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Top 3401-3450 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3401)   webmonitor
webmonitor is a php program that monitors the webserver and stores the results in the database. This script will email to the users for showing the errors.

3402)   PHP Sessions Introduction
This tutorial will teaches you how to store and display the users information or data into a session variable. This article teaches you the cookies concept also.

3403)   Auto Dealership - Car Inventory
This script is perfect for dealerships. Uses templates - easy to change around to adapt to your site. Admin can add and delete information on cars, add makes, models...and price and Vin numbers...Users can search and find out information on cars..

3404)   Zend Encoder
Zend Encoder is an encypting program and is written in php. This program protects your codes from being stolen or altered by others. Programmers can securely distribute their codes with this encryption without any fear.

3405)   Ad & Popup Killer
Ad & Popup Killer is a php program that helps users in stopping popups. Simple to use, install and to access for users.

3406)   mtWeb
mtWeb is a place for passing comments about PHP in different categories and also they can view the posted comments from this site for their clarification in doubts about PHP.

3407)   AShop for Downloads
AShop for Downloads is a file downloader shopping cart and affiliate sales software package. The shopping cart and file downloader software provide a secure method of selling software, music, e-books, information, and any other digital file.

3408)   Creating dynamic dropdown lists in mySQL
Creating dynamic dropdown lists in mySQL is a tutorial that tells the readers how to build a basic admin interface which will allow them to add and delete users through the browser with php.

3409)   Owl
Owl is an online doucment management program and is a php based script that helps users to control documents on their websites. This program supports multiple users.

3410)   Getting along with echo
This tutorial helps you to know about one of the basic functions in PHP called as 'echo'. This will help the beginners to be acquainted with PHP language.

3411)   ashnews
ashnews is written in PHP/MySQL code which is designed for upgrading news content manager on your website. It includes easy User admin system, flat news files, multiple categories, sticky news items, archive function, comment features, file attachments, links in articles, smilies and IP banning.

3412)   SI Web Tree
A PHP tree navigation software that can be used with or without frames. A roll over script, but mostly server-side controlled. All browsers are supported.

3413)   Rotating Images
This is an user friendly tool that helps you to generate a random image from any specified folder. This tool shows the random image by creating a random number.

3414)   Bizzar's IP Redirection
This tool is helpful for webmasters to put their site with multiple URL or IP address to redirect their site visitors to another site quickly.

3415)   SQL Database Function Wrappers
SQL Database Function Wrappers is a tutorial that explains the users how to create functions that will eliminate some unwanted redundancy while transacting with database by using php.

3416)   Photos GalleryHP Home Edition
Photos GalleryHP is a web based photos management tool using PHP. It acts as a platform to remotely publish photos on your website. The system is provided with multi language support.

3417)   Classified- PHP Classified Ads Script
Classified script is written in PHP that offers solutions to develop ads on websites. It is fully customizable on template system and is standard.

3418)   Expired Domain Names Searcher
Expired Domain Names Searcher is given with PHP modules that can find out the domain names for you. Searching capability supports many options to look for domain names. Results can be copied in a text file.

3419)   ErrorDocument 403 Apache Server
Rectify your Server Standard Error and rank your html to php execute with Chmod.

3420)   Visual Events Calendar
Visual Events Calendar is a simple php based scheduling system that shows you correct month, year, day and date. Users can add their events in the calendar. This software is fully customizable.

3421)   Anti-Leeching
For many webmasters, bandwidth can be a very serious problem. Especially if they host a very popular file, and wish that other webmasters wont steal the URL and use your download on their site without permit. Well, using PHP, there is away to stop this, and in this tutorial, I will show you how.

3422)   innovateHelpDesk
innovateHelpDesk is a powerful and easy to use suport desk solution. With this you can reduce support costs, training costs of your staffs and also you can improve your customer satisfaction to a great level.The script is highly cofigurable and customizable without knowing any programming knowledge.

3423)   Job Website
Job Website is a PHP based program that allow users to run an online job seeking program. Job seekers can post their resumes for employers to search. This program has paid accounts for employers to rotate banner ads and to find job seekers.

3424) site is having different PHP programmes for free. It helps webmasters while building their websites. Users can discuss their doubts from this site.

3425)   AShop for Downloads
Protects Downloadable Products Against Unauthorized Downloads

3426)   Turck MMCache
Turck MMCache is a PHP script that encodes, Optimises and caches PHP script so that the processing becomes more faster. Since it caches the files, the load on the server decreases drastically.

3427)   DocBuilder -
DocBuilder makes it easy for users to manage online documentation on their website. Perfect for training manuals, intranets, employee handbooks, online support documentation, etc.

3428)   Potentially offensive hangman
Potentially offensive hangman is a PHP scripted gaming programme very interesting to play. You are given some chances to pick a correct alphabet. Wrong choose will loose points and the hangman figure is drawn stroke by stroke.

3429)   PPA
PPA is a script for online image gallery publishing. It is written using PHP and uses MyDQL database and Image Magick library to function. Apart from the regular features, the script contains new and advanced features like e-card, slideshows etc.,

3430)   PPSurvey
This is very simple PHP based software which can be used for conducting online surveys and quizzes.

3431)   Safelists Agent Pro
The ultimate advertising system: multi safelists management, ads rotators and redirector tracking. Client areas for 3 types of members (subscribers, owners, advertisers) and also admin area. Owners can create unlimited number of safelists, email to their safelists, set membership type...

3432)   RN Schedule Control
This schedule management software will help you to manage either your business or personal events and programs online. This program alerts users of scheduled events.

3433)   Siteseed
Siteseed is a php based content management and web development platform. In this program all web components could be created from a web based browser.

3434)   Easy Geek CMS
Easy Geek CMS is a php based script and is a content management system.It is an easiest way to update your websites.The content is stored in the database.

3435)   The Case for PHP and MySQL
The author distincltly explains in the article that PHP is the right script and considered as a primary web-application platform and not the alternative for other web application scripting solutions with some statistics.

3436)   TinyButStrong
TinyButStrong is a template engine for the php language, and also enables you to create HTML pages dynamically.The informations on your database are displayed easily.

3437)   txtShout
This is a php based script and is a chatterbox program that helps users to post comments on the website. This program uses a plain text file to store all data.

3438)   PHP Chatengine
PHP Chatengine is a complete chatengine designed to run under PHP, using MySQL as its database engine. The chat will only run on Internet Explorer (supposedly 4 and higher, but 5 and higher is more likely to proper without flaws), since it was designed to make use of some advanced D-HTML stuff.

3439)   Clan guest book
Clan guest book is a guestbook program based on php which permits you to post comments and the opinions about the site through a web interface. Simple to setup and install.

3440)   @lex EBS Poll
@lex Poll is a powerful polling manager that supports lot of functions to implement poll and voting processings. It supports multiple database servers. Graphic type of result page can be included.

3441)   PHP recommendation
PHP recommendation is a simple referral software by which you can suggest and propose your websites to all friends, colleagues. A nice handy tool for webmasters and admins to popularize their website.

3442)   phpScribe
phpScribe is a php based program that helps users to document a project by parsing the comment lines in to the source codes. It is a documentation script for programmers.

3443)   Using PHP classes to navigate distributed whois databases
Using PHP classes to navigate distributed whois databases is a simple online tutorial that teaches you about the whois server layout and the method of using PHP to navigate through the same.

3444)   Enterprise Timesheet
Enterprise Timesheet is a script written using PHP and Flash communication server. It is created for the purpose of recording time and expenses and also can be used as a billing system.

3445)   TaskFile
Manage and share your team tasks online with TaskFile.

3446)   GeoClass.php
GeoClass.php is a script which can help you to handle georeferenced data like latitude and longitude values for a location. It also contains a distance calculator to find the distance between any two places.

3447)   Harlem Designs Mailer
Harlem Designs Mailer is a software used for processing mailer form. It is a simple form processor. The user can create a mailer by just uploading the files into your server.

3448)   News Scroller
News Scroller™ is the easiest way to create dynamic scrollers

3449)   How to Install and Configure PHP 3 on Windows
How to Install and Configure PHP 3 on Windows is an online tutorial that explains the method of installing PHP on windows with apache module.

3450)   phpop
phpop is a script for accessing web based emails. This script reads mails from POP server, sends new mails. It replies, forwards and deletes mails. It is simple and easy to use for web masters.

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