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Top 351-400 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

351)   Authmain
Authmain is a script with login and logout facility. It is written using PHP. It is easy to understand and customize. It can be integrated into any website having more customers.

352)   Vezine
Vezine content management system helps users to create ezine website easily. This program is built in PHP and MySQL database. It has complete template driven.

353)   Creating multilingual page
Creating multilingual page helps the PHP programmers to design their website accessible with several languages. This tutorial explains the various methods to implement multi-language support on your PHP website.

354)   sendcard
This is a php software and a post card where old cards can be deleted. This script provides multiple recipients, smart template systems and a comprehensive documentation for the visitors to use.

355)   WAP Uploader - Downloader Script
This useful script allows you to host a service whereby people can send pictures, ringtones and java games to their wap enabled phone. The user receives a unique ID, and with the ID, can log on to your wap site to download the content into their cell phone. Includes admin, file ans size restrictions

356)   PHP Flash Form
PHP Flash Form is a PHP scripted application useful for sending messages to the site administrator. site visitor send informations about them through email. Sample usage code is provided for setting up on your site.

357)   Open-medium.CMS
Open-medium.CMS is a PHP based script and is a powerful content management system with which users would be able to generate and control their websites. This program supports multiple pages.

358)   NewsPHP Value-Pro
NewsPHP Value-Pro is a php/MySQL based programme that helps users to run an magazine or any publishing business with ease. This programme could handle heavy load utilizing low computing resources.

359)   PHPlist
PHPlist is a mailing list software to enhace your relationship with offline audiences by implementing personalised mailing list manager and customer relationship management on your website.

360)   LiquidClassifiedsXML
LiquidClassifiedsXML is an application in PHP for posting classified advertisements on your website. This supports multiple languages and is easily customizable.

361)   The Giftlist
Giftlist is a PHP application which provides a perfect way of connecting your family members by offering them gifts from this gift list. This tool helps in sharing family occasions gift ideas.

362)   MyToDo
MyToDo is an efficient online development tool that can be used to organize and track project development tasks with the ability to categorize the tasks.

363)   Linkster
Linkster is a simple but powerful script which will be useful for webmasters in creating and managing a dynamic link directory on their website. It contains numerous features.

364)   VH Graph
VHGraph is a software package for drawing charts using PHP. This can be used on the serverside to draw charts in real time. With the Object Oriented design, almost all parts of the chart are configurable and even down to any single object on the chart.

365)   RateIt
RateIt is written in php and is a rating system. This system is used to rate anything on the websites and add's more functionality into the websites.

366)   QuizShock
Quizshock is a PHP application and an online quiz managing system using MySQL database backend. With this you can create a complete quiz portal with a rich and exciting interactive experience.

367)   SZMail
SZMail is a mail wrapper through which you can send mails easily. This software is written in PHP.

368)   CowTime
This is just a simple script that when called, places a clock on your page. You just call the script and depending on the parameters included when you call the image determines what the clock will look like. There are four formats that the clock can look like. 12 hour clock without seconds is the default, 12 hour with seconds, 24 hour without seconds, and finally 24 hour with seconds. For further information, upload the contents of this zip file to a web server running PHP with the GD library installed and call up the included index.html file to see it work in action.

369)   RealLink - Customer Service Application
RealLink - Customer Service Application is a powerful PHP aplication using which large corporate business firms and companies would be able to provide perceptive online customer care to all their customers.

370)   EZS File Manager
EZS File Manager is a php program which permits users to access various files and directories on their website. In this script the user interface is kept as simple as possible.

371)   Digi-Cart
This is a PHP and MySQL based online e-commerce program to help web hosting companies to maintain an e-store with several skins.

372)   Kazam Guestbook
Kazam Guestbook is a php program and a guestbook where webmasters can add, sort, edit and delete entries on their website. This script is simple to use and install.

373)   User System
This is a php based script and is a member registration and login program. This program allows users to allow their site members to signup their website.

374)   BatchSubmit
Batchsubmit is an application in PHP that lets you to submit multiple URLs to famous six search engines at one click. This script helps to maximize your exposure by submitting your entire site in bulk.

375)   PHPAuction GPL Enhanced
A greatly enhanced version of the original PHPAuction GPL 2.5 auction software. We have made it Netscape compliant throughout, added thumbnails and enhancements to the index page and various other pages, corrected errant code and fixed several bugs, added Seller's fee capability in emails, etc.

376)   Support Ticket System
PHP/MySQL Customer Support Ticket System with email notification, user management and registration, administration console, fully template driven for easy site customisation. 15 mins to install.

377)   ChartDirector (PHP Edition)
A fast and powerful charting component for creating professional and clickable charts. Supports all major chart types - pie, bar, line, spline, trending, area, bubble, scatter, polar, box-whisker, finance, gantt. Easy to use, highly flexible and customizable. Comes with numerous sample codes.

378)   PHP LiveChat
PHP LiveChat is written using PHP and JavaScript for the purpose of solving customer problems by communicating with them online. This system has more new and exclusive features for online communication.

379)   Flash Highscore
This is a Highscore script for Flash games that displays player name, scores and the number of who are online (in a variable time range).

380)   .htpasswd Maker
.htpasswd Maker is a simple and efficient online program that helps webmasters to generate encrypted passwords for all their .htpasswd and .htaccess files.

381)   CCleague Pro
CCleague Pro is mainly developed for soccer. It is a easy way for you to post a web site for a sport league to update information about players registraion, team coaches and managers, scores etc.

382)   AJAuction
Using this auction software you can launch your own fully featured auction website online with enriched registration Verification system.

383)   SimplePoll
SimplePoll gives easy to use functions to manitain a polling and voting script on your websites. Radio buttons are allowed to display answer options. Included questions on poll can be modified.

384)   Working with dates and times in PHP
This tutorial discusses about how to use dates and times in PHP projects. This function depends on the local setting of your server.

385)   Five Star Review
This Amazon-style review script allows users to rank a product or item on a scale of 1-5 stars and make comments related to the product for other users to read.

386)   Alternating row colors with PHP and mySQL
Alternating row colors with PHP and mySQL is a tutorial which explains how to alternate table row colours using PHP and MySQL. The author gives some sample code functions for easy understanding.

387)   SchoolGen
School gen is a software written using PHP by using this can improve the quality of education efficiently. Time and money saver, maintenance free and upgrades automatically.

388)   PHP Text
PHP Text DB is a flat file database program. This lets you to provide effective content without using mySql or ODBC.

389)   PHP Navigation with XHTML/CSS
This file illustrates the way to include navigation dynamically to streamline your efficiency when updating your website. The code shows how to include navigation both with a text-based navigation and an image-based navigation. The code also includes a focus on XHTML and CSS compliance to W3C standards.

390)   DateCalculator Script
DateCalculator Script is a date and time displaying program and is a php based script. This program calculates date when you add or substract a certain number of days.

391)   phpMyAds
Need a manager for your scripts? Check this out! Easy to use, calculates your CPC stats, counts clicks, and just about everything you need.

392)   Breadcrumb Navigation
Breadcrumb Navigation is a tutorial that helps to create breadcrumb navigation for your pages dynamically. For this, the author gives a function programme which is easy to follow.

393)   Displaying Date and Time
This tutorial is useful to show the local time, date and to display link of the day. The author gives some PHP code to include for displaying the local time and date wherever you want it in your web page.

394)   activeWatermark
Free script that places watermark on images in current folder and sub-folders

395)   Excel price-list for osCommerce
Excel price-list for osCommerce

396)   REScript
It is a PHP based real estate utility which helps users who run e-commerce business through their website. This script offers user friendly interfaces for both admin and user.

397)   PhpMyViews
PhpMyviews is a small PHP written program that lets you to create mysql queries and put the results in HTML pages. This programme also performs MYSQL based actions like select, update, edit and to delete.

398)   MLM Affiliate Software
Forced matrix MLM Affiliate software with a 100% Matching Bonus feature. Complete admin control panel for total control over your entire program.

399)   Clan Engine
Clan Engine is a database website created in PHP for the purpose of online Gamming. It requires My SQL database for storing information.

400)   phpBB Support is a team that guides and supports the web designers about phpBB. Users can make use of phpBBs wide knowledge base.

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