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Top 2851-2900 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2851)   dfDDmenu
dfDDmenu helps the webmasters to enable their visitors to navigate all included pages, products by simple implementing drop down menus on their site pages that supports javascript timing to list all items. Any PHP supported websites can implement this module.

2852)   Esvon Classifieds - Auction module
Esvon Classifieds - Auction module is a simple online auction software package that supports open auction format without reserve prices for unlimited number of categorized products.

2853)   Scripts 21's Recipe Site
This is an useful program by which you can create your own menus for the food items with your own design and page layout settings. You can add, edit, delete items from the menu through the admin panel.

2854)   WSCraft CMS
From now on, stop hesitating between price, performance and flexibility. Introduce to WSCraft CMS – The flexible, scalable, economical solution to maximize the profitability and efficiency of your Website development and content management. Try now!

2855)   BlackNova Traders
BlackNova Traders is a PHP scripted web-based online gaming programme. This is a multi-player space exploration thrilling game makes you and your friends exciting.

2856)   DaDaBIK - Database Interface Module
This script is a database interface module that helps the users to add, delete and retrieve the data from MySQL Database. This script offers customizable graphical layout to enable embedding of the forms in your own site.

2857)   : Paypal Pro PHP 1.1 - for Paypal Website Payments Pro :
Process Credit Cards on your site without a merchant account using Paypal Website Payments Pro. This script allows you to easily connect to the Paypal Pro servers and process credit cards without the headaches of dealing with the complicated integration.

2858)   Web Chat Manager
The PHP Web Chat Manager allows you to manage a web-based chat system from a centralized administration system.

2859)   ActiveState Komodo
ActiveState Komodo is written in php and is an integrated development environment for open source languages. This IDE gives workspace that tests, edits and debugs your applications.

2860)   MmwebBB Board
MmwebBB Board is a simple online discussion board software written in PHP with which website visitors and users would be able to post topics for online discussions.

2861)   EZArticles
EZArticles includes great scripts providing easy, automated ways of displaying thousands of up-to-date copyright-free articles on your site. EZArticles automates the process of displaying content from providers who want you to use their free articles!

2862)   PHPenpals
This is a complete script, that enables you to start your own (semi-professional) penpals website. It uses MySQL as a backbone. Features include easy signup and many search possibilities

2863)   HYIP Cyberinvestment Referral Add-on
Enhance the attractiveness of your existing HYIP site by adding CASH incentives for members.

2864)   Professional scripts! Fully completed websites
If you are a professional or beginner Webmaster looking to start your own business online, these scripts are for you. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to someone to design a website for you. All you need is here.

2865)   CMMS
This is an useful maintenance management system designed to help webmasters to organize their business equipments online with MySQL database support.

2866)   POBS
POBS is an enhanced encrypting tool that is operated on PHP included websites. It automatically examines the userdefined functions and variables which are available on your PHP source and makes them not to be modified by others.

2867)   heathcosoft search engine
Heathcosoft search engine is developed using php and is a search engine. This engine is used to set up to various index web pages.

2868)   ErfurtWiki
ErfurtWiki is developed using php and is a content management program. It allows users to create and edit web pages on the site.

2869)   EncapsGallery
ncapsGallery is an image gallery, supports different independent layouts/themes. Web-design based on native php+html templates. Has predefined 4 web-themes (acd,raym,expo,light) Key features: - mysql/pgsql support - create unlimited folders - upload unlimited photos - automatic thumbnail creation - easy to install and customize - web-admin presented - large images number will be spleted by pages (number of images by one page may be configured from web-admin)

2870)   Recipes Website
Recipes Website is a php based script that allows users to run an online recipe listing website. Admin have rights to add, delete recipes, email and rate recipes, sending newsletters etc.

2871)   Robotstats
Robotstats is a simple programme developed for web masters to view the statistics of their online visitors with full details, referrer site etc., and these statistic details will be written in MySQL database.

2872)   inPHormer
inPHormer is a php based script and is a software. This software is used to create php files which process an html form. This is a completely automated program.

2873)   CommonClassifieds
CommonClassifieds is a PHP based web application that helps the webmasters to manage classified ads on their systems. Several features are given with this module and SQL / MySQL can be used as back-end. Plugin system can switch on / off displayed ads.

2874)   Antispam Form
PHPAntiSpamForm programme is an email form programme. This script disables the submit button after the submission and it does not allow users to spam. This script is customizable.

2875)   GenieGate User Management
Extremely flexible user management package with email verification. Supports vCards for easy import into your PIM, Apache and ApacheDBM access control, documented API, definable user properties, XML support

2876)   Webring Service scripts
The webring service offers a place where users can create their own webrings, which is a community of websites that are connected that offers more traffic to the member of the ring.

2877)   Mufinware
Mufinware is a collection of class for use with PHP coding for interacting with the backend. This script makes the work easier for the PHP programmer.

2878)   Alfa-File-Manager (v1.2)
Simple one file PHP Script. No installation, file upload, built in image preview, source code viewer.

2879)   php Submission Service scripts
Our submission site is the complete storefront for your own url submission service, plus our submission site includes free tools that will bring visitors back time and time again such as:

2880)   FlashChat
Put a highly customizable chatroom right on your website. Works with most PHP/MySQL forums and portals, or as a stand-alone chatroom. Can be used in a live-support configuration, as a "registered users only" chat, or as a "free-for-all" chat.

2881)   Half-Life Server List
Half-Life Server List is a PHP programme made for GSP's and Clan websites. With this program we can get mini display and full list. Features click on the IP address to launch HLSW, click on the player numbers to see the detailed information and menu shows the server functions.

2882)   Dmoz.php3
Dmoz.php3 is a software in PHP to access the comprehensive human edited open directory right on your website.

2883)   PHP Email Libraries
PHP Email Libraries is a collection of tiny PHP classes which are useful to work with email related functions in PHP. It saves time for the programmer with its ready built functions.

2884)   mnoGoSearch
mnoGoSearch is developed using php and is a web search engine system. This system is used to search websites. Supports gzip, deflate, compress content encoding. It is very flexible.

2885)   Site Directory
With the support of this PHP script you can create and manage a full featured online theme based directory using ODP and DMOZ data.

2886)   Cabron Connector PHP Flash Remoting
PHP and ActionScript code for Remoting - it allows remote invocation of PHP methods from Flash movies. No PHP extensions needed. Multilanguage support, timed deserialization. PHP 4.0.5 or above required!

2887)   MySQL PHP Helper
MySQL PHP Helper is a database tool which is used to restore larger database files as it runs in server-side. This script does not require to upload a file.

2888)   K-Rate
This online PHP script is an image rating script which helps in uploading images and allows the visitors to rate the images on the users website. This script offers several attractive features which helps to increase the revenue of the users website.

2889)   Graphing Module
This script is a graphing module for online golf stats. It is developed using PHP utilizing GD Graphics Library, TTF. By using all these components you get your graph ready.

2890)   PhpMyComic
PhpMyComic is a PHP scripted programme to manage content for your comics website. This features with a latest administration system and a comic engine for organizing your comics.

2891)   Linklok 2checkout
Linklok 2checkout is a software that makes every transaction easy with payment gateway. Using this software you can display download links for your products and can send emails to the purchaser.

2892)   Comdev Photo Gallery v2.0
The featured packed image gallery system that is extremely easy to use. Features: random thumbnails block, latest photos, slide show, photo submission, thumbnailing, image resize, copyright text, EXIF, bulk uploads, preset photo details, hit counter, post comment, download file, rating & more..

2893)   GB CJ
GB CJ is a php based script and is a traffic exchange system. This system generates toplists on your web page and consists link rotator. It controls traffic on your website.

2894)   Images aleatoires
Affichage d'images aléatoires

2895)   CCVal - Credit Card Validation function
CCVal - Credit Card Validation function is a software that is used to validate any credit card with a specific user name, credit card number and the criteria of credit cards.

2896)   GoCMS
GoCMS contains PHP driven modules using that website owners can manage their entire content system dynamically. Supports multiple users, categories, templates and user friendly interface allows to handle all content processing easily and effectively.

2897)   FlashBB
Flash 7 bulletin board, built on the phpBB engine. Use this sleek, fast forum to create a vibrate online community of users. FlashBB is the ONLY Flash bulletin board which has made available 100% of the source code upon purchase!

2898)   Threat Matrix
Threat Matrix s a simple PHP module that is used as a web fetching script on your sites. Information about threat level can be displayed which is grabbed form homeland site. Supports HTML based text formatting.

2899)   Jax FormMailer
A formmailer with SPAM protection, selectable recipients and admin script.

2900)   No database Ad Rotator
This script is ideal for rotating a few ads on a small site without comittiing to an elaborate database system.

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