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Top 2701-2750 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2701)   PHP Faqts
PHP Faqts is an online knowledge base for PHP possesing every details of the programming language along with links, tutorials and documentations.

2702)   IBPS E-C@rds
IBPS E-C@rds is a php program and a module in which motive summary pages are layout independent. This script sends away the html mails. It is simple and easy to handle and install for users.

2703)   Active
Active is a set of web scripts which helps activists to share news, events and group information. The news system handles multimedia, open publishing, and high traffic.

2704)   versatileBulletinBoard
This is an easy to install PHP based message board with MySQL database. You can post topics for online discussions to increase your site interaction with your customers.

2705)   Cheat Wiz
Cheat Wiz complete gaming cheat resource site.

LOGIHYIPRATING is a PHP & MySQL-based easy to install complete advertising oriented solutions to install complete advertising oriented solutions to 1) LIST ADVERTISERS 2) RATE THEIR CREDITBILITY and 3) SERVE THE INVESTORS AND OWNERS who like to publicize their HYIP investment sites. With easy to manage templates and changeability theme of your existing site you can start earing those ads dollars almost immediately.

2707)   itw Calendar
itwCalendar is a simple PHP based date, months and year scheduler. It permits the users to add or retrieve the events through calendar. It uses MySQL database that holds the data.

2708)   EditPHP
EditPHP is a simple utility for editing your PHP and HTML codes online.

2709)   SOAP with PHP
This is an online tutorial brings out the compatibility of SOAP in developing web based application. By reading this article you will come to know about XML, Multi-Tiered Application Programming, SOAP etc.,

2710)   Top 100 or Free Counter
Top 100 or Free Counter is a program that allows users to have a hit counter for their websites. This program also enables webmasters to know their site rank.

2711)   Script Web databases quickly with PHP scripting language
This is an article that discusses about PHP script and how it is flexible and works with databases like Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, mSQL, MySQL, ODBC, Oracle and Sybase. The author concludes that PHP is the ideal tool for handling databases in your Web development.

2712)   Build a Form Select Menu of Files In a Directory
Build a Form Select Menu of Files In a Directory is a tutorial that teaches the users how to build a list of file names in a particular directory by using php.

2713)   E-gold bubble game
E-gold bubble game is developed using php and is a simple game. Users can win real gold when they play and win this game. An exciting online game for users

2714)   PCL Pre Classified Listings
Pre Classifieds Listings is one of the most customizable Business Classifieds programs that exist for PHP and MySql for both International and US. US module contains states map navigation and States oriented search.

2715)   Dapper Desk Online Help Desk
Organize your customer requests. Create tickets via login or via email. Unlimited end-users and unlimited customer service reps. Color coded status codes. Customizable autoresponses. Mutliple themes.

2716)   The G27 Project
The G27 Project is a simple musical library software designed to support local band artists in providing vital informations regarding their musical events.

2717)   PHP Free/Pro Safelist
This script allows you to run a complete and professional Safelist system... Supports free memberships as well as paid (pro) memberships, with instant upgrading capabilities and numerous features that no other safelist system uses! Making full use of PHP and MySQL.

2718)   Star Rating System PRO
Star Rating System PRO is a rating system and is written in php. This system is a way to add rating system on your web pages. It is ideal for products and forums.

2719)   EasyNews
Scrapes news listings from a meta news search engine and includes news from all the major news sources. This script offers the potential to create thousands of pages of dynamic, crawlable content just by creating some static search links and is very easy to use.

2720)   Popularity Report
This link checking tool can count and present you the total number of web page links you have on all popular search engines and gives you the ranking of your website on alexa traffic engine.

2721)   Setting the minimum word length for MySQL text search
This tutorial helps users to set minimum word length for Mysql text searches in both windows and unix environments. This tutorial is for Mysql version 4.x.x.

2722)   BHC Intranet
BHC Intranet is completely based on PHP modules that is adaptable for intranet based offices. Many projects can be included and updated. Web based admin interface, contact database, news groups, mailing tools are incorporated.

2723)   Bs_IndexServer
Bs_IndexServer is a multi-purpose search engine with spider, indexer and querying module.

2724) Download Manager lite
Download Manager Lite is a FREE! members area script written in php. The 'Lite' version has less features then the full version, Download Manager v3! Like v3, DLM 'Lite' also uses a flat file database so NO SQL is required!

2725)   Willow Issue Tracker pro
With the help of this tool you can track the developments of your software projects, share and exchange task results, organize reports for the scheduled tasks etc.,

2726)   Gogiga PPC script
The Gogiga Pay per click search engine script is a free download. It parses the XML output of and displays it in a user friendly format with bolded keywords. The search engine script is a very fast script, written in PHP. Any version of PHP should be able to run this script.

2727)   iG FREE Shopping Cart
iG FREE Shopping Cart is an e-commerce tool for creating online e-shop containing unlimited categories and sub categories along with thumbnails and photos.

2728) is a nightlife and entertainment site that helps you to run your own entertainment site in your city. You can also signup as an affiliate and earn through referral memberships.

2729)   Create Next and Previous Pages for Search Results
This is a simple coding that helps users to create navigation links for search result pages. A handy tool for webmasters for their search programs.

2730)   Fake Hits Master
Fake Hits Master gets your site with more traffic by generating unique hits from 10 to 10000. It is widely useful in banner ads, search engine and like some more internet based marketing. You can send unlimited hits to several sites at the same time.

2731)   PhotoGallery2
PhotoGallery is simple and easy to use image gallery software which automatically generates image thumbnails. PhotoGallery is written in PHP and uses Smarty and GD2.

2732)   Marioz PHP Mail
This is a php based form mail program which helps webmasters to build their site with form mail to receive email from their site visitors. It has error validation and thank you page facilities.

2733)   Dawg Tag
Dawg Tag is an efficient tagboard software written in PHP that helps you to post topics on the board to chat on various issues through an admin control panel.

2734)   Bs_Form
Bs_Form is a package that implements HTML forms as PHP classes. With all its features and the 46 classes (18'000 lines of documented code) it is by far the most comprehensive web form building and handling we have seen. If you read on, you'll see why. And what it can do for you.

2735)   AVUSBD
AVUSBD is a simple online development software that assist webmasters to have complete control over their remotely hosted programes and allows them to access USB ports through the TCP/IP.

2736)   Traffic Exchange Link
You can exchange and drive traffic for your website by exchanging links with other websites through this program without any registration procedures.

2737)   Automated Digital Printing System
Using this program you can create your own posters by modifying the templates. There are also provisions for uploading and printing those posters with any desired colour and sizes.

2738)   Maguma Workbench
Maguma Workbench goes beyond a typical IDE. Fast, robust and modular, making it the most customizable IDE available.

2739)   SearchHippo - PHP Search Source Code
SearchHippo - PHP Search Source Code helps your website visitor to search '' right from your site without leaving it.

2740)   GC Trace
GC Trace is a simple PHP program that can be used to trace specific IP address from your webhosting server through the appropriate traceroute command.

2741)   In-Link Portal Engine
In-Link Portal Engine is built with PHP language that gives as many features as you look for developing a dynamic website without confusion. Implementing user interactivlty and managing content and news pages are done effectively.

2742)   Free Hit Counters
Free Hit Counters is a collection of php scripts that allows users to track the number of hits on their site. Has admin facilities to customize and configure.

2743)   Click Tracker
Click Tracker is a simple script based on PHP.This script is used to track your long and ugly affiliate links.It tracks how many times your files and reports have been downloaded.

2744)   QuickScheduling's Project Time Tracking and Employee Time Management
QuickScheduling's Project Time Tracking and Employee Time Management is a simple online scheduling software that allows all your employees to manage their own schedules and projects.

2745)   Browser Types
Browser Types is a simple and easy to use function which is written using PHP that can be used to detect the type of the browser and the agents details.

2746)   BN Soft URL Rotator Host Pro
BN Soft URL Rotator Host Pro is a simple program designed to maintain dynamic webpages for affiliates to promote their links without any complications.

2747)   Psychic Ability Tests
Psychic Ability Tests is an easy to install entertainment software with which users would be able to check out their psychic fitness. This program allows to add your own interpretations and words on any page.

2748)   ActiveKB
ActiveKB is the most powerful knowledge base solution available online. With this script you will be able to provide your customers an immediate support solution around the clock throughout 24 hours a day. It offers you with a bundle of rich features.

2749)   GBTask
GBTask is an organizer programme in PHP scripts. This is a one page task manager for controlling your tasks schedule. This script provides with a keyword based searching facility.

2750)   Flylip Media's Website Instant Messenger
Flylip Media's Website Instant Messenger is a simple online PHP application with which you can send instant messages to all your friends with emotion icons.

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