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Top 4001-4050 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

4001)   Web Tools
This is a collection of plugins that help the webmasters regarding webhosting. It allows them to create structure for their plugins. It supports CSS and allows users for customization.

4002)   PHP and Cookies
This is the article about PHP and Cookies. Cookies plays an important role in any online businesses or communities. Cookies is used to identify the users who previously visited the website. This tutorial shows you an easy way to learn more about cookie.

4003)   mGB
mGB is a php guestbook program where comments can be made by the users on their site. In this script admin panel gives control over almost everything in the guestbook.

4004)   Freeb
Website is in French. Free (GPL) discussion board : easy to use and easy to install...

4005)   my little forum
This is a powerful template driven discussion forum where site visitors can register themselves to post their comments and messages for the site owners.

4006)   Security and Sessions in PHP
This is an article teaches you about providing security by using session in PHP. You can easily provide security to your PHP pages by authenticating the users.

4007)   HSI 1.0.5
Here is the utility with which you can provide a support/amil interface in your website. The configurable look and feel makes it a great utility

4008)   YANOCC
YANOCC is a script based on PHP for web based emails. It deals with POP3, SMTP and IMAP servers. This script is simple and easy to use.

4009)   Feedback Mailer
Feedback Mailer is a script used to send feedback to the administrator of your site. It requires no MySQL database. It displays your IP address to the administrator of your site.

4010)   Lideo Write Free file uploader
This is a PHP based program which is helpful for the webmasters by which they can allow their visitors to upload any file to their website. Webmasters have full control to monitor uploaded files of their web visitors.

4011)   3oProgramming
3oProgramming is a php community that provides a project management methods for the open source IT projects. This script does not fit for the other projects which is needed by the manager.

4012)   Fictioneer
Fictioneer is an Postnuke Module that allows you to archive fiction or fan fiction stories in a easy to navigate storage system. It contains a powerful admin panel for managing the data.

4013)   dfFormGen
This is a php based script and is a simple form processing program. This program allows users to create any type of html form with any common field. A useful tool for webmasters.

4014)   PEAR Documentation and Tutorials
This web pages explain what is pear? its documentation and tutorials. PEAR is a code repository for PHP extensions and library code which is similar to Perl's CPAN and TeX's CTAN. The author narrates the PEAR documentation and PEAR Database tutorials one by one in this essay.

4015)   Dating Club
A complete,up-to-date and powerful web application for specialized dating website including matchmaking,wide range searching and browsing,Advanced Statistics,Apply for Personal on-line,Inbox,Favorites List,Blocked List,Confidentiality,Email notification of personals with specific criteria

4016)   PAS Sitemanager
This is a database driven site maintenance software which is used to maintain websites using a simple and user friendly web interface.

4017)   A Sophisticated PHP Ecommerce Site
This is a simple and easy to use Ecommerce utility which helps you to desingn Ecommerce section on your web sites. You can easily install this Ecommerce utitily on your web site and increase number of traffic and thereby generating revenue.

4018)   RTFGen - Standard Edition
RTFGen - Standard Edition is a PHP based script whch allows users to generate extensive RTF documents. Users can customize the documents to any format as they like.

4019)   Any job done
Any job done is a php online community that allows users to buy and sell the projects through this website. The user can add their details in the form. Simple to use and install for users.

4020)   Easy Web Space Admin
Easy Web Space Admin is a software where users websites are administered through remote server. This script is simple and easy to use for any visitors.

4021)   EZ2Read Schedule
EZ2Read Schedule is a simple web based calendar. It displays the events in a row and column table. Customization of the events is available. It cancels the events from table if it has already occured. It is a PHP based programme.

4022)   AJ HYIP Pro
A&JSquare has launched the latest HYIP software with many advanced features. The egold integrated HYIP script comes with Mass payout option, Any number of customized scheme, Bonus to individual or all, Penalty to an individual or all the members, Advanced Webmaster’s control panel, Bulk Mailer.

4023)   PHP, The Nitty Gritty: Lesson 1
This tutorial explains you about PHP and how to use it. You can also know where to get PHP. It describes you the various basic functions of PHP with simple examples.

4024)   MetaCollection
Guide for webmasters and programmers who are in search of PHP, CGI, or Perl script archives and link directories.

4025)   Procoding
Procoding.Net is a software developing company. They have expertise knowledge in PHP software developement that allows them successfully to compete in domestic and worldwide markets.

4026)   myXMS
myXMS is developed using php and is a content management system which creates and maintains websites. It is very flexible.

4027)   Grim forum B4.1
Grim forum is a PHP based discussion board containing forums to post topics that requires MYSQL as its data base.This board is a open source project that is simple in its integration.

4028)   Form Maker Pro
Form Maker Pro easily creates web forms of any complexity. Includes an online tool and a form processor.

4029)   WSN FormEmail
Takes any form submitted to it, and sends an email to you containing all values of all fields in the form.

4030)   TBmnetCMS
TBmnetCMS is a program with which website administrators can have an enhanced Content Management System for their websites. This program will be useful for editing and displaying content online.

4031)   Shaadi Zone :: A matrimonial Services Script
Shaadi Zone is the best solution if you are looking to run a matrimonial services services. We have integrated many features which you can use and take full advantage of the matrimonial services.

4032)   BlogHelper
BlogHelper is a simple blogging software by which you can maintain your own weblog without frills for creating dynamic archive blog entry links.

4033)   ExplodingAccess (Invision Board Members Area)
ExplodingAccess is a simple PHP based login script for the basic users to protect their files from intruders. It is easy to understand and customize.

4034)   Download Quota
With Download Quota, users can download files. It will count how many bytes that was downloaded.

4035)   MyPWA
This is a personal data management application with single or multiple user facilities. This online software helps to create folders, your personal calendar for making appointments, email lists, phone numbers etc.

4036)   abarcar Realty Portal
abarcar Realty Portal is built with PHP language which suits concerns who wish to access their own and linked agent pages contents. This script is based on another program, SiteEngine Pro.

4037)   EasySiteNetwork Wallpaper Website
EasySiteNetwork Wallpaper Website performs PHP functions to manipulate wallpapers and provides features to email and rate the wallpapers. Newsletter signup, banner ads, real time statistics are some more features.

4038)   Lithium
Lithium is based on PHP script that provides as many facilities as you seek to upgrade your content manager on your website. Plain files are used for storing datas. Avails with Skins, news articles, customizable modules and much more.

4039)   Item-Shopping-Cart
This script is helpful for the webmasters who wish to facilitate their site with online shopping facility and also it helps the users to track their sites online purchase details.

4040)   AAPT or Ascripts Advanced PHP Topsites
AAPT or Ascripts Advanced PHP Topsites is written in php and is a simple topsite listing system. This system maintains your topsite listing. This system also counts unique and total pageviews along with hits in and out.

4041)   1st Mail Bomber Pro
This tool is helpful for the users to manage their mailing list. This tool allows the users to organize subscriptions through email and they can send information for the request of the visitors.

4042)   Yerba SAC
Yerba is a PHP script that is used as a web portal management. It uses MySQL as database server and contains modules for forums, blocks, links, and themes etc.,

4043)   Simple Banner Script
Simple Banner Script is a script written using PHP which can be used to rotate advertisement banners on your website and helps you to make some revenue online.

4044)   Affordable PHP Automated Sites
Limited offer until the 15 th of July

4045)   EMail PRO
EMail PRO is an email management and subscription system script with fast and intuitive interface for improving customer relationship.

4046)   Subscribe Emails
Through this 'Subscribe Emails' software you can manage email subscription list for your website, it can sent bulk emails to numerous clients.

4047)   gee! Job Listings Manager
Post job listings online within minutes. Specify location, job type, pay, job details, experience required, and more. HR personnel can post jobs from multiple office locations.

4048)   Guest Alpha
Guest Alpha is a simple guestbook program in PHP that allows site visitors to enter their suggestions and views and experience within the website.

4049)   Anteil open source CRM
Anteil open source CRM is a web based customer support system used either in intranet or internet environment designed to help users in identifying, attracting, retaining and support customers in this competitive world.Features include sales forecasting system,event manager, high level security etc.

4050)   HeroLottoQP
HeroLottoQP is a quickpick web-based programme which helps lotto player to quick pick numbers before purchasing. A nice way to drive website traffic to your site.

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