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Top 4051-4100 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

4051)   File Upload and Share
The most powerful yet easy-to-use script with the features to upload and share files. Allows sending email notification, displaying ads etc.

4052)   Caching output in PHP
Caching output in PHP is a tutorial that elaborately discusses how to cache output in the memory with the help of PHP buffering functions.

4053)   4nChat for PHP Nuke
4nChat is tested for php nuke. It is used for chatting with others. It allows user to create their own chatrooms and they can protect their chatroom by password.

4054)   Time in Php
Time in Php is a time displaying script and is written in php. This script returns the time of the day. It makes hours difference between local time and server time.

4055)   MySQL and PHP
In this article, the author describes how to access MySQL database using PHP and gives some code functions for illustrating the same.

4056)   OpenRealty
OpenRealty is a free, open source real estate listing manager. Intended to be both easy to install and easy to administer, OpenRealty uses PHP to drive a database backend, thus creating a tool which is fast and flexible

4057)   Globalissa is a place for buying or downloading different types of resources. There are different categories in software and in services. This is a useful website for webmasters and designers.

4058)   MediaIndexer
This is an easy to integrate PHP application through which programmers can generate browsable interface for their media files. It supports all media file types.

4059)   Instabanner
This PHP Instabanner program has the ability to disconnect restricted users from accessing your website pages conveying the actual reason for the banning.

4060)   Digi-downloader
Digi-downloader is a software package to manage the downloads on your site.

4061)   Security image form
The images, prevents involuntary submission and against Spam. Do not reveal your email address anymore. Collect some useful infos from your clients and/or visitors. Protect yourself against spam. Now you can concentrate your energy on more significant points for your website. and to offer a better customer services.

4062)   Affiliate NET
Affiliate NET is a PHP based software that helps you to run an online affiliate base on your website. Using this script you can subscribe affiliates for commissions.

4063)   Basic Ringtone Script
This program will help you to start you own mobile phone ringtone service providing website online with all essenetial requirements.

4064)   XGRA Zclassified Modules
This script is a simple classified programme. It allows you to access the review, comments, about us and more. User can post their ads to this site.

4065)   Cheats Website
This is a php based website program that helps users to add, delete or edit cheats on their websites. This program requires Mysql database as backend to store all data.

4066)   Math Graph
Math Graph is a simple php based script to help students to plot graphs when values are entered.A easy and handy tool to draw mathematical graphs.

4067)   PayPal Shopping Cart
PayPal Shopping Cart is a program which can be used as a webhosting shopping cart system in accepting credit cards through paypal payment gateway. It is easy to use this shopping cart for online businesses.

4068)   Intranet 2 Internet PHPPortal
Intranet 2 Internet PHPPortal is coded in PHP modules that used to create user accounts and allows them to access the website via admin panel.

4069)   Cookies Text Counter
Cookies Text counter is a script which displays a visitor text based counter tha uses cookies. It is built in simple PHP script.

4070)   Jmanage
This is a simple website mediating between job seekers and providers. Through this website you can find and apply for jobs that suits your destination.

4071)   EMPRIS Resume Management System
The Emergencies Personnel Information System is a platform and database independent method for receiving job or volunteer applications online and subsequently evaluating, indexing, searching and managing them. It was and is being developed for Oxfam Community Aid Abroad Australia to facilitate HRR.

4072)   Job board script
This Job board script is a wonder solution to launch your recruitment site. It is a COMPLETE SCRIPT with quality features. FULLY customizable site colors and graphics. Script parameters are highly configurable. Great earning potential.

4073)   NewsReader On-Line
NewsReader On-Line is a PHP based application to read news through your web browser. This web based script lets users to send, post and reply to usenet news on your web site.

4074)   nntp2rss
nntp2rss is a software that acts as a connector to browse the news groups using a RSS reader. This also makes a noval technology for handling usenet newsgroups, which are updating news frequently round the clock.

4075)   PostWrap
PostWrap is a PHP based PostNuke Module which can be easily integrated into your PostNuke site. It comes with various features for administrators that manages the module effetively.

4076)   SupportTrio
Improve the quality of your support by providing an integrated help desk solution that effectively manages and controls your support traffic. Your visitors enjoy high-level support with fast and accurate support.

4077)   majikTemplate
This 'majikTemplate' program can be used to design and create templates and web pages for your website with different theme sets and gzip encoding.

4078)   phpInstantLottery Professional
phpInstantLottery Professional is a random gaming programme and a perfect application that attracts website visitors to visit your website more oftenly. Plenty of lines of PHP code, a full admin control and CSS are notable features of this script.

4079)   CascadianFAQ
CascadianFAQ is a PHP based script which is designed to administer your website's frequently asked questions area effectively. It can be easily integrated with your existing website.

4080)   tsWebEditor
tsWebEditor is a php or html editor and a text editor for any programming language. This script has more applications for web development and supports syntax highlighting.

4081)   Tavrida WebSite Editor
A Delphi-like editor for writing Web sites with PHP, PERL and database support and testing them on a built-in Web server

4082)   Easydirlist
Easydirlist is a php program that allows users to list a directory in a flexible way. This script is very simple and easy to use.

4083)   DreamCARDS
You can start you own e-card service program with several categories and subcategories on your website through this software. This program comes with a powerful back office administration.

4084)   Form and Spelling Validation
Form and Spelling Validation is a tutorial that tells the users how to validate data from the text inputs through a form by using php. More tips are available for the users to follow on.

4085)   The Universal Web Form Processor
The Universal Web Form Processor is a tutorial that tells the users how to create a form processor script by using php. Sample codings are available for the users to follow it on their websites.

4086)   TOP TANGO
RANKING: Ranking of members can be done in RESET MODE (IN and OUT hits reset with the frequency given by administrator) and in NO RESET MODE (IN and OUT hits calculated in last ## hours). Switching TOP from one MODE to another can be done at any time. Possibility to "FREEZE" any amount of members in any position of the listing is realized. Also possibility to prevent the situation when trader can get back it's own visitor, which was sent to the TOP.

4087)   Chipmunk Chat
Chipmunk Chat written using PHP scripts. It is a small scripts where only the registered users can chat. The unregistered user will hold unregistered as their nick.

4088)   Make Text Exchange
This is a simple and useful program for the webmasters to drive traffic for their websites by exchanging small textual links with other websites. This program is compatible with both IE and Netscape browsers.

4089)   PHP Vacation Rental
PHP Vacation Rental is a professional solution for a vacation rental website.

4090)   myCalendar
Through this program you can create calendars for your website with all essential functions. This simple calendar is easy to handle.

4091)   RBarcode for Php
Php script that creates barcodes. It supports all major 1D and 2D barcoding symbologies: Code39,Code39 (Extended), UPCA, UPCE, EAN8, EAN13, CODE128, Code 11, Code 93, Code 93 extended, Industrial 25, Interleaved 2 of 5 , Matrix 25, Postnet, Codabar , MSI , PDF 417 and Datamatrix.

4092)   Password Protect
Password Protect is a PHP script and a protection script you can use on your website. It gives access only to the members, restricting non members.

4093)   MX Query Builder
Create Visual SQL Queries in Dreamweaver MX and MX 2004 - For a dynamic web application developer, who needs create recordsets from multiple tables and is not an SQL expert, QuB is the tool that allows table relation management, automating SQL query generation.

4094)   php3guest
php3guest is a php easy guestbook program that allows users to manage guestbook by making several entries, comments and name on their website. Simple to use.

4095)   Smartbids
Smartbids is a freelance programming services marketplace. Here you can find freelance programmers and designers.

4096)   Clicks Counter Pro
The Clicks Counter Pro is the best tool for your site statistic. It could also be used as clicks or downloads counter and ROI tracker. The CCP delivers the information you need to run a successful Web site in a way that you can understand. Check it!

4097)   AteoMessenger LDE
AteoMessenger LDE is an online customer support tool that allows access to your customers to communicate with any of your support departments instantly. Features include chat applet features, operator features and webmaster features.

4098)   inClick Contextual PPC Text Ad Server
Solution for selling ad space on your site or creating an advertising network.

4099)   ez_cache
ez_cache is a simple to use Caching programme for PHP scripts. Its working is very simple, it uses the buffering of the output.

4100)   EnzymeTemplates
EnzymeTemplates is a simple content management system and is written in php. This system is used to collect and edit users profiles. It is a handy tool for webmasters.

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