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Top 2801-2850 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2801)   phpblogie
This is a powerful PHP based weblog script that helps you to maintain your own persoanl diary on the net through which you can post your presonal events and messages.

2802)   FreeCal
Online calendar / event scheduler with password protection.Priority colour coded. Fully and easily configurable.

2803)   PHPSlash
phpSlash is a web based application that is completely written in PHP and MySQL. This script facilitates you to build user interface system, forum modules, news posting and much more on a dynamic website.

2804)   News Pro
News Pro is a program based on PHP that allows webmasters to build a newsletter system for their websites. This is an easy to use program.

2805)   Ming and Flash Bitmaps
Ming and Flash Bitmaps is a tutorial for Ming and Flash Bitmaps. Easy to understand.

2806)   Parsing Forms With PHP and Sending E-Mail
Parsing Forms With PHP and Sending E-Mail is a tutorial that tells the users how to parse forms for sending a web based email by using php.

2807)   sqMail
sqMail is a web based communication tool that uses the features of SquirrelMail module using Xoops. Template engine is included. It uses no frames for implementaion.

2808)   Hastymail
Hastymail would be an adaptive program for PHP website owners to handle their bulk amount of email addresses via web based interface. Email functionalities can be done through IMAP server. works with several browsers and platforms.

2809)   Tellme
Tellme is a script which helps you in getting all the details or information regarding an IP address and also helps you in tracking down the location of servers.

2810)   iH2H Menu
iH2H Menu is an easy to use menu builder tool using which you can create dynamic DHTML based horizontal menus. These tools are useful for the web programmers to use horizontal menus on their web sites.

2811)   PHP RSS News Blog Feed for your site
This easy to use PHP script makes adding RSS news / blog feeds to your website quick and easy. Simply include the script and call a function. Customizable CSS styles for headlines and detail. Also chose to include details or just titles. To add more feeds, simply call the function again with a different source.

2812)   phpFaber TinyLink
Are you sick of posting URLs in emails only to have it break when sent causing the recipient to have to cut and paste it back together? By using this script you are able to create a tiny URL that will not break in email postings and never expires.

2813)   Links PHP Program
This is a simple and useful online link indexing software using which you would be able to create a seperate index page for all your website links.

2814)   Just another MySQL-Client
Just another MySQL Client is a Web interface to a mySQL database written in PHP. It allows you to display and query database.

2815)   SuperAds Script (Fly-In Ads)
SuperAds Script (Fly-In Ads) is one of the advertising methods that is powered by PHP language. It attracts people's attention and dont let them to neglect your ad. Admin takes care of member and ad management.

2816)   CoolPHP
CoolPHP is a powerful portal system with which you can create and manage active articles web site featuring all essentials with web based administartion.

2817)   iQtrader
iQtrader is an automated predicting software. Admins can setup easilym and can be configured, have control over members, e-mail members, and manage the trades.

2818)   Joke Portal PHP
Great traffic generation with viral features and community gathering. Allows visitors to: Rate jokes Add jokes Search jokes Email jokes to friends Login and Register to add jokes Subscribe to newsletter Website Features: Newest Jokes Highest Rated Jokes Newest Cartoons Online

2819)   Textlinkexchange,Clicktextlinkexchange
This is a collection of exchange scripts that supports text exchange links for improving your site rank. This tool prefers PHP platform for implemetation. Admin has the power to modify links and text formats. Real-time stats, back-up functions are included.

2820)   W2B Restaurant
W2B Restaurant is a powerful and complete Restaurant Management solution based on the reliable, scalable technologies with which you can control and automate all processes of your Restaurant Business.

2821)   Using Cookies & File Appending
This is an article to append file using cookies. It uses many functions to append the file into the PHP script. This article is useful for the webmasters and the site administrators.

2822)   NooToplist
This PHP application will help you to rank and list websites according to their performance in popular search engines based on their daily hit statistics.

2823)   Peeps
Peeps is an effective group organizing script which is generated in PHP code. You can manage your personnel department simply via this script. Contact manager provided the required detail in no time.

2824)   PHPLIB and multiple databases
PHPLIB and multiple databases is a tutorial that teaches the users how to make an extension to PHPLIB and to access multiple databases by using php.

2825)   gee! Links Manager
Organize and display resource links the easy way. Create and maintain a list of important resources available on the internet with gee! Links Manager.

2826)   Local Movie Listings
Seamless local movie listings for any community web site or portal.

2827)   How to tempt Google to index your site despite redirection
This tutorial teaches you how to redirect your site to another webpage link. This article has several examples with explanation of how it works.

2828)   CJ Website Search
CJ Website Search is a search engine software and is developed using php. This software is used to search websites.

2829)   Random Text Displayer
Random Text Displayer is a php based simple script. With this program, you can exhibit a Random Text on your web page very easily. Demonstration is available.

2830)   Randover - Security system
Randover - Security system is a PHP based application which can be used in constructing security system in the users website inorder to authenticate their users. This software helps in verifying data from the net.

2831)   Server based Expanding and Collapsing Table of Contents Menu Using PHP3
Server based Expanding and Collapsing Table of Contents Menu Using PHP3 is a tutorial for realizing an expanding and collapsing ToC menu fully on your web server with a re-usable demo example.

2832)   GeoAuctions
GeoAuctions is an extremely versatile Auction program created in PHP with the ability to use over 15 different types of databases.

2833)   Online Business Card Designer 2.1 For Printing Services Web Sites.
This PHP tool saves your time in designing your business cards and allows to get printed output at once. To implement this script, your site must support GD, freetype, 'gif', 'jpg', 'png' and 'wbmp'.

2834)   SmE Cloak Page lite
SmE CLoak Page lite is a dynamic cloaking script that will generate pages based on the url that search engines crawl .

2835)   Form Wizard for PostgreSql
This is a programme to establish a form wizard for Postgresql database. The data's are stored in the parent table and no new tables are required. The newer version support checkboxes and multiple select capabilities.

2836)   PHP highlighter
PHP highlighter can be used to highlighet search results on a specific website. The requirements are simple, just pass the words to highlight along with the color to highlight. It can be a very useful tool for users.

2837)   Mortgage Calculators Plus
Collection of free online mortgage calculators that can be placed on your website.

2838)   Mambo Open Source
Mambo Open Source is a PHP solution for portal and content management. It's features allows you to maintain your website without using HTML.

2839)   Flash MX and Unicode
With Flash MX and the Flash 6 plug-in, we finally have unicode support in Flash. This makes it a viable tool to display text in languages other than English, including all Euro-languages with accents, Middle Eastern right-to-left scripts and many Asian Languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc. It also helps to make dynamic text, with HTML, in Flash a more appealing visual aid to our designs since we can use bullets, arrows and symbols more creatively. Hence Unicode opens up a new door for graphic design with Type as well.

2840)   Froogle Output Module for X-cart
Froogle Output Module for X-cart is a PHP based program designed for creating export Froogle data files for all your products to upload in goggle's ecommerce search engine.

2841)   24Mail
24Mail is based on PHP and no database is required. It helps you to send an email message to the web owners. It validates data to check whether there is error or not. It is customizable.

2842)   Asset tracking Software
Asset tracking Software is a program which comes with two components one is software asset tracking and another one is hardware assert tracking. By using this software the users can manage electronic license and asset insurance.

2843)   Grouper
Grouper is a cool tool to fetch content like news, etc., from other sites and post them as RSS feeds on your website. Now it's easy to put Google, Yahoo or other news on your site.

2844)   Fully Developed Garage Sale Website
This is a PHP based readymade website through which you can build a garage sales website to search across US and canada. It provides various sales listing options such as bold, bold highlight, photo and detailed description of garage sales items.

2845)   How to create search engine friendly URLs with Apache's ForceType directive
This is a tutorial that contributes to users on creating search engine friendly URLs by the use of the ForceType directive of Apache.

2846)   Orange Box
This program allow web content publishers to fill out the form to add items to RSS. It allows users to edit and manage items. This program is used by web content manager.

2847)   Creating Forms Enhanced with PHP
This tutorial teaches the learners about how to create a form using PHP coding for sending message and to store data. For easy reference example is given.

2848)   Method Mail PHP
Method Mail PHP is an email sender programme which is very friendly to send emails to others in a quicker and safer method. It is easy to understand and to use.

2849)   Freelance Zone :: Run your own Freelance Auction with ease!!!
A unique freelance script with an extensive admin panel, which is able to handle everything from CMS of the site to Auctions.

2850)   Tasks Pro
A hierarchical task manager with polished multi-user functionality.

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