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Top 3951-4000 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3951)   Nope
NOPE is a simple news engine and uses the power of PHP and MySQL to implement an effective news article system on web pages. It supports multiuser login, several categories for news articles and plain files for storing newsdata.

3952)   Softbiz Banner Ad Management script
Softbiz Banner Ad Management script helps you automate the advertising interface of your site. This script helps you invite advertisers to place their banner ads on your site. Advertisers can then buy impressions for their banner online.

3953)   PHP i-Stats
PHP i-Stats is a Web site traffic analysis package written in PHP and using MySQL database on backend for data handling. Its reports include Web site statistics by day, week, month, referer, hour, browser, OS, Hostname, screen resolution, screen color, search engine, search engine's keyword, else...

3954)   Dealing with cannot modify header errors
Dealing with cannot modify header errors is an article that teaches about cannot modify errors. The author elaborately describes this concept by providing sample codes.

3955)   AvotrAvis
AvotrAvis is a simple website application that allows site visitors to poll and rate on site. An admin interface is included. File manager stores the surveys.

3956)   phpDBform
phpDBform is a database tool used to create a database management.

3957)   pnHiragana
pnHiragana is a simple and easy to use script which is written in PHP programming. This is a Flash based quiz programme which will be very interesting to you.

3958)   ADCenter 2000
AD Center 2000 is a CGI script for organizing your own Banner Exchange. Each participant in the Exchange can distribute his own banner ads across the Exchange, and the ads are displayed based on a system of credits

3959)   E-Gold Raffle Game Script
E-Gold Raffle Game Script implements an automated game with online payment support. Supports PHP platforms for implementation. Referral module is included to buy more credits. History feature shows the result page in real time.

3960)   WebEdit Platinum
WebEdit Platinum software helps your site visitors to develop their own web sites online. This software is easy customizable and highly secured. The user can edit websites on any web server from anywhere.

3961)   Marotori CMS
Marotori CMS is developed using php and is a great content management system which helps online publications with ease. This script is meant for single site use.

3962)   Tasks
Tasks is is a web-based application in PHP script. You can manage your tasks or projects from a centralised area and can view your tasks in an iCalender enabled calendar.

3963)   IlohaMail
IlohaMail is a php script for web based emails. It is a multilingual webmail program. This script runs on a stock build of PHP. Easy to customize.

3964)   SmE Block
It is a simple PHP script which can be used to block a specified IP from accessing your web content.

3965)   Noise Box
Noise box is a simple PHP shout box without database. Instead of database this script uses XML files. It comes with friendly administration and easy to customize.

3966)   WEBmate
WEBmate is an online news publishing script that allows you to edit html on your website at the same time supporting your polls and etc.

3967)   Gchats Media Player Pro
Gchats Media Player Pro is an useful tool that helps you to play music and movies on your web site. This tool supports MP3 and FLV files. This tool is simple and easy to use.

3968)   Backdoor
Backdoor is an application written in PHP. This is an online organizer programme that includes ftp, mail, addressbook, calender, notes and bookmarks.

3969)   CWD Programmer Forums
CWD is an advanced PHP based online community which allows you to learn about the graphics design, database administration, various software development languages with the help of the tutorials. You can also post tutorials in this forum.

3970)   EXPOW
EXPOW is a php written program which allows users to maintain directory indexing and directory and operations like url upload, delete file, delete empty directory, file creation and file upload is done.

3971)   Ariadne
Ariadne is developed using php and is a powerful content management system which gives tools to build websites and intranets.

3972)   webDate Photo Rating Plugin
This is a add on plugin for the web date, a dating software. It will facilitate users to rate each other along with comments. Helps users to be more interactive with the site.

3973)   rbCMS
This is a PHP based content management system which helps in managing the content of the users website. This script also offers skin templates that helps in generating skin libraries.

3974)   HDBQ 0.7
A great but simple WebBased utility. This query tool makes DB access very simple for most site owners and all users. Just download the file and start executing your queries.

3975)   XenIntranet
XenIntranet helps you to work with intranet and internet group admins that supports PHP based platforms. Features implements user based functions, reports, summary creation, themes modifications and add-on modules.

3976)   Number of days between now and a day in the future
Number of days between now and a day in the future is a tutorial that helps to find and display the number of days to a future defined date from the current date.

3977)   PHP iCalendar
PHP iCalendar is a simple PHP based calendar software. It allows the user to view date, month, week and year and timezone. Handy tool for webmasters to display calendar on their websites.

3978)   Introduction to Sockets
Introduction to Sockets is a simple online tutorial that gives a basic idea of sockets and its usage in connecting to specific addresses.

3979)   bluetag Tagbox
bluetag Tagbox is a simple chat program written in PHP with which end users would be able to organise online web based chat programs and conferences through the powerful anticlone tagboards.

3980)   Sympoll
Sympoll is a highly customizable voting booth system that requires PHP and a MySQL database. It has a comprehensive web-based administration system and supports many options.

3981)   PHP Caches and Debuggers
PHP Caches and Debuggers is an essay on Caches and Debuggers and has a available source of all PHP caches and debuggers with bench marks on the website.

3982)   Protitude SimpleGuest
Protitude SimpleGuest is a guestbook program based on php where users can comment on their website through a web browser. Simple to use and to install for users.

3983)   e-Dating Professional
This script is used for finding opposite sex person for dating and for marriage. It offers several features like, to send greetings online, message archive, advanced and quick search etc.,

3984)   Match Agency
Match Agency is software package, by using this package the users can run an online match making agency business. This system is build on PHP and supported by MySQL database.

3985)   Form processing with PHP4
Form processing with PHP4 is a tutorial that tells the users how to process a form by using php4 on their websites. Sample codings are provided to the users to follow on.

3986)   NotePager 32
NetPager 32 - an easy to use communication script for small business as well as for home use. It can send sms messages to pagers and cell phones. With the built-in character counter, it is very easy to view the length of the message to be sent.

3987)   Access Granted
Access Granted is an article that explains the basics of popular MySQL database and MySQL grant tables which are an integral part of the server security system.

3988)   File Upload Manager
File Upload Manager is a php program that allows users to access files and to upload file. This script performs file actions like file upload, file download on different directories. It is simple and easy to use for users.

3989)   PC-Craft KnowledgeBase
PC-Craft KnowledgeBase is a simple online knowledge base software where you can put forth as many as frequently asked questions along with the relevant answers for those faqs.

3990)   iBWd News
iBWd News is a simple news manager that suits for accessing news admin on your website. It allows the administrator to work with news posting system with many facilities.

3991)   Random email addresses
Random email addresses is a random email generating system that displays 100 random email addresses for the users to save their mail from spambots.

3992)   GF-admin
GF-admin is developed using php and is a content management system which is used to create websites. The website is fully funcitonal as soon as it is installed.

3993)   DeluxeBB
DeluxeBB is a new kind of forum software with its main aspects on speed and security. It still offers a huge Admin Panel, all common features and special features... If you don't have the knowledge we install the board for you!

3994)   PHP Gallery
PHP Gallery is a PHP based image gallery script which creates thumbnails automatically and allows easy navigation of pictures with next and previous links and does not require any database file.

3995)   phpMyBackup
phpMyBackup is a PHP scripted mySQL backup tool. This program features like copying backups to another server using FTP.

3996)   Nuke Styles Contact Plus module
Contact Plus Module is a script used for PHP nuke. It is used to contact your site customers through forum. You can also configure the module to show your address with phone number and email address.

3997)   TCN Traffic Exchange Script
Start your own traffic exchange.

3998)   SalesCart-X
SalesCart-X is a shopping cart system integrated with Authorize.Net payment gateway providing basic on-line order management plugin for quickly creating both static and dynamic catalog of products in an online store.

3999)   Amazon_functions for PHP
Amazon_functions for PHP is a web content retrieving script, based on PHP that gives information about browsemodes on amazon and activates searching function on various categories. Supports HTML driven reports. Supports creation of 'add to cart' forms automatically.

4000)   AzDGVote
AzDGVote is a voting script which is designed on PHP modules. It features include vote manipulating, customizable result pages, graphical reports and much more.

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