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Top 3551-3600 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3551)   Creating a PHP form
Creating a PHP form is a tutorial which teaches the users how to create php form for extracting form variables in their webprogram. More tips are available for the users to follow.

3552)   Ad tracking for small online businesses
OWLmarketing offers webmasters a tool for tracking their ads. This helps to keep track of the profit made from ads. It is free to set up and easy to use.

3553)   phpAlphaWall
phpAlphaWall is a PHP based program which places an alphablended weather application on your desktop as a wallpaper. It requires GD2 graphic library.

3554)   A Simple Web Search Engine
A Simple Web Search Engine is a tutorial helping users to develop their own search engine for their sites using php and a sql database. This is a useful tutorial for webmasters and developers.

3555)   PHPgoogleSearch
You can include and add free web searching functions to your websites, using which your site visitors can search on the google API. All visitor queries are supported on a seperate window.

3556)   Wizz Forum
This is a PHP based discussion board to post topics for online discussions. This board is meant for volvo car owners to know what they are actualy in to.

3557)   gIg
gIg is a PHP based tool that is available online for the purpose of generating ideas or whatever topic it may be. You can test the demo on the website.

3558)   Harland Banner Exchange Script
Harland Banner Exchange Script is an online banner exchange script. It is big free, easy to install, and so much more.

3559)   PageGate
PageGate script is a powerful way of controlling business communications. The paging gateway engine takes input from web, email, commandline/ascii, serial, TAP-in etc., and sends the messages to numeric/alphanumeric pagers, cell phones, pcmcia pager cards etc.,

3560)   kses HTML-XHTML filter
kses HTML/XHTML filter is a PHP enabled security system that lets the HTML and XHTML code perform the functions which are allocated to them and stops the unwanted tasks by them. Eliminates cross site scripting.

3561)   BosMarket
BosMarket is developed using php and is a directory system. This system provides links to products and vendors for users. Users can add links simply with their own account.

3562)   Job2C
Job2C is a full featured, high quality,automated online job/employment programme.One of the most functionable and versatile, Job Board available at a low cost when compared to other programmes on the market.

3563)   Searching external or internal webpages
Searching external or internal webpages is a tutorial that illustrates scanning an internal or external website URL. A useful tutorial for webmasters.

3564)   phpOpenTracker
phpOpenTracker is an analyzer for web traffic. It is highly optimized logging engine that stores the access information into a database. It can be used to track both dynamic and static pages.

3565)   Happy Codings - Programming Code Examples
Programming Resources & Code Examples

3566)   Cardfile
Cardfile is an application in PHP script to generate a rolodex like card file. The header and footer HTML files can be modified to suit your website needs.

3567)   Andy's Site Stats
Site Stats is a PHP based script. MySQL database is used to store the statistical informations about online users. It counts every visit and MySQL database is protected by password, so the user should give username and password to view the statistic information.

3568)   Liquid Frog - News Ticker and Box scroller
Using this script you would be able to create and implement news tickers for your websites that can be scrolled at any desired scrolling speed.

3569)   phpht Topsites
phpht Topsites is developed using php and is a top site listing program. This program is used to maintain your top site list. Feature includes themes. It is easy to install.

3570)   PgMarket
PgMarket is an e-commerce shopping cart system organized in categories and subcategories of arbitrary level with HTMl codes supporting thumbnails and images in databases.

3571)   Franciscocharrua's Check Password
Franciscocharrua's Check Password is an useful script to validate your passwords. This program can check your passwords against your own specifications.

3572)   FasfWork
Fast Work, an installer of Apache 2.x.xx, MySql 4.x.xx and PHP 4.x.xx for Windows specially made for PHP developers.

3573)   DHT
DHT is a script based on php in which you can hide files to avoid direct linking and to track each visitor. This script is simple and easy to use.

3574)   Midgard Lite
Midgard Lite is developed using php and is a content management system which is used to create websites based on midgard in secure environments.

3575)   Phoundation
Phoundation is developed using php and is an Object Oriented PHP framework. It is built to avoid security pitfalls of session based user management.

3576)   Top FAQ Script
This FAQ Script reduces the burden of replying to similar/repetitive queries. It can also be used as a collection of articles. FEATURES: multilevel categories; stats; Customizable colors, fonts, styles; create&save new color schemes and icon sets. Admin can post attachments&specify related articles.

3577)   paBox
The paBox script is a php/mySQL shoutbox script which you can add to your site. visitors can send new messages. It is a kind of guestbook.To use this you should have *NIX or IIS web server with php4 and 1 my SQL database. cookies must be enabled

3578)   2do
2do is a PHP based co-ordinator that helps you to lead your projects. Your team workers are allowed to report their performance and status of project can be shown.

3579)   DynaTracker
Dyna Tracker is a PHP script which tells you exactly which methods of advertising are successful or not. Track clicks from PPC search engines,e-zine ads,classified advertisements,exchange of links,bulk of email,autoresponders and more.

3580)   Netref
Netref is an link indexing application written in PHP and uses MySQL that can be integrated in your website. It will enable you to manage thousands of links with a fully featured administration panel.

3581)   Data-Drive Sites with Midgard
This article narrates in detail sbout Midgard open source software. Zope and midgard are the well known open source software. The author favours Midgard because, it consists of some Apache modules that is included with Popular PHP3.

3582)   PlainSlash
PlainSlash is a Portal Management application and its PHP modules helps you to upgrade your website with forums, comments, articles, categories and albums.

3583)   phpYellow Lite Edition
phpYellow Lite Edition is a programme to create web yellow pages.The main features of this programmes are,developer guide,css templates,seperate user and administrative interfaces etc.

3584)   PHPmac
PHPmac will be a suitable site for PHP programmers to develop their PHP modules including online community tools, news system, etc., in an easier way. It also provides too many modules to protect your PHP script.

3585)   phpEmployment
A full featured, complete automated, high quality Employment/Recruitment system. phpEmployment is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs who want to have a web community or portal that offers targeted employment options.

3586)   Ticker Applets
Highly configurable Flash 7 ticker tape applets for your website. Set over a dozen options via an external XML file, with no limit on the number of links possible in the ticker.

3587)   JolzAutoSite v1
The quickstart package for all dynamic PHP websites.

3588)   SaveWeb Portal
SaveWeb Portal is a PHP based Content management script that is used in portal systems. Applications are user oriented and embedded technology supports all tasks that are done with portal maintanance.

3589)   EasyBookMarkerPro
Complete php MySql script which can host unlimited number of different users with their own bookmarks, access and store rights.

3590)   :: Paypal Pro PHP 1.1 - for Paypal Website Payments Pro ::
Process Credit Cards on your site without a merchant account using Paypal Website Payments Pro. This script allows you to easily connect to the Paypal Pro servers and process credit cards without the headaches of dealing with the complicated integration.

3591)   Xeo
Xeo is a simple discussion board that contains forums to post topics for discussions.

3592)   TCLink Credit Card Processing API
This is an E- commerce software that can carry on credit card transactions over the internet. This sofware uses openSSL for encrypted communications.

3593)   Moiat Chat
Moiat Chat updated is a real time chat using server push technology to talk to visitors in a real time without refreshing the page.

3594)   ROI Web Site Traffic
Tracking of your Internet advertisement profitability.

3595)   WebspaceUK free forum hosting
This program gives you affordable solutions for hosting forums on phpBB to maintain your online communities with unlimited space and bandwidth.

3596)   Automatic Link checker ( Validator ) Script
How do you track which of your link exchange partners are still linking to your site? Do you check each partners site everyday???? No need to waste your time for this now. This script will check your link partners site and send you a daily report regarding which are still linking.FULL DEMO AVALAIBLE

3597)   Show Lister
Showlister is a simple php based online calendar. It allows you to add, delete or highlight your important events. MySQL database holds the events that you have entered.

3598)   VirtualAffiliate1.2
VirtualAffiliate1.2 is a php based affiliate program.

3599)   editize
Editize is a portable,professional and customizable browser-based content editing component that will drop straight into your Content Management System.

3600)   Alguest
Alguest is a php program and a guestbook that allows webmasters to edit, sort, delete and modify entries made by users on the website. Simple to handle and configure for users.

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