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Top 3251-3300 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3251)   MySQLDiff
MySQLDiff is a database tool used to detect layout differences between two databases. A very easy function to the users.

3252)   CW Ratings
CW Ratings is a php based script and is a rating system. It is used to insert rating form and number of votes seperately in any php page.

3253)   Scratch n Win - Claim Method
Scratch n Win - Claiming method is a PHP online gaming programme very easy to play. Very easy to configure and has an administrative control panel. This script is very useful to increase your revenue from banner advertising.

3254)   I Ching
I Ching is a chinese method of divination and an entertaining programme that comprises 64 hexagrams and tells divination for present and future. This is easy to attract more visitors to your website.

3255)   aldap
aldap is coded in PHP and MySQL which provides features for controlling group via centralised admin. Supports LDAP server. Creating / modifying / removing and managing organizational units are simply done.

3256)   PHP TopSites
PHP TopSites is developed using php and is a top site listing system. This sysem maintains top site list on your website. Does site rating based on votes by your visitors.

3257)   SmartPPC Search Engine
SmartPPC Search Engine is developed using php and is a Pay Per Click search engine program. It is used to increase traffic on the website by paying on a per click basis.

3258) is an useful website designed to share and exchange PHP and PHP related programs and articles between users. Several books, articles and magazines are available on the site.

3259)   Ditto Tags
Ditto tags is a popular Tag Board in PHP scripts for websites.It provides realtime interactive conversations in your site. It has a very userfreindly inbuilt template system.The installation is very simple, just upload,chmod 4 files and you are done in about 15 seconds.

3260)   Chinese Zodiac
Chinese zodiac is a entertaining prediction programme that tells your animal sign and your character as per your birthdate.

3261)   HostPhorm
This is absolutely the best solution for hosts looking to satisfy all customers. It gives you the option to offer customers the ability to choose their amount of Space in MB, their bandwidth, sub domains, number of email accounts, ftp accounts, and databases.

3262)   Big Fat BAND Website
With Big Fat Band Website, your band will have an interactive php driven official band website without the need for programming knowlege. Includes everything you need to get your official band website launched. Includes web hosting at under a 1 a week!

3263)   eAffiliate Manager
eAffiliate Manager is a simple online template based PHP application that monitors all your affiliates up to 12 tiers and provides a report summarizing the total sales and leads from your affiliates.

3264)   NDropper
NDropper is a powerful table dropper using which you can create and maintain tables on a MySQL database. This is an efficient and handy tool for all webmasters working with database.

3265)   Magia Coordinator
Magia Coordinator is a webbased collabration system that shares and manages data between you and your clients, customers, workers etc. This module is derived from PHP language. You can integrate client's performances with timeliner.

3266)   IdForums
IdForums is a PHP based program which is used for creating a website with forum through which the web visitors can communicate with webmasters online.

3267)   PowerPortal
PowerPortal is a PHP based portal package that facilitates you to build a easy-to-use administrative web manager. Your website would incorporate as many fields, tables and features as you like to add.

3268)   Generating a random password
Generating a random password is a simple online tutorial that provides simple and effective means of creating random passwords using PHP code.

3269)   Listing Agent RE
Listing Agent RE is a web based tool which lets you to add real estate listings on your web site. This tool has powerful admin panel which helps you to add, modify and delete listings easily.

3270)   SMe Site Host
SMe Site Host is a host version of SMe Site! SMe Site Host is a Web Based Application with an automatic publishing system that enables your clients to easily build their own WebSite using only a web browser. in adminstration area your able to remove the link powered, the banner, give more space for.

3271) Clone
This is our Clone script. Run your own AutoMall right from this script. Up and running within 5 minutes with auto-installer. Almost exact to the CarFax Script! Features unlimited pics,categories,subcats

3272)   TVEz - Media Library
This script is used for making a media library on the website to allow web visitors to search their required files to play media files online. It uses MySQL database to store movie information.

3273)   Fusion Polls
This is a web based Polling System developed using PHP and MYSQL. This will output the results by counting the number of votes according to the users input.

3274)   Flash XML Poll
Flash php and xml integration for this version of the Poll system. Please note this is still a beta version.. take a look at the readme file inside the .zip

3275)   Fully Developed Gift Basket Website
It is an useful PHP application for merchants by which they can create an online gift basket store.

3276)   Answers 2000 PHP Click/Counter Tracker
This script allows you to track the number of visitors to any of your advertising links or web pages, and does so silently and invisibly.

3277)   jab Phone
This is a php based script that gives an online system to track the employee name, phone numbers and other contact informations. You can search database by content of any field.

3278)   FileFusian
FileFusian is a php program where file uploading is permitted to the users. This script Includes the basic file uploading capabilities. It is very easy to understand the functions of this program.

3279)   Kmita Tell Friend
Kmita Tell Friend is a site recommendation script in PHP and ASP. It allows your website visitors to suggest your website to their friends and relatives. This increases your website popularity among your focused customer segment.

3280)   Accessing a Microsoft SQL Server database from PHP running under Linux
Accessing a Microsoft SQL Server database from PHP running under Linux is a tutorial that explains the users how to connect and access an ms SQL server from php installed on a unix box.

3281)   12validateform.php
I made 12validateform in two version. 12validateform simple and 12validateform extra. Both can check any html form to see if the specified compulsory fields are not blank. If there are fields blank, the visitor is notified and send back to the form.

3282)   SiteBox
SiteBox is a PHP based web site content management system developed with speed and flexibility as the forefront objective. SiteBox is unique in that allows administrators to manage a network of websites from the one location.

3283)   TRAFFFIC
A php based banner exchange script with ability to use image banner, flash banner and text ads within your own start exchange, exit exchange, popunder exchange and popup exchange system.

3284)   iPost
iPost is a PHP based script that allows you to setup your webbased picture gallery in an easy way. This type of gallery increase viewer traffic to your website.

3285)   Phoundry Editor
The Phoundry Editor is an editor that let's you create and edit HTML content without the need for any knowledge of HTML.

3286)   Auto-Image Verification
This is a tutorial that teaches you about creating images for the purpose of providing security to the users' information. This can be used by webmasters of any website.

3287)   Aesir's Dedicated Web Hosting
Aesir's Dedicated Web Hosting is an online tutorial based on webhosting plans, explaining users about their usage in different server conditions.

3288)   Software Zone :: A script for selling your softwares
Software Zone is A script for selling your softwares or allowing others to sell their softwares in the store.

3289)   PHP Web Engine
PHP Web Engine is a simple and extremely fast site engine. It uses MySQL for the database backend so you can virtually have an unlimited amount of pages/news/links. It also includes a full web based administration that allows you to edit your site from anywhere.

3290)   Real Estate Website
A PHP based readymade website template for building real estate website.

3291)   PHP+XML with Blogger
PHP+XML with Blogger is a tutorial that tells the users how to handle blogger for storing their site informations in XML and for converting XML into HTML with PHP.

3292)   Apache HTTP Server Project
Apache HTTP Server Project is developed using php and is a web server system. This system gives a secure and extensible server which provides HTTP services with the current HTTP standards.

3293)   Noah's classifieds
Noah's classifieds is an application in PHP that lets you to search and post classified ads on your website. Easy to customize and the ads are with business information contact address, email id, photos, etc.

3294)   EZUpdate
EZUpdate is developed using php and is a easy way to update the websites via a password protected web interface. It is also a content management system and is easy to use.

3295)   MemberSolution SQL
With the help of this 'MemberSolution SQL' program you can create and embed login form pages on your website pages through which visitors can register themselves to access your website pages.

3296)   Answers 2000 PHP Top Site
Run your own top site. Other webmasters join, and earn a higher position in the top site, based on the number of visitors they send. Includes powerful administration and anti-cheat features.

3297)   Jokes Website
This is a php based jokes managing website that has advanced backend admin tools. This program has seperate user and admin features. Users can submit and forward jokes. Uses a Mysql database.

It is a chat (real time discussion forum) using a database. MySQL, PostgreSQL and ODBC are currently supported.

3299)   Web Calendar
Web Calendar is a simple calendar software. You can add or delete the events from calendar. It helps the users to view the events later. MySQL database holds the data.

3300)   Creating a Search Application
Creating a Search Application is a tutorial that helps users in keyword searching. This article tells about using the fuzzy searching method. To make this appliction effectvie some of the database functions of php has to be utilised.

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