program. This program is used to generate reports according to your queries.

1824)   Using sessions make a login script
This tutorial teaches you about the basic login information using session. This script is useful to track the users and provide security to your restricted files.

1825)   Traceroute
The Traceroute is a script based on PHP and MySQL database which helps you to add sites, places from where you can find or traceroute the information to a database.

1826)   Xceog User Management Package
Designed to be easy-to-use, this package allows you to set up your own member sections, compulsory for users to sign up. This version includes a form with standard fields, lock functionality, login & logoff script & md5 security encryption to ensure fast and secure login using cookies. With this package, you will also be able to monitor the last login and join date of a user, suspend, delete user accounts. You don't have to had some knowledge in php or mysql in order to use this script.

1827)   exoGameCtl
exoGameCtl is a half-life game control panel which you can control your gameserver settings in real time easily from your webpage. The remarkable features of this programme keeps you entertained.

1828)   LSP - Enigma
LSP-Enigma is a set of PHP module that fetaures to maintain a web portal. It is used to design a site dynamically with articles, news, FAQ, gusestbook, forums, links and chat categories.

1829)   Instant RSS, XML Feed Generator
You can use this program for creating RSS news feeds. This program will also assist you to create a seperate news channel for your website through the XML file.

1830)   RadLance - Freelance Auction Software
Freelance Auction Software: - Every field of business uses freelancer talent and freelance consultants to empower business connections with freelance talent the world over.

1831)   Get current directory name
Get current directory name is used as a site mapping tool on PHP based websites that can output the directory name on which you work in a string form.

1832)   Kig Image Gallery Plugin
Kig Image Gallery plugin is a simple online image gallery plugin for the kig image gallery. This program allow users to upload images to specific directories and password protect them. Users can edit or delete uploaded images.

1833)   AJ HYIP Pro
A&JSquare has launched the latest Sharecycle software with many advanced features. The site is integrated with 4 payment processors e-gold, int gold, evocash, storm pay & paypal if needed. Bulk Mailer, Affiliate History, Remainder and Notification Emails. Newletters, Rotating Banners and more

1834)   Cyphor
This is a web based discussion board containing forums to post topics for online discussions.This board is written in PHP and uses MYSQl as its backend and is available in a threaded usenet style view.This board is provided with user authentication features so that customization is very easy.

1835)   phpdev
phpdev is an installation kit system and is written in php. On a windows based machine this system installs PHP 4.3.0 with Mysql and apache webserver.

1836)   Orca Blog
Orca Blog is an easy to use simple blog software that assists in creating weblogs with threaded layout and CSS stylesheet. This program also supports HTMl postings.

1837)   Lighting Chat
LightingChat is a Web chat system based on PHP, MySQL db and flash.

1838)   MySQL Database 2 Excel KonvertR
MySQL Database 2 Excel KonvertR is a small and handy programme for webmasters to export the contents of a MySQL database into an excel file without ODBC.

1839)   MyPhpMoney
MyPhpMoney is a simple PHP program that is used to maintain bank accounts through a web based browser. Using this script you can store your accounting details on MYSQL database.

1840)   ABC Catalog
Quickly publish price-lists, catalogs, and other information in a table from an Excel file.

1841)   ifmonitor
ifmonitor is used to monitor the interface of network traffic logger. The result will be displayed in graphical mode. It is easy to use.

1842)   HGB 1.0
You can add this guestbook in any website and use it. You can change the look and feel very easily. Supports ascending and descending order view Edit the file gb/color.txt, just give the color you want and enjoy it. This is a file based utiliy. No databse required.

1843)   A clock
A clock is a time displaying program and is written in php. This program is used to display current time as a PNG image. Users can embedd clock into their website.

1844)   phpChart
Phpchart is an application derived from advgraph to generate chart in flash4 swf format files and this is also hacked from advgraph. This class package uses the ming php extension to swf files.

1845)   How to create a webcatching program
This is a script that helps users to acquire a websites contents. This tutorial explains in detail about the functioning of the program.

1846)   Calendrier
Calendrier is a PHP based calendar programme. You can customize your calendar as you prefer. You can view perfect day, month, date and year. Tool for webmasters to display calendars on their websites.

1847)   Distance Calculator
Distance Calculator is a typical calculator script that calculates the approximate distance between two ZIP codes or telephone codes of USA in miles.

1848)   PhotoStore - Photo Selling Website Software
Sell your digital photos or artwork to the world or run your own stock photo site.

1849)   Anonymous Web Mailer
Send anonymous emails to a list.

1850)   SlashWatch
Slashwatch is powered using PHP programming that captures headlines from news sites and stores them in MySQL database. Mailing system is included to allow the users to mail new headlines.

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