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Top 2401-2450 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2401)   Keno Game
Keno Game is a PHP scripted gaming programme that entertains you and your family. In this game you have to choose 20 numbers from 1 to 80 and get several correct winning keno numbers.

2402)   PHP Service Monitor
PHP Service Monitor is a script which will e-mail you if the server is down etc. and also notifies you by e-mail when a server comes back up.

2403)   Aeneas Customer Management Software
Aeneas Customer Management Software is a customer management system and is developed using php. This system manages your customers and sends invoices to your customers.

2404)   PHP Hangman Game
PHP Hangman is a PHP scripted gaming program fun to play. In this game You have to choose a letter to form the exact word which the computer thinks from the given alphabets without getting more than six wrong chances.

2405)   Easy Web Server
Easy Web Server is a simple and user friendly tool that has been designed for web publishing and development. This package is very much helpful for the PHP developers and it contains new CGI WDScript.

2406)   pHpHp
pHpHp is a simple PHP based script that searches and gets information like number of pages printed, uptime etc from any HP Jet Direct printers.

2407)   :: Ultimate RegNow Affiliate ::
Ultimate RegNow Affiliate is a PHP and MySql application designed to use RegNow's affiliate system and create an big software website in minutes. Every sale will bring you a nice income.

2408)   PHPSafelist DX
PHPSafelist DX is a safelist script to manage a full featured credit and normal safelist business on your website. This script enhances your business operations by maintaining a strong customer relationship.

2409)   Szewo Polls
szewo polls is famous for polling manager on PHP/MySQl based web portals which gives simple functions to manipulate polling system. It provides polls in multiple views. Mailing system is included for preventing multiple vote from same member.

2410)   PageNews
PageNews is a php written news script which is widely used in news manamgement systems. Allows users with protected admin system and adding news to any php page can be done quickly and simply.

2411)   Reactor Server
The Reactor Server is an easy to install Apache2 distribution for Windows containing MySQL, PHP, Perl, phpMyAdmin, PHP-Nuke and Zina.

2412)   xml22
XML22 is PHP4 script helpful in parsing XML documents. It parses any type of XML document and gives the output as a multidimentional array. It has a cool functionality comparable to DOM (Document Object Model)

2413)   Cryptomak Cipher Tools
Cryptomak is absolutely based on PHP language which performs encrytion and decryption on text or code. It works with the web application, Phrame to support MVC (Model, View, Controller) construction. Template system is included.

2414)   Easy Gallery Maker
Easy Gallery Maker is an image gallery script written using PHP and MySQL database. The script automatically searches for any new uploadable images and adds them to the database. No programming skills are required for customizing this script.

2415)   Top Sites List
Top Sites List is written in php and is a topsite listing script. Users can add their site into topsite lists. This script comes with admin support.

2416)   php3Chat
This is a chat system written in PHP and that uses MySQL on backend for storing data.

2417)   OnWithIT Turnkey Pharmacy Website Script
You can earn monetary benefits from this online affiliate program by promoting the sales of US based pharmaceutical products on a commission basis.

2418)   PHP Accelerator
PHP Accelerator is a robust PHP file caching utility. Using this utility the performance of webservers running PHP can be increased drastically.

2419)   SnapDex link indexing
SnapDex link indexing is PHP based link indexing script which is capable of indexing a given set of links in real time. It comes with feature rich user and administration section.

2420)   Web Page Update Check
Web Page Update Check as it's name suggests, is a PHP based script which allows you to know when a particular website is updated. It does not reveal any other details.

2421)   Kazam Poll
Kazam Poll is designed with PHP script that is used to construct a polling manager on dynamic websites. Skins are inbuilt that allow you to give your site pages customized looks. Admin supports user registration.

2422)   Simple Banner Exchange
This is a banner exchange program developed with php that helps users to display banners on their site and in return their banners are displayed on other exchange member sites.

2423)   Contact Us
This script places a contact form on your website so visitors can send you an email message. They complete their name, email and the message they will send to you. When they submit it, it validates the form fields, outputs a message, then sends you an email. This type of script allows you to give your site visitors an easy way of contacting you without having your email address on your website - thus virtually eliminating spam! This script only has 5 variables to configure and you should get it up and working on your site within a few minutes.

2424)   PHP 4.0: Dynamic Content for the Web Warrior
In this article the author supports PHP 4.0 as an open source server-side scripting language for creating dynamic web content and it is already running on one and half million web sites worldwide. He finishes that PHP 4.0 is the best and its syntax is very consistent and easy to learn.

2425)   DeskLinks
DeskLinks is a simple and easy to use link indexing software with which you can create and manage link directory search engine on your website. Admin are provided with full control over the script.

2426)   Opt-in Safelist System
Opt-in Safelist System is a PHP based script which allows you to run your own safelist community from your own domain. It uses MySQL database for speed and efficient data storing system.

2427)   Simple Classified Ad's
Simple Classified Ad's is a PHP application where you can post and update your ads online. You can even use this program as a message board to post your messages.

2428)   LS PHPWebQuiz
PHPWebQuiz is a programmme for solving quizzes on the internet/intranet and this runs on a internet server. The results of the question is saved in a database of 3 CSV tables and interpret the results statistically.

2429)   D-Man
D-Man is a php program that allows webmasters to manage downloads. This script is a PHP/MySQL program which provides a simple and secure way to manage your downloaded files.

2430)   7 Reasons Why PHP is Better than ASP
The author supports PHP is superior on techinical and popularity over than ASP in long run because PHP runs on multiple OSs. He strongly recommends PHP is better than ASP with seven reasons one by one with examples.

2431)   Click N Link Tracker
Click N Link Tracker is a program built on PHP scripting and it is useful by managing time as a webmaster,affiliate or E-zine publishers.It tells you which one is the most popular links and downloads and which one is duped.

2432)   Easy Search
This powerful database tool has the ability to search for a particular text, row by row on a database and gives the result in a specific format.

2433)   SZNewsHandler
SZNewsHandler is a powerful template driven system which is widely used in newsadmin systems. Provides many features to work with templates, news categories and news posts simply and easily.

2434)   HTML_Crypt
HTML_Crypt works as it name explains which prefers PHP based websites for implementation. You can encrypt text of HTML source also can decrypt it. This secures your email addresses.

2435)   X.Forum
X.Forum is a PHP based online discussion board. This board uses text as its database and contains forums to post topics for discussing various issues. This board is easily customizable and is very simple in its integration.

2436)   Develooping Flash Chat
This is a PHP3 (server side)/Flash 4 (client side) chat room program. It is easy to setup and customize.

2437)   Custom error pages using .htaccess
This tutorial script guides you to customize the .htaccsess 404 error monitoring file to provide a professional look for your site when an error page appears on your site.

2438)   phPortal
phPortal is generated using PHP code that gives solutions to enhance the news and content pages on websites. Front end panel is fully customizable.

2439)   Filebased News Mangagement
Filebased News Management is PHP based script that gives features to access web based administration, listing all news and supports WAP/WML.

2440)   PHP RSS parser
PHP RSS parser is based on PHP for parsing XML. We can use this tool to get RDF site summary.

2441)   NY Freelancers
Post your programming project for free and receive bid for freelance programmers. Freelancer bid on programming projects for free.

This site offers alot of cool scripts in .php, 4 your website. The best stuff is always 4 free right :)

2443)   Simple usersonline Class
Simple Users online class is a script used to count how many visitors have visited your site. It stores the information to the database. It checks if user is coming behind proxy server and it helps in script accuracy.

2444)   Lupinio's PHP Vote
All website visitors and customers would be able to rank the displayed images from 1 to 10 and comment on the pictures with their name.

2445)   GraphiCookie Counter
GraphiCookie Counter is a graphic counter using a cookie to identify your visitors not to count them twice. You can use your own images and define the cookie lifetime before counting again the visitors. Set of pictures included.

2446)   PHPmyPagers
PHPmyPagers is a collection of PHP Pagers. It includes a SMS-Pager an ICQ Pager and a Skyper Pager. It's easy to setup and you can adjust it to your needs.

2447)   Blogging Tool
Blogging Tool is a website with a collection of free PHP based blog softwares with which webmasters can generate weblog utilities for their programs with user friendly features.

2448)   Site Minder
Site Minder is a php script which is widely used in news publishinng and content management system. Allows people with minimal knowledge in web editing skills to professionally manage a web domain.

2449)   xml2tree
XML3TREE is a simple script for parsing and displaying content from any php supporting webserver using PHP script.

2450)   Epleweb's Email Contact Form
This is a powerful script that enables you to cross check and validate the details given by your customers in all the required fields of the contact forms.

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