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Top 2051-2100 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2051)   cWhois Domain Cart
cWhois Domain Cart is a PHP based programme. cWhois software is perfect for web hosting and domain registration sites. This software is simple to use and easy to incorporate into your site.

2052)   ABC NewsArticle
A script for managing a news database and publishing news on a web site automatically.

2053)   Personal Information Database (PIdb)
Personal Information Database (PIdb) is an application in PHP to keep track of various online informations. Diary type web notes and the web links in the script gives a TOC type links.

2054)   Ip To Country
This is a powerful networking tool that has the ability to indentify the exact geographical location of your website customers and visitors.

2055)   aeDating 2.2
aeDating 2.2 is a match making program created by AE Webworks. Installation is free. aeDating 2.2 comes with templates, options for pictures, chatting and instant messaging.

2056)   Forced Matrix Software
The core of this forced matrix software is developed by the team at DH Softwares, therefore you will find that the features of our Forced Matrix product is very similar to DH-MLM.

2057)   Hosting Client Manager
vHCM is an easy to use and cost effective web based customer management solution designed for hosting companies.

2058)   myxml
myxml is a very simple PHP script to generate a XML data file from a SQL query.

2059)   DOMIT!
DOMIT! is an XML parser that is consistent with the DOM (Document Object Model) specifications and is simple, quick and rigid. It doesnt have complex functions so is easy to use.

2060)   Chipmunk Story
Chipmunk Story is a PHP based programme with MySQL database. You can add your entries into any story that is listed. It has customizing facility.

2061)   Yahoo NewsPod
Yahoo NewsPod is used as web fetching software that runs on PHP built sites. Collecting data from yahoo news and displays them on your site can be done simply.

2062)   Password Protect Enhanced
Password Protect Enhanced is a PHP based script which is a password protection system that allows you to protect the pages and directories on your website.

2063)   Apache2Triad
Apache2Triad is developed using php and is a installation kit system. This is an easy to install Apache webserver. Include files and many forums like general, support, bugs and customization.

2064)   Gchats Flash Mp3 player
Add Full featured Music player to your website , just copy your mp3 files in a folder and listen to the songs , you may be able to add lyrics of the songs. Volume , pan , auto pan , auto repeat , loop and more features…

2065)   BrowserSniffer
You can use this PHP tool to detect the browser compatibility of your site visitors and to check it with a predefined configuration file.

2066)   php3DLib
php3DLib is a programme for drawing three dimensional effect drawing based on PHP image API. With this you can draw charts and graphs in 3D effect which attracts attention of your chart.

2067)   ScriptMagix Recipes 2.0
This is a PHP/mySQL script that allows users to browse through recipe categories and view recipes in each of them .Users can rate recipes and also leave comments .The script also includes a powerful control panel .Administrator can create categores and add recipes .

2068)   Magic News Plus
Magic News Plus is a powerful news management program that gives you the ability to generate different types of news articles for your website with simple layout mode.

2069)   Dreamweaver Code Reuse
Functional Server Side Includes in DWMX - For PHP and CF developers who need to save time by reusing code in their web applications, MX Includes is a Dreamweaver MX extension that provides server behaviors allowing the effective use of statically or dynamically included files within your site.

2070)   GuppY
Guppy is powered by PHP language which is a full featured web portal system. Secured user administration, Plugin system, newsletters and threaded forums are some of the features included in this script.

2071)   myBlindate
myBlindate is a cool dating script for your WAP enabled devices. You can find a right match for you just in a click of your mobile device.

Programmers or webmasters can post their source code through this site. It helps the resource submitters to view number of viewers of their programme. They can discuss and chat about their programmes from this site.

2073)   MailMapper
MailMapper is a powerful PHP script based created for web based emails.This script is a web-based mail client.It is simple and easy to use for webmasters.

2074)   The Perfect Bank (for use with the IBStore)
This is a PHP based online banking utility through which the programmers can perform online banking from their website. This utiltiy can be act as an alternative to IB store bank.

2075)   Auto Control Pro
This is a powerful PHP built server management script that helps hosting service providers to maintain their client sites with essential DNS records and user details.

2076)   Simple Pageviews Counter
Simple Pageviews Counter is an online tutorial that contributes to readers on creating a website counter for counting how many times a web page is viewed by the visitors.

2077)   Slapping together a search engine
Slapping together a search engine is a tutorial that helps to create a search engine for your site in php/Mysql. The author describes using noise reduction method in performing searches.

2078)   A Pie chart generator
A Pie chart generator PHP script that creates pie charts based on the data passed in the query string. This script that draws the data in the form of a pie chart, draw the legend and the title string.

2079)   TreeView
This is programme useful to add tree model menus to your PHP tools and lets you to generate an attractive tree structured menu with six tree styles.

2080)   Light PHP Content Management System
Light PHP Content Management System is a dynamic program built on PHP which can be used by the administrators to perform content management for their website updation.

2081)   PHP - LT Diagram Builder
PHP - LT Diagram Builder is a powerful PHP application that can generate coordinate diagrams. All diagrams and charts can be stored on a seperate file.

2082)   php4flicks
Php4flicks is a PHP script that can store detailed information for your movies like Cast, Direction, Poster, Medium, Language etc., in a database.

2083)   CowTime
CowTime is developed using php and is a date and time displaying system. Users can place clock on their pages when they call it. It is simple to use.

2084)   PanaChart - Chart generator for PHP
PanaChart is a PHP scripted class for online charts creation. This is useful to those using PHP scripting language and GD image manipulation library. Easy to plot multiple types of charts with less than 10 lines of code.

2085)   Traffic Exchange PHP Script
This is a PHP based multi-level marketing program in PHP enabling website owners to enhance their web traffic by exchanging their web links with other websites.

2086)   Upload PHP
Upload PHPis an online file manipulation software that contains all the essential and required basic operations and commands with which webmasters can upload files for their website.

2087)   GC Convert
GC Convert is a simple PHP application using which you would be able to converts a given file size between bits, bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes.

2088)   Intranet
Intranet is to manage projects and teams effectively on PHP designed websites. It enhance a relationship management. Polls, forums, calendars, file manager, user rules are some of the features this module supports.

2089)   DreamAccount
DreamAccount is a hands free subscription tool. It is written using PHP and Mysql. DreamAccount is designed to automate your entire account, order, billing, subscription, and membership management needs.

2090)   ADP
ADP is a PHP program which makes a library set to do a fast creation of PHP front-end to a MySQL database. No other programs available at this time for Linux platform, ADP is a kind of replacement for MS Access. This program lets a modular system that can be expandable.

2091)   Enterprise TimeSheet and Payroll
Enterprise Timesheet and Payroll is a PHP and MySQL based script which provides a general solution to the payroll systems of any company. It provides web user clock in and clock out, has IP address restriction, generate time worked, payroll slips, organizational chart etc.

2092)   Complete Image Hosting Script
Complete Image Hosting Script lets you run a free and paid image hosting business within minutes of downloading the zip file as this script comes with an auto-installer. Fully-featured admin control panel. Admin control panel lets you manage site settings, members, payments and uploaded images. Users can use your service to store images for forums, family photos, banners or for just any reason.

2093)   JOMO Pay Per Click Search Engine Software
JOMO Pay Per Click Search Engine Software is a search engine program and is written in php. It allows admin to have access to everything in the program.

2094)   Forum Point
This is an active website focussing maily on forums and provides consultation services for webmasters who wants to integrate online forums on their website.

2095)   Softbiz Reciprocal link exchange script
Softbiz Reciprocal link exchange script helps to increase your rank in search engines which is designed to run with PHP platforms. Links are categoried by admin and your link can be added after filling up a form. This saves your advertising money. Make more traffic in your site.

2096)   Time based image
Time based image is a simple and easy to use script that can be used to diplay different images based on time intervals. The script allows you to use with any of your own personal images.

2097)   : Paypal Pro PHP 1.1 - for Paypal Website Payments Pro :
Process Credit Cards on your site without a merchant account using Paypal Website Payments Pro. This script allows you to easily connect to the Paypal Pro servers and process credit cards without the headaches of dealing with the complicated integration.

2098)   STphp EasyBook
This PHP based script allows the webmasters and website holders to maintain guestbook on their website. This script has many enhanced features like sign, view and protect the guestbooks.

2099)   Eazy Cart
Our PHP based shopping cart system designed for the novice or the professional programmer, easy to install and easy to customize shopping cart. No experience needed to install, be up and running within 10 minutes of downloading.

2100)   AlstraSoft Template Seller Pro
AlstraSoft Template Seller Pro is a program built on PHP which can be used by the users to have an online template store on their websites.

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