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Top 3301-3350 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3301)   Cybercanton Autoresponder
Cybercanton Autoresponder is a php script that sends emails in to your account which has both instant response and follow-ups.Quality programming make this a very valuable internet website.

3302)   PHP Slideshow
PHP Slideshow is a script with which you can view the pictures in your gallery as a slideshow. It is provided with NEXT and BACK buttons to make it easy for navigating through the directory of images. The script also supports multiple directories.

3303)   JamersPad
JamersPad is an PHP based online discussion board which contains forums to post topics for online discussions on various issues.

3304)   PHP Print - Echo
PPE is a handy little script that allows you to enter in plain text or HTML, and get the PHP equivelant back. No more wasting time getting your text to be "code-ready", with PPE, you enter the text, and the script does the rest!

3305)   php Net
Php Net is an easy to use Virtual eCommunity.

3306)   WinLIKE Web Window Manager
WinLIKE Web Window Manager is an useful application for web browsers. This window-manager displays and administrates various overlapping of windows and no need for any plugins for the users on your screen.

3307)   NewsPortal
NewsPortal is an application for accessing a newsserver ie- by NNTP from a webpage. You can combine news groups and web-forums with this script. This supports multiple languages.

3308)   Your eShop
Your eShop is an e-commerce software designed for small and medium sized businesses. Using this script you can have secure order processing with real-time credit card authorization.

3309)   eLancer
eLancer is an online market place that helps the programmers to get projects from project managers. The buyer can post any type of projects. Seller can bid on any project categories.

3310)   RC4Crypt - RC4 Encryption in PHP
RC4Crypt is a library that helps PHP programmers to use RC4 encryption in their PHP programmes. This is a very tiny, still very functional library.

3311)   Ccount
Ccount is a simple online PHP application capable of evaluating the total number of hits and the total number of downloads from website pages.

3312)   phpwsListings
phpwsListings is driven in PHP code that gives functions to design the listing pages on PHP based web systems. Admin supports addition / modifications with listings. Highly useful for classified sites and e-traders to display their products and services.

3313)   ZugTech TWSC Affiliate Lite
ZugTech TWSC Affiliate Lite is a PHP based affiliate program that signup affiliates as resellers and thus increases your profit returns.

3314)   vSend
vSend is a PHP based tool which helps the visitors of your website to send the comments to your department. You can easily add and delete departments using this tool. You can easily install this program on your web application.

3315)   How to use the PEAR ITX templating system
How to use the PEAR ITX templating system is a tutorial that teaches the users using php class how to use the ITX templating system from the PEAR collection.

3316)   Ticket System
This is a powerful PHP based Help Desk system that allows you to establish an online support centre for your web site customers. You can easily integrate this ticket system on your web sites.

3317)   New Years Countdown
This script is helpful for the users which allows them to find how many days and time have to go to enter into the new year. This script has provided three options and the users can select their required field to view.

3318)   Comdev Link Manager v2.0
Establish, maintaining a Yahoo-style directory on your website easier than ever. Features: premium links (image attached), hit counter, rating, review, bookmark, recommend to friend, incoming & outgoing hit, link submission, linkback ID, 'Link to use' page, links checker, links statistic & more.

3319)   Quanta Plus
Quanta Plus is a quick web development editor for the K Desktop Environment. This is a fast web generator with lot of features and is available for free.

3320)   iDevAffiliate
iDevAffiliate is a simple PHP program designed to increase your sales and traffic by tracking sessions, cookies and IP loggings. A easy to use affiliate program.

3321)   E-Cards with PHP & MySQL
This article navigates you how to make e-card by using PHP. Floppy dogs is given in this article. It works without any problems while sending an e-card to others.

3322)   PCCS NRM
PCCS NRM is a network resource manager script that is written using PHP programming and uses MySQL database for storing the data. It is designed to manage personal computers, network printers and much more. It includes an admin panel for managing the data in the database.

3323)   Datingwa
"Datingwa" is a comprehensive solution for online partner-search.

3324)   Airvae Commerce
Airvae Commerce is an e-commerce software with advanced backoffice management for all store fronts that integrates Verisign payment gateway systems.

3325)   FAQ
FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions is a PHP application for managing FAQ section of your website. It requires MySQL database for storing the data or information.

3326)   mcGallery
mcGallery is a PHP based image gallery script for creating your online image gallery. It uses MySQL and requires GD library to create thumbnail images.

3327)   NotePager Net
NotePager Net is a network wide text paging software script which allows all network user to share a common modem and phone line to send messages to pagers and digital phones.

3328)   GC Ping
GC Ping is a simple, useful and handy tool for the webmasters helping them to ping any given IP address.

3329)   PHP: Hackers Paradise
This is a follow up of the previous article PHP:Hackers Paradise Revisited and has some changes and informations with references. The author interprets with three ideal keys ie- laziness is a virture, chameleon coding, and speed of coding, not speed of code and concludes php is the hackers paradise.

3330)   Digital Store
Digital Store is a program based on PHP, users can use this store system to present their downloadable products with the help of paypal or storm pay.

3331)   Booby
Booby is a php application for bookmarks,Favorites and contacts management. Booby is database independant and fully themeable. Booby is based on a generic MVC design pattern. This pattern is based on items with a potential hierarchical relationship.

3332)   Hostmaster
This php4 script will index your specified web pages and insert the KEYWORDS and DESCRIPTION meta tags into an SQL database. It allows your web to be search on these keywords.

3333)   Team Mailer
Team Mailer is a mailing list manager designed especially for teams with members ranging from 10 to 50. While using this software notifications are sent to both admin and the members of the team.

3334)   How to Jump on the Blogging Bandwagon
This is a simple tutorial where the author has explained what actually a blog is, how to integrate, work and make use of it on your website.

3335)   Maian Friend
Simple script that enables you to add a "Tell a Friend" feature to your website.

3336)   Rate 'em & Rank 'em
This voting script cycles through all the images in your database and ranks them accordingly. The top ten ranked images are displayed on the left.

3337)   class-1 Forum Software
This is a web based forum using which you can post topics. This PHP forum is designed with moderation controls to enable webmasters to edit and lock all posted topics.

3338)   Dream Contacts
Dream Contacts is a simple address book program where you can have the address and other relevant contact details of all your friends, associates, relatives etc.,

3339)   bibtex php parser
bibtex php parser is an online research documents organizer for the students and researchers who have too many e-papers, websites and documents to organize.

3340)   Alstrasoft Expired Domains Pro
Alstrasoft Expired Domains Pro is written in PHP that deals with domain name functionalities. This allows you to search for expired domain names, more traffic sites and allows you to redirect them to your website links and many more.

3341)   phpGraphy
phpGraphy is an image gallery script written using PHP which allowas you to create manage your picture book online in an easy and convenient way.

3342)   dirsize
dirsize is a command line based PHP utility which calculates the file size of any directory and their sub-directories. It is simple and easy to use for webmasters.

3343)   SmoothFileOperator
Smooth file operator is a php program that allow users to perform file functions like file edit, copy, move, rename, delete and upload. It Stores users documents on their web server.

3344)   MyPoll
This poll is configured to run as a single script or to be included into some other file on your server. This had a nice HTML output.

3345)   pLog
pLog is a PHP based blogging system with which users can comment, suggest on various issues regarding the performances of the website. This program is easy to use and customize.

3346) Hosting Sign-up Confirmation Tool Hosting Sign-up Confirmation Tool is an excellent tool for hosting companies to send out a confirmation email to your hosting clients. Easy to install and get up and running in minutes.

3347)   Logging with PHP3
This simple and useful tutorial helps you to log various details about your website and displays as a statistical report on your website. You can download the source code from the website.

3348)   Code4Design Email Marketing Tool
Code4Design Email Marketing Tool is a simple online email uitility software that provides complete and optimum solution for all website owners to create and manage HTML email templates.

3349)   RS Rings
FS Rings is PHP based script that allows webmaster to make their own ring service, that is from a couple of rings to many and makes a ring directory.

3350)   Using Strings
Using Strings is a tutorial that teaches the users how to use strings with php on their webprograms. This tutorial tells the users that the double and single quoted strings are handled differently by php.

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