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Top 151-200 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

151)   SEOCMS
SEOCMS is a PHP based search engine optimized content management system that can be used to create and administer web pages. This program supports multiple users.

152)   LinkMan
LinkMan is a simple PHP application that enables you to automate your website's link exchanging program with other websites with a support of a simple text file.

153)   Premier Auction
Premier Acution is an online Auction system

154)   BWChaT
BWChaT is a basic chat written using PHP. It is easy to understand, no programming knowledge is necessary to run this script. BWChat doesn't require any database.

155)   Advanced .htaccess password protection script
authentication, password protection, membership management script

156)   FreeChat
Advanced Chat system (written in php) that is server friendly. Online Administration zone helps you to manage the system Smilies, sound management, colours, ICQ notifications, online users, private rooms, advanced user permission management, online registration with email verification, support

157)   ShoutCast-Query
ShoutCast-Query is written in PHP language that is used for gathering information about streamserver. Retrieved data can be included into your site. Querying on playlist files along with listeners is supported.

158)   WAPchat
A very simple WAP chat enabling users to chat with anyone with WAP enabled mobile, no registration hazzles, just login using a nick name.

159)   PHP email form script tutorial
PHP email form script tutorial is a email system that helps users to install this mailing script in their websites with ease. It is a useful tutorial for webmasters and for installers.

160)   Manipulating Existing Images
This one page tutorial teaches you how to open an existing image in various file formats on your website for the purpose of modifying them.

161)   PHP Advanced Transfer Manager
PHP Advanced Transfer Manager is a php program that manages file transfer like downloading and uploading files. This script adds a filter to hide directories and blocks IP address.

162)   Member phpBB2 module for Esvon Classifieds
phpBB Users module allows to share users table between Esvon Classifieds and popular phpBB community software. Login/logout procedures are shared between Esvon Classifieds and phpBB.

163)   VgPortal
VgPortal is developed using php and is a simple content management system and is also a software to create and maintain websites.

164)   Threaded Discussion with PHP and MySQL
Threaded Discussion with PHP and MySQL is a simple tutorial that helps you to create threaded discussion area on your website using PHP and MYSQL database.

165)   phpMysearch
This is a search engine for your site. phpMysearch will search the same query like Other Search Engines. Its easily customizable as per the needs of the user.

166)   Yaab
Yaab is a PHP scripted programme for maintaing personal address book. This supports functions like adding, deleting, editing or updating contacts, searching for a specific contact and able to send messages easily.

167)   OGames Guestbook
This is a php based simple guestbook program that allows users to post messages and comments on a website. Admins have rights to edit and delete user's postings.

168)   BosDates
BosDates was designed with the large corporation, small to medium business, and individual users in mind.

169)   navyism@board
Navyism is a discussion board based on PHP and MYSQL data base.This board avails a lot of skin packages like gallery,diary board,vote,link and notice skin with image library for the users.This board is simple in its integration providing easy customization to its customers.

170)   Free Content Management
Free Content Management is an online content management software and is written in PHP that can be used to generate and administer contents on the websites.

171)   SpeedyTEST
This is a simple software that determines the speed of your user's internet connection and provides redirections to webpages according to the system speed.

172)   Form to email with attachment
Form to email with attachment is a simple programme used for sending an email. It is used to provide attachments, HTML email and HTML editor.

173)   PHP Multipage counter
PHP Multipage counter is used by the webmasters which helps them to count the number of page hits by the visitors and stores the detail of this in the text file.

174)   Talk Post
Script for visitors to post short messages on a web site.

175)   All Webmaster Forum
All Webmaster Forum site is used by webmasters to discuss about their doubts and tips related to programming languages, website design and layout, graphic design forum, search engine optimization, directory forum, google forum, yahoo forum, report bugs and more.

176)   getID3()
getID3()is an ultimate music library collection system for extorting multimedia files in tag, audio, audio-video, graphics and data formats.

177)   Google PageRank Checker with SEO
Script to Check your Google PageRank with out any tool bar .

178)   PcP Guestbook
PcP Guestbook is a guestbook and a php program that permit users to post messages along with email address, url, name and their location. The preview of the entries can be seen in this script.

179)   PHP and cURL basic examples
PHP and cURL basic examples is a simple and easy to understand tutorial explaining the method of fetching webcontents. You can learn and expertise yourself in grabbing webcontents.

180)   Php Jobsite
Php Jobsite, is a customizable online job site for regional, international employment and recruitment, building online recruitment right into your website, to expand your recruitment solutions (multilanguage recruitment). You can easily create your own searchable Internet job database!!!

181)   QuickBlogger
QuickBlogger is an ultimate weblog system in PHP that allow users to add and edit entries in your blog without a SQL database.

182)   PHP Login System with Admin Features
This is an online tutorial which briefly discusses about PHP login system with admin features. It helps them to provide their site with user authentication feature.

183)   PHPstat
PHPstat is a web traffic analyzer programme that analyses hits per day and month, time when they hit, screen dimension, country name and more reference about the online visitors.

184)   Auth
Auth is an authentication system done by the username and the password provided by the user. This system is like a tomcat-like authentication.

185)   Mega Upload
A progress monitor for PHP file uploads.

186)   Form Validation With PHP
This is a web based tutorial in which the author discusses about the client and server side validation of the web form. The author shows you how to perform client side validation using the Java Script and server side validation using PHP with a sample program.

187)   Multi page Forms with PHP
Multi page Forms with PHP is a tutorial that tells the users how to use multi page forms by using php. Sample codings are provided for the users to follow on their webpages.

188)   XOOPS
XOOPS is a dynamic OO (Object Oriented) based open source portal script written in PHP . XOOPS supports a number of databases (currently only mySQL is supported), making XOOPS an ideal tool for developing small to large dynamic community websites, intra company portals, corporate portals, weblogs and much more.

189)   Reminder Service
Reminder Service is a simple PHP script with which you can add a reminder service to your website. The script will allow the registered users to add events for which they want to be reminded.

190)   SimpleBoards
This is a powerful online message board utility which helps you to discuss and share your thoughts with other members on variuous issues.

191)   myPHPCalendar
This is an API(similar to MCAL) which provides for easy access to functions to control a calendar and possibly other workgroup activities.

192)   Registration script
Registration script is an online PHP based user registration program designed as a means of helping admin in increasing their website security measures.

193)   PHP Pro Bid
PHP Pro Bid is one of the market leaders in web based auction software. Visually its miles ahead of its competitors.

194)   Guestbook
Guestbook is a php program and a guestbook where users can post messages and comments on website. The admin panel is provided for controlling the users actions. Simple to use and to install.

195)   User Authentication from a MySQL database
This tutorial teaches how to make a user validation form and authenticate a user from a database. This tutorial is useful for PHP freshers.

196)   phpBB Main Menu
phpBB2 script is a php nuke module used for, group modules, use icons pack for set menu theme, add animated image counters and more.

197)   Jevon Guestbook
Jevon Guestbook is a php program that allows users to save datas in the flat text file for accessing by the webmasters. This script is simple and free to install and use for users.

198)   phpTest
PhpTest is a PHP scripted web based testing tool. This is helpful to control any number of question, users, test, subject and groups. The user have to log in to take part the test and view results saved in the database.

199)   phpAdManager
phpAdManager as it's name suggests is a PHP based ad management script available online. With this script it will be easy for you to find out how the ads in your website is performing.

200)   PHP FlatBOARD
PHP FlatBOARD is an online discussion board script written in PHP where you can discuss online with other website visitors and communities through password protected forums.

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