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Top 251-300 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

251)   Send eCard
Send eCard is a php program and a post card where cards can be added of their own. This script automatically creates thumbnail and optimizes the actual images. Simple to setup and install for users.

252)   PHP Football Pool
This is a PHP Port of ASP Football Pool that can be installed in the users website. This software allows the webmasters to maintain their visitors NFL picks every week.

253)   A Line graph generator
A Line graph generator is a PHP script that creates line graph. This script consists of a class called Line and similar in usage to the Bar chart script. The output can be changed in the form of jpg or png or gif format.

254)   Tree menu
Tree menu is a simple PHP class uses MySQL database backend to create tree menu on your website. These tree menus are helpful for easy navigation on your website.

255)   Open Guestbook
Open Guestbook is a guestbook program that permit users to post a comment, name and opinions on their website through a web browser. Simple to handle and access by users.

256)   MailDog
MailDog is a script based on php for web based emails that handles POP3, SMTP, and IMAP servers. It is simple and easy to use.

257)   PHPOpenChat
PHPOpenChat is a web based chat software written in PHP. PHPOpenChat utilizes a MySQL database to manage its text lines and user profiles

258)   Clan Command Center
Clan Command Center (CCC) is your clan website essence. It's a powerfull package developed to fit your clan website needs. CCC provides you an easy-to-use template system which makes your clan website ultra customizable.

259)   Unmaintained Free Software
This is a PHP/MySQL-based link indexing application that runs the site, "Unmaintained Free Software". Unmaintained Free Software provides an index of orphaned or unmaintained Free Software related content and software, i.e. packages that aren't developed any longer and have no maintainer.

260)   TXnews
TXnews is a complete news or article publishing system (cms). It includes the backend, data storage system and updater. It uses "flat files" for storage so no need for a database. Templates available for titles, icons, snippets, news body, user, time, date, month, year and email. You can specify the number of headlines to be displayed and view an archive. Includes support for multiple users and automatic building.

261)   Server to Server Transfer
Server to Server Transfer is a php program that enables user to move files from one server to another server for accessing. Simple and easy to use and to install files.

262) PHP postcard PHP postcard is a script that allows webmasters to put postcards for their visitors to send out.

263)   Complete Web Hosting Script
Complete Web Hosting Script For Webhosting Resellers is a php script that automates the creation of new webhosting accounts. Complete Web Hosting Script integrates PayPal IPN, MySQL, and CPanel WHM to securely create new hosting accounts. Takes care of your customer from the Order form to the Welcome letter and saves the IPN data in a MySQL table. Well suited to virtual hosts.

264)   Scratch n Match
Scratch n Match is a play programme very simple to use. You have to scratch the card and have the chance to win. Maximum allowed wins can easily be changed by admin page.

265)   phpFormGenerator
phpFormGenerator software is a php based programm used for creating a form. It has ability to create nearly hundred form fields. This script is highly customizable.

266)   SQL Theory & How-To
This tutorial discusses the two question ie- how do you build complex queries on the fly according to user input? and how to create powerful, complex queries to take advantages of your table schemas.

267)   Submitter software: messages boards/guestbooks
This is a set of php scripts which give you following possibilities: provides submission services. From now you can add submission url using google support of message boards/guestbooks posting service all scripts URLs from Google to your database with only one button press.

268)   Indigo SlideShow
A simple yet functional slide show written in Flash MX 2004 and PHP using Ming. This slideshow can easily be integrated into an existing layout.

269)   PHP Search Engine (SEARCpHp)
PHP Search Engine (SEARCpHp) is written in php and is a powerful search engine software. This software provides ability to index anything that can be accessed via php. Indexing is portable.

270)   Maian Guestbook
Easy to use guestbook program for your website. Approve entries before posting. Optional bad word filter, clickable smilies, IP banning & flood control.

271)   AdSense Sandbox
AdSense Sandbox is a simple ad management script which will help you to create ad banners from Google. The script is very simple and easy to use.

272)   My-Online-Friends
My-Online-Friends is a PHP based program that helps webmasters to run an online match making program via internet. This also has an optional affiliate program which creates more traffic to the websites and generates more revenue.

273)   3x3 Matrix Scripts
This is a payment gateway programme for sites with options from StormPay, PayPal and E-Gold payment. There are 3 matrix levels that paysout to each level immediatly.

274)   gee! Calendar Manager
Full-featured web calendar grids and lists. Supports recurring events. Display upcoming events and important dates on your website. Automatic removal of past events - "set it and forget it.

275)   Easiest Form2Mail
Easiest Form2Mail is a simple PHP based script. This script is used for sending email to the particular person by filling the form field step by step. It is easy to use and user friendly.

276)   PHP Ticket
PHP Ticket is an advanced ticketing system written in PHP and MySQL. It contains user management sessions, search function etc., to make your ticket managing task easier.

277)   mp3 Jukebox
mp3 Jukebox is a MP3 player. Website offers a screen shot of the MP3 player.

278)   C00L GuestMap 2
It is a simple PHP based guestmap application by which users can generate guest map on their website.

279)   Online store php script
Run a complete online store that supports most payment processors

280)   Anti-leech
Anti-leech is an online security system script written using PHP which can be easily integrated on your existing custom website.

281)   Softbiz Image Gallery Script
Softbiz Image (Photo) Gallery Script is great tool for running your image (Photo) gallery site. Its very easy to install and operate. You can upload multiple images in one go. Just put the images in one directory and instruct the script to add them and that is it.

282)   Easy Member Access
Easy Member Access is a member management application.

283)   Support Information Tracker
Support Information Tracker is a PHP based script which will be useful for system administrators, customer care departments of any type of companies to serve them effectively.

284)   phpNewsManager
phpNewsManager is the ultimate news manager for your website. This script will help you to add,edit and remove news on your site. phpNewsManager also supports multi-level user access and comes with a user friendly GUI.

285)   Orbitalz Planetarion like Space Game
Orbitalz is a PHP massively multiplayer online space game. Orbitalz is a space game which allows you to become a galactic commander and take control of the universe. Features: attack, defend, politics, construct, research, produce ships, travel to galaxies within the universe, private message system

286)   Celebrity Names
Celebrity Names is a PHP scripted online entertaining programme that makes you fun. You have to fill up answer to a questionaire that displayed in the screen and click. The celebrity name will appear.

287)   A professional poll/survey PHP module
Multilingual module uses gettext library. English and French messages already set up. Many answer types: single choice, multiple choice, ORDERED list, numeric (maybe bounded), text. Muliple page organization with optional condition to direct the display of a page.

288)   5 Star Rating PHP
Our 5 Star Rating PHP script allows for users to rate articles, images, links or anything else on your site.

289)   Online Signature Maker
Make Cool Signature images online with this script. using PHP`s GD Libaray it creates number of images for free.

290)   phpBB- Passport Support
This is a simple script based on php which is used for allowing visitors to signin to phpBB passport without registering their name into your website.

291)   daemon checker
daemon checker is a php program that permits users to check the status of the daemons which runs on their server. This script is simple to use for users.

292)   !ce`s Guestbook
!ce`s Guestbook is a program and a guestbook based on php in which users can add postings like messages along with name, url and their locations in a guestbook. Simple to access and install.

293)   Banner and Popunder Exchange
Start your own banner and popunder exchange with only one script.

294)   PHP With HTML Forms
PHP With HTML Forms is a tutorial that tells the users how to handle html forms for performing error checking and message displaying by using php. This tutorial provides info about error processing and program flow for the users to view.

295)   Write Text to the Image
This is a simple PHP based utility using which you can easily add text on the top of the images. This utility is customizable. You can use this utility for adding the text on the pictures of your website.

296)   PHP-MySQL-Quiz
PHP-MySQL-Quiz is PHP quiz generating programme for quiz masters. You can insert/ delete/ edit your questions as you like. This online software is easy to customize according to your needs.

297)   Submitter
Submit multiple urls to multiple searchengines simply by pushing the button on the screen

298)   MakeJPGThumb
With the help of GD and JPEG image libraries this PHP program enables you to produce thumbnail pictures for JPG images and also allows you to resize your JPG images with the height and width of your choice.

299)   C-Guest
PHP Script. Very simple guestbook that allows you to use your own header and footer (I had serious issues finding one that would do that). No database required.

300)   An Online Article Manager
Using this dynamic press release manager, you will have the ability to post late breaking news, company news or any announcments.

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