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Top 3051-3100 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3051)   JzPlayer Pro
JZplayer is used to play both for MP3 audio and Mpeg Video.The usage is very simple, just place the files in the directory and it will be displayed on your website automatically.

3052)   Destination Transloader
An efficient utility in PHP that helps to download a specified script in the server just by specifying the address of the file in the text box.

3053)   TCPDB
TCPDB can work with any sized PHP websites where it can be used to track the details of TCP / IP addresses of many location and subnet on MySQL back-end. Includes a search engine to find TCP/IP address, Host name etc.,

3054)   ID Redirect Script
ID Redirect Script is a PHP script used to redirect the user from one page to the another. It provides clean URL redirection and more. It is easy to understand.

3055)   URL Rotator
With the help of this program you can start your own link rotating services on your site to facilitate your customers with randomized affiliate URL rotation.

3056)   Host Directory Pro
All the functions of the major web hosting directories. Search functions, extensive admin area, user search and built in advertisement system and payment gateway. Template driven.

3057)   hwdePOLL
hwdePOLL is a simple script to process a form. This script sends all the data to the specified email address at the end of your questionaire. It requires no database.

3058)   Rotator v1.1
Rotator can host images or use remote images. Rotate random or sequential with optional delays. Stats for groups and images. Views : click-throughs : unique click-throughs : click-through Tracking. Auto-generate php and jspopup code. Complete control of all image settings and no image lib required.

3059)   Easy PHP News
Easy PHP News allows one to add live News feeds from and multiple feeds can be displayed at the same time.

3060)   Nuke-Salary module
Nuke-Salary module is a simple financial software designed to calculate and count salaries for all your staffs and affiliates.

3061)   Cactus Gallery
Cactus Gallery is a PHP-based photo gallery with a number of advanced features: * Fast, simple installation * Attractive, well-designed interface * Intuitive, easy-to-use administrative interface * Ability to allow multiple authors to manage their own photo galleries, all within one installation * Visitors can submit photos to be added to the gallery * Visitors can post comments on photos within the gallery * Automatic thumbnail creation

3062)   Webspy
Webspy is an user friendly counter and it works as spy for the webmasters to view and handle their site visitors information and it is simple to use and configure.

3063)   PHPCoupon
Developed to provide an affordable and easy to operate local coupon websites for chambers of commerce, local and niche directory owners and entrepreneurs seeking income opportunites. Fully automated coupon creation by the business owner!

3064)   PHP and HTML CodeExecuter
You can use this development tool to run and execute your scripts directly from your server. This PHP application is easy to use and to handle.

3065)   Building Next/Prev Buttons for Query Results
Building Next/Prev Buttons for Query Results is a tutorial which tells the users how to create next and previous buttons for query result by using php.

3066)   php4you-Book
php4you book is a php program and a guestbook where visitors can post their email address, homepage URL and ICQ UIN additionally apart from their comment and their name.

3067)   DCP-Portal
DCP Portal is used as Content manager which is designed with PHP and MySQL. It provides facilities for rating the contents, supporting text files for content system and consists of customizable modules and much more features to suite to your needs.

3068)   KBshare
KBshare is a solution to track information in office management which is adaptable for PHP/ MySQL websites. It contains details about tasks that include time of start and end, worker name, work status, worker's contact details and more in Technical Information Documents (TID) forms.

3069)   Phpauction Pro
Phpauction provides a complete suite of applications and services for building auction web sites. Phpauction auction programs offer flexibility, power, and ease of use for small businesses and individuals. We can provide an integrated set of scripts that will assist in building successful web sites

3070)   ezUpload Pro
ezUpload Pro is a php program which allows users to access files on their server. File actions like upload, download and delete can be done in different directories.

3071)   Freemed YiRC
Freemed YiRC is a complete software package to help YiRC agencies in the tasks of data gathering, electronic data exchange, insurance billing functions etc.

3072)   RSS generating PHP script
This Script helps generating XML RSS feeds using a backend database. Helps keep a website lively.

3073)   Visual Content Constructor
Visual Content Constructor is written in PHP. It is a new content management system which provides flexibility to design the websites and information resources. It can be used by all users.

3074)   TeamFinity
TeamFinity is team management software. TeamFinity offers Web-based Interactive Database for Online Directory of Multiple Team Rosters, Statistics, and comments, Information is kept up to date by administrators from each team and more.

3075)   EchoArticles
EchoArticles is a php based script and is an article management system. This system adds variety of contents and articles on your website. This program has extensive administrative capabilities allowing users to customize.

3076)   ProxyChecker
ProxyChecker is a opensource script which can be used to surf anonymously, making anonymous posts to message boards or make arbitrary connections to other hosts.

3077)   VoteBox
With the help of this polls and voting software you would be able to create time framed online vote programs for your website with an intuitive GUI.

3078)   V-webmail
V-webmail is a script based on php which is created for web based emails. It is a powerful PHP based webmail application with an abundant features.

3079)   The Bunghole
The Bunghole is a PHP based link indexing script which will be useful for music fans as well as for artists. It offers you wide range of resources.

3080)   BigApache
BigApache is developed using php and it is a ready server. This server install programs like php, Mysql, Java projects with JBoss and Tomcat, perl and Html.

3081)   PHP vs CGI
PHP vs CGI is a simple article that compares each and every aspect of PHP scripting language with CGI inorder to promote PHP as the most preferable language ever by the web programmers.

3082)   PSA Password Manager
This is an advanced and useful password protecting tool for plesk server administrators and other customer service personnel to manage and administer their webhosting clients.

3083)   Sending MIME email in PHP
Sending MIME email in PHP is a tutorial and a article that teaches users about how to send attachments and HTML embedded emails using MIME.

3084)   Xtreme Topsites
Xtreme Topsites is written in php and is a topsite rate listing program. This program is used to rate your websites on a scale from 1 to 10. Members can edit their information.

3085)   phpRPC
phpRPC is a libray for XMLRPC. It can be inserted into almost all sorts of weblogs. It is also very simple and easy to use.

3086)   HTTP Navigator
HTTP Navigator is a PHP program and it's working priniciples are based on perl's LWP. It is used for transmitting HTTP messages.

3087)   Remote Procedure Calls with PEAR
Remote Procedure Calls with PEAR is a tutorial which teaches the users about using the xml rpc package in their websites. The xml rpc package wraps informations within the XML framework.

3088)   Download Counter
This script is a basic download counter script. This script can be used to count file downloads. Provides easier customization and several functions. No additional setup is required for this script.

3089)   Indigo Gallery
This script is one of the best when it comes to Flash image galleries. This Flash 7 image gallery has many configuration options which can be set in an external ini file, a fantastic and original design.

3090)   AUCTION
The auction site is one of our most popular web sites that allows you to set up your own paid auction site like ebay.

3091)   Jokes Complete Website
Jokes Complete Website guides you to create and maintain a joke website based on PHP platforms. Supports jokes with mulitple category, and newsletter, comments, and image managing modules. It incorporates an intractive user admin section for site page navigaion.

3092)   keepSecured
It is a simple PHP based security application which can be used to secure the content of your webpages and can be used to manage the members registration accounts.

3093)   Bingoware
Bingoware is a open-source gaming programme that provides a game play mode and facilitates the creation, viewing and printing of randomly created Bingo cards. This helps you to create the cards, draw the numbers and verify the winning cards.

3094)   phpcksec
You can use this testing tool to test the security of your webserver particularly the open_basedir and safe_mode restrictions of the server files.

3095)   CP-Whois
CP-Whois is an easy to use PHP based Whois utility which is designed to search the .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info registries for the specified domain names.

3096)   Help Center Live
Help Center Live is a customer support system that allows the user to communicate with their online clients in real time. This system supports unlimited operators or departments or users. Further it also manages trouble tickets.

3097)   Smart Statistics
PHP script that you can install on your site and get human readable statistics for you pages.

3098)   ChitChat
ChitChat is a php program and a guestbook in which people can view and post messages on one page. In this script each message has a custom icon in the guestbook. Simple to access and use.

DOSWAREPAY is a software that is used for online transactions you do with your money with just an email address. This software gives a complete solution for any type of online business.

3100)   PhpCommander
PhpCommander is a program based on php that allows users to manage files and their web account is managed without FTP access. Easy and simple to use for webmasters.

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