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Top 3351-3400 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3351)   MOL 1.2.3
MOL 1.2.3 or Modular Open Log is a simple PHP based link list. With this script you can set last entries first, send mail on update or delete event,change color style, string style and much more.

3352)   Contact filter, export and labelling
Contact filter, export and labelling is a program that helps users to select external contacts individually or using filters. Filtering can be done using keywords.

3353)   Photoindex
Photoindex is a simple PHP based script for creating your online picture gallery and uses MySQL database. The images in your digital camera are uploaded using Image Magick and are stored in the database.

3354)   wpQuiz
A PHP-Based Quiz Script. In super-duper-beta, But now more advanced than ever before!

3355)   HeroEbay
An Automated Ebay Auction Web Site On The Fly.

3356)   Tutti Nova
Tuttinova is a PHP script for manipulating web-news contents. It is adaptable for sevearl environments. The full fledged news engine for posting/ modifying/ removing news, Cache file for fast access, XML supported input/outputs.

3357)   Date in Php
Date in Php is a php based script and is a date and time displaying program. This program displays the date with the day of the week. It is simple to use.

3358)   Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Calculator is a full featured handy financial tool for effective calculations of mortgage values based on US terms and conditions.

3359)   Flash MX poll
Flash MX poll. It allow a multiple poll management through a flash admin panel.

3360)   Free Site
Run your own "For Free" site getting users to complete offers, refer friends and earn prizes.

3361)   HiQ Formmail
This is a form mail script built by using PHP and with the help of this program the webmasters can allow their visitors to send messages, file attachments etc., to their associates through website.

3362)   Free Downloads for Ringers and More
This web site offers you a simple script that allows you to download the ring tones with out any cost. You can get different ring tones using this script.

3363)   yaCMS
yaCMS is developed using php and is a content management system which is used to create and maintain websites. A handy tool for webmasters to edit, delete, move and replace contents on their websites.

3364)   tgcSession
tgcSession is a php based script and is a session management system. It is also a class for php's session functions. Users can encode and decode session data. Users can delete session.

3365)   Star Rating System
Star Rating System is a php based script and is a rating program. This program provides the ability to have a rating system on your website. It is updated for general usage based on fast template.

3366)   Job Hunter Site
Job Hunter Site is a php based programme that helps you to run a job hunting /recruiting site.It also helps you to have a user login careers section in corporate websites that allows your users to apply for jobs.

3367)   MySQL Dialog
It is an easy PHP based script through which programmers can execute MySQL queries and the results can be displayed in the HTML tables. This script also helps in displaying error messages.

3368)   Hockey Stats PHP
Hockey Stats PHP is a simple game software that generates game sheets as per the schedules and enables you to maintain individual performance records for all hockey players.

3369)   Dating Software
This is a PHP based classifed ad software using which you can develop a match making website with all essential functionalities.

3370)   TemplatePower
TemplatePower is a very tiny PHP script that enables us to separate our PHP code and from our (HTML) layoutfile. It is a very easy to use Content Management System.

3371)   Obie FILEMAN
Obie FILEMAN is a software which permits users to perform file functions such as create, edit,upload, download and rename. It is easy and simple to use for webmasters.

3372)   Displaying Data In a MySQL Database
It is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author discusses about the process of displaying the data in the database and the method of generating a table for database and the method of inserting data into the database table.

3373)   KISGB (Keep It Simple Guest Book)
KISGB (Keep It Simple Guest Book) is a php software where users comment about any topics on websites. Here messages can be edited by users. Simple and easy to use program.

3374)   IP logger
IP Logger is a web traffic analyzer that helps the webmasters to keep the uptodate lists of their site visitors with IP address. It is easy to customize and to install.

3375)   BlueShoes Onomastics Package
The Onomastics Plugin helps matching names even if misstyped, in a much better way than using soundex or similar algorithms (metaphone, levenshtein etc).

3376)   galerie.php
This is a simple online image gallery software using which you would be able to create galleries for your website with full thumbnail support. This program can be acessed from anywhere from a web based browser.

3377)   ADOdb Date and Time Library
ADOdb Date and Time Library is a php based script and is a simple date and time displaying program. Due to integer overflow dates are restricted from 1901 to 2038 on Unix and from 1970 to 2038 on Windows.

3378)   Subscriber Tracker
Subscriber Tracker is a PHP based script to track the total clicks for each links, total opens for HTML mails and subscribers by using emails and member ids.

3379)   Gallery Pro
Gallery Pro is an image gallery script for creating your personal album of pictures online. It generates thumbnails automatically, auto re-size large pictures, ability to import files through FTP and much more.

3380)   y0yquiz
y0yquiz is a PHP based application for quiz and test system. This script offers a range of questions and answers to the users to test their aptitute and knowledge.

3381)   Yellow 5 Blog Software
Using this PHP program you can create a blog site with features for visitors to post message, send mails, attachments with messages etc.,

3382)   The Doubler Script Just 15 Dollar

3383)   RadNics; Domain Name Auction Software
Domain Name Auction Software: - A premier domain name auction script capable of auctioning thousands of domain names and turnkey websites simultaneously.

3384)   Down Stat
Down Stat is a simple online click tracking software that allow users to keep in track of total downloads and files from their websites by logging users and visitors.

3385)   Remote ID3 Tag v1 viewer
This script reads MP3 songs ID3 tags from remote server and displays it on the screen and also this tool gives information to the user if server is in problem or the link is broken.

3386)   PaidLock PRO
PaidLock PRO is designed to protect your paypal return page from abusers. It uses the Server Side Technology to secure your paypal code and makes it invisible to others. Automated abuse log system monitors the person who steals.

3387)   The Address Book
The Address Book is an application in PHP that gives you a open source address management system. With this, you can display coming birthdays, organise contacts, maintain mailing lists and sending messages.

3388)   PHP Community
This script is basically built by using PHP codings which can be used by the webmasters on their website to develop their sites with online communities i.e- it allows website visitors and web owners to discuss among themselves about PHP and PHP related program online.

3389)   Clan Manager
Clan Manager is an efficient content management software completely template driven assisting website owners to implement customer care supporting programs on their website.

3390)   Softerra Time Assistant
Softerra Time Assistant is an effective time-tracking and salary-calculating solution script written in PHP. It is capable of turning ordinary employees into effective and easy-manageable teams, provides instant connections between team members and managers.

3391)   Vessel seller
This is a programme to start and run boat shop.Every sales manager is given a account managing page that facilitates him to access his inventory.There is an admin area to edit,create or delete listings.An easy to use programme.

3392)   ionCube Standalone PHP Encoder
ionCube Standalone PHP Encoder is an encoding tool and is a php based script. This tool protects php codes and can be used for any size of business. File attribiutes can be added in this program.

3393)   TeamIntegrator
TeamIntegrator is produced in PHP/MySQL classes that provides an effective project administration on web based environments. Forums are used to display latest news, topics, announcements etc., future plans can be assinged. Roaming based SMS can be accessed.

3394)   HERMES PHP-Based Business Management
Hermes can bring a truly flexible approach to CRM and ERP to your business, and this allows the CRM capabilities to grow with your business needs. It also allows CRM to be implimented in a modular manner, so that the information you need and use is always avaiable.

3395)   google-search
This is a tutorial that teaches users how to search a site without creating a search engine. Your pages should be indexed in google to make this program work.

3396)   ScratchLog
ScratchLog is a powerful news engine script and is completely written in PHP language. It's essential features support commenting system, file uploading, news archiving and several styles.

3397)   Adaptive Business Design
Adaptive Business Design - Indianapolis, IN - Web design, custom programming, internet marketing, and more.

3398)   Building an E-Commerce Site Part 2: Managing Users with Sessions
Building an E-Commerce Site Part 2: Managing Users with Sessions is an article that provides users with details on creating PHP codes to manage their customers effectively.

3399)   seekandFind
seekandfind is a little PHP module that gets your site with photography system. It features to customize modules to adapt for several servers.

3400)   phpTurny16
phpTurny16 is written in php and is a group management system. It is used to maintain large number of teams or players.

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