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Top 3751-3800 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3751)   Fast Template
FastTemplate is developed using php and is a content management system. This system is used to perform variable interpolatin. It is also a template managing system.

3752)   PHPStar installer
PHPStar installer is a installation kit program and is a php based script. This program is used to install php for 4D WebSTAR V and Mac OS X. It is a handy tool for users and webmasters.

3753)   Surepay "Classic" XML Payment Gateway
Surepay "Classic" XML Payment Gateway is a PHP based script that processes credit cards online. This software creates an XML request with PHP, and posts it to the Surepay test server to check fot its authorization.

3754)   phpWebFileManager
phpWebFileManager is a software that allows users to manage files. In this script, file operations such as file edit, save, delete, view, copy, create are performed. This tool provides multilanguage support for webmasters.

3755)   Generate Random Quotes
This tutorial gives the necessary steps to create simple random quotes using PHP script. This is a knowledge level programme that is useful for the users who have some basic knoweledge about PHP.

3756)   mail2
mail2 is a php based SMS mailing program. This program acts as a professional communication tool for personalised messaging of new characters and SMS messages.

3757)   Bulletproof FTP Account manager
With Bulletproof FTP account manager you can easily add new users to your bulletproof ftp server from anywhere around the world. Also you can allow users to sign up for their own account and get their own folder generated automatically.

3758)   2ndSite
2ndSite is a full featured PHP software that allows you to manage payment online and through which you can access contact manager, file manager, and can generate invoices, timesheets, reports.

3759)   Graffito
Graffito is a php based guestbook that permits users to post comment, opinions and names on their website. This script is easy to customize and setup.

3760)   Doulos Web Application Framework
Doulos is a PHP based framework that helps using the model view controller(MVC) . It has more features like easy data management, automated form handling, event driven, single entry point, light weight and multiple applications.

3761)   ListMail
ListMail allows you to run your own ezines, newsletters, and real world business announcement email lists.

3762)   PortXML Pay Per Click Scripts
ASP and PHP scripts for pay-per-click XML feeds.

3763)   PHP Ideas
Free advice from leading industry experts on all levels of PHP scripting. Free classifieds, code snippets, forums, and news. Custom solutions at affordable prices.

3764)   xBook
xBook is a guestbook software in which users can specify unlimited number of entries. The webmaster can control the users with an admin panel. Simple to use and install.

3765)   KZ-News
Simple news script with multiple login accounts, which allows you to delete and edit the news.

3766)   HAWHAW Webserver
HAWHAW is an abbrevation for HTML and WML adapted hybrid webserver and can be used to create universal mobile apllications. HAWHAW published WAP pages are accessible with standard HTML browsers.

3767)   SPiD
SPiD is a simple PHP script for picture gallery management system which uses MySQL database backend. The script requires either GD or ImageMagick library to operate.

3768)   DVD Database
DVD Database is a music library database that provides unique collections of personal DVD's with genre support and improved search functionalities.

3769)   PowerShout on OxyShout Smiley Mod Hack
PowerShout on OxyShout Smiley Mod -Hack is a simple chat script in PHP that helps you to add smilies on your shoutbox. This is an easy to use script with much flexible features.

3770)   PHP Tracker Plus
PHP Tracker Plus is a simple tracking software that is designed to track your website visitors and the total number of clicks on certain pages of your website.

3771)   PhotoFrame
PhotoFrame is a simple and easy to use script for creating your online photo gallery with thumbnails, captions and comments about the pictures. Capable of working with JPEG, PNG and GIF files.

3772)   Script Dungeon
Script Dungeon is an online resource site that allows users to download scripts and programmes for free. Users can also submit new scripts to the sites database.

3773)   CzarQuery
CzarQuery is a php program that enables users to retrieve informations from a Half-Life server. It gives details about server functions. Simple to configure and access.

3774)   CyberBrau
CyberBrau is a tool available in PHP for the purpose of brewers. It can be used to store their recipes and ingredient details, and all other information regarding brewing of beer.

3775)   eFormMailer
The Easiest to use 'Online Form Maker' available. Just take the demo run to see what we mean!

3776) News RSS Feed (PHP) News RSS Feed (PHP) is a PHP tool and using this script anyone can obtain news and articles from website. Features to grab either entire articles of particular articles from homepage.

3777)   PHP Development Resources
This is an online resource site for php/MySQL based developing community. This site offers free php scripts to download. It has many sections that developers can make use of.

3778)   Time Tracking Software
Time Tracking Software is an useful time management software designed to help large enterprise owners to track and monitor time schedules for their workers.

3779)   rymo
rymo is a php script for web based emails. This script manages your email. It performs mail reading and mail sending. This shows 10 mails per page. Each email can be read and deleted.

3780)   G Book
G Book is a php based guestbook program that allows users to post comments on websites. Users can post messages along with their names. Admins have control over the user's postings.

3781)   Stepsfollow
Stepsfollow is a web tracker and informations can be seen through database. Database keeps the full details about the visitor and about unique visitor. It is easy to configure.

3782)   phpTimeSheet
Timesheet / Timetracking based on Darren McClellands PHPTimeSheet using php and MySQL, you can manage workers, projects, and companies, logging every-day come- and go-times, contracted hours, overtime, workspace and project-hours, attendance-time, holida

3783)   Photoview
Photoview is an image gallery script useful for those who are looking for uploading high quality picture files on the web. It supports uploading of pictures from PhotoCD, digital camera, scanner etc.

3784)   MyDIR
MyDIR is a php program which allows users to download files. This script is a directory for browsing scripts. It is simple and easy to use for any visitors.

3785)   Match Agency BiZ
Match Agency BiZ is a program built on PHP which can be used by the webmasters to run an online match making agency on their websites. It comes with several enhanced features for the benefit of the users.

3786)   Homepage Traffic Script
Homepage Traffic Script is a web based PHP program that enhances your site traffic when people start to surf websites. Unique ways are included to increase your hits. Credit system builds 10 level list for referrers.

3787)   Best Banner Exchange PHP Script
Best Banner Exchange Script with East to Install & Best to Earn More and More Money !

3788)   ImpAKT 2 tNG
Improve productivity for building real database driven websites - For the Dreamweaver MX developers who need to implement complex and interactive dynamic websites, ImpAKT 2 tNG is a tool for database application logic unified management.

3789)   phpServer
phpServer (based on phpSystem) is a php script designed to give the user information about their system in an easy to read format, from any internet connected computer, such as kernel, uptime, memory and swap and partition space. Additional network-center.

3790)   V7 Network Web Developement Community
This is a simple community software for webmasters to mingle with other webmasters and to discuss on topics related to PHP programming.

3791)   Email Address Protector
Reduce and prevent new email spams from coming into your Inbox.

3792)   OrgCal
OrgCal is an online calender software specially designed for organisations and groups to enable them to schedule their events and programs in an online calender.

3793)   MyThreads Links
My Threads Links is a web based links manager written using PHP and MySQL. With this script, you can create a dynamic search engine like Yahoo etc.

3794)   QTOFileManager
QTOFileManager is a php program in which users can perform file accessing. It does functions like add and remove directories, upload and delete files from the directory.

3795)   Owl Intranet Engine
Owl Intranet Engine is a php program which publishes files and documents onto the web for the users to view. This script provides multi user environment for users to perform files accessing.

3796)   Gift Basket Store PHP
The gift basket website allows you to open your own gift basket store on the net. The shopping cart automates check out and makes administrating your store a snap. Included is a list of gift basket dropshippers and product wholesalers!

3797)   MyPHPalbum
MyPHPalbum is a simple and easy to use script for image gallery creation. It uses MySQL database and requires GD library. It is capable of converting the photos into various formats.

3798)   SmE CLoak Page lite
SmE CLoak Page lite is a program built on PHP that comes with the ability to produce the web pages on the basis of the URL crawled by the search engine.

3799)   XPPubWiz.php
XPPubWiz.php is a open source php program where file uploading process is done by visitors. It is a server for uploading any files to webserver.

3800)   Newsscript
Newsscript is a PHP based script that provides features to access news management systems. Database stored in fast MySQL backend.

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