Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Ad Management (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Max HitBot script: Fake hits generator
Send unlimited fake hits to any website.

2)   Max Media Manager - Open Source Ad Server
Max Media Manager is an open source ad server based on phpAdsNew, enhanced for performance, with many new features, and restructured for expansion. New features include agency support, rich media ads, conversion tracking, third-party ad tracking, and optimization and restructuring for a high-volume multi-server environment.

3)   Simple PHP Ad Rotator
This is a free very simple php banner ad rotator that you can easily get the code to show the ads on your site, You can also easly add and delete the ads by logging in to the admin area, It uses one text file for a data base.

4)   Ad Banner Rotator
The best ad banner rotator around. Simple to setup, but packed with features. Our ad banner rotater is packed with features, any thing you could want is here, the script can rotate HTML, groups/zones, weighting banners and loads more.

5)   phpAdManager
phpAdManager as it's name suggests is a PHP based ad management script available online. With this script it will be easy for you to find out how the ads in your website is performing.

6)   AdSense Sandbox
AdSense Sandbox is a simple ad management script which will help you to create ad banners from Google. The script is very simple and easy to use.

7)   phpMyAds
Need a manager for your scripts? Check this out! Easy to use, calculates your CPC stats, counts clicks, and just about everything you need.

8)   Banners
The banner management in a dynamic web-site may become a tedious task, especially when dealing with complex banner per page rules.

9)   Geo-Ads PHP
Geo-target your ads so your foreign traffic sees them in their own language. Geo-Ads PHP is a user-friendly ad management program that lets you show visitors from around the world targeted ads instead of domestic ads they'll never click on.

10)   Rad Banners
Rad Banners is a PHP and MySQL based ad management script which has the ability to rotate unlimited banner ads in various places on a website with different sizes.

11)   JMK Advertisement Rotator
JMK Advertisement Rotator is a banner rotation script. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL for the database.

12)   TextAds
TextAds are a simple, polite, and inexpensive alternative to banners and other online advertising. TextAds are inserted into webpages just like any other content. Visitors see a small text box with your link

13)   Paid Auto-Surf 2 v1.5
Run your own get paid to autosurf and click exchange web site like 12DailyPro, 50Cent2Surf, etc.

14)   Ad Manager Pro
Script for running an advertising system throughout your pages.

15)   Local Banner Rotate System
Local Banner Rotate System - php-script.

16)   Simple PHP text ad rotator
This is a very simple php text ad rotator that you can easily add and delete ads to by logging into the admin area.

17)   Top banner Ad management Script (rorator)
This Banner Ad Management script helps you automate the advertising interface of your site You can define different banner sizes/ad packages. Advertisers can then buy impressions for their banners through paypal and their ads will start appearing immediately. Fully customizable color schemes,.....

18)   AC Magazine Ad System
AC Magazine Ad system is an ad management script which is reliable and cost effective and helps you in managing your client's advertisement needs.

19)   Ad Stream
Ad Stream is an online advertisement manager created using PHP and MySQL which implements all the features you need to efficiently manage your advertisements on your website.

20)   AlstraSoft FlyAds Pro
AlstraSoft FlyAds Pro is an Ad exchange software that helps you to create your own Ad exchange service on your website in real time. It can also be used as a traffic exchange.

21)   The Million Dollar Script
Create your own Million Dollar Website today! Start generating revenue immidiately from this groundbreaking new concept!

22)   MyAdSystem
MyAdSystem is a powerful advertising management system that allows you to manage the advertising shown in your websites. With it you can obtain the maximum efficiency from your advertising, using a great number of configuration options and the viewing and study of the stats that it offers

23)   Best MY Paid Money script
Stop clicking links to earn pennies! Start your own online business in minutes!

24)   Rotating Banner Advertisements with PHP
Rotating Banner Advertisements with PHP is a tutorial that tells the users how to use the banner rotating advertisements by using PHP. Users should have knowledge in creating mysql tables to use this program.

25)   AdRote8
AdRote8 is a simple and easy to use PHP based script which allows you to display unlimited number of images with different links and alt tags in rotation.

26)   phpExchange
A free banner exchange. Keeps track of all impressions and click through statistics for each client. Clients can view the statistics for their banner online.

27)   digi-ads
An easy to use ad rotator, which includes an advanced selection algorithm (weight support included), stats for each banner that are extremely easy to customize via a template.

28)   Banner Manager 1.0
Banner Manager is a complete and robust banner management system. It has an easy to use administration interface and supports all ad banner types.

29)   Text Link Exchange
Text Link Exchange is a simple ad banner script which helps you in creating low key TextAds that are similar to Google ads. With this script your clients can pay through PayPal.

This is a web based PHP application by which the users can generate pop up windows that will be displayed when the site visitor leaves the users website. The users can display their ads and banner on the popup.

31)   Adzor Banner Exchange
Adzor Banner Exchange is a set of scripts that allow webmasters to run their own banner exchange, it's very easy to customizable, easy to use, foolproof and functional.

32)   Random Ad
Random Ad is an ad rotator program written using PHP. It fetches the HTML code that contains ads on your website. The script supports both text as well as graphics to support any kind of ads.

33)   DB-Free Ad Manager
DB-Free Ad Manager is a php banner management script that allows you to control ads without a datebase end.

34)   Banner Simple
Banner Simple is a simple and easy to use banner rotation program available online which is written using PHP. With this script you will be able to create and rotate banners on your website easily.

35)   Banner Exchange
Banner Exchange is a simple and easy to use banner exchange program written in PHP. You can earn credits by displaying ads and banners on your website with specific HTML codes.

36)   AD Space
AD Space is a PHP script used to post their link in search engines to promote their site. It is faster and reliable management script.

37)   Simplest rotator script
Simplest rotator script is a tutorial that tells the users how to create a simple script to rotate the banners or for their links in a web page.

38)   ATM Hits
ATM Hits is a NEW Advertising PHP Script that was created for the Internet Marketer in mind!

39)   PopUp Manager
With PopUp Manager 3.1 you can start and combine multiple PopUp, PopUnder and rich media Layer advertisement campaigns and manage all of them with just a few clicks.

40)   88scripts Banner Manager
88scsripts Banner Manager is a highly rated banner management software that is available online for the purpose of managing the ad banners on your website. It supports campaign based banner grouping.

41)   Ad Site
A simple PHP based ad script that allows users to manage AD network on their website.

42)   Ad Blaster Forum
This is a new script just released by MCVC This script will allow you to setup your very own Ad Blaster Forum that will have visitors coming back again and again.

43)   Text Exchange
Text Exchange is a traffic driven program written in PHP with advanced features. This program rotate small textual links in the banner and it has an easy to use web-based admin area.

44)   Enterprise Traffic Server
The Enterprise Traffic Server allows the user to setup a traffic business on your website and cash into one of the most lucrative markets on the Internet. Includes Unlimited Amount of Administrators, Clients, and Resellers; Account IP Logging; Searchable Database; and Sortable Records.

45)   LikeTelevision Dynamic Ad Casting
LikeTelevision's Dynamic Ad Casting software is an automated video insertion solution that manages content programming. On-demand video content can now be controlled to create a television-like experience through insertion of commercial advertising spots.

46)   Admanager - banner and text ads exchange script
Take control over your and your customers banners and text links advertising

47)   PhpAdMentor
PhpAdMentor is a free ad rotator script which uses MySQL as backend database.It lets you weight your banners - that is you can make some banners appear more often than other.It supports multiple banner sizes, by a construction we ( somewhat falsely ) calls banner farms. It also support HTML banners.

48)   AdSense Tracker
The AdSense Tracker is a script designed in PHP and requires MySQL and Javascript to track ads. It helps the website owners to get a detailed overview of how their sites are performing.

49)   CJ Ad Rotator
CJ Ad Rotator is an easy to use script that is available online to install Ad Manager on your website. The script is very simple and easy to configure.

50)   ROI Tracking Pro
Return on Investment Tracking Pro offers real-time reporting of results of your online advertising efforts by tracking your ad campaigns. Find out what makes your site visitors convert into clients. Don’t waste your money. Make them work.

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