Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-50 Affiliate Programs (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   GET PAID TO SURF AND CLICK Script ** hot **
Get your own Get Paid to AutoSURF AND CLICK Website like 4daily,

2)   Affiliate Data Feed Auto Installer
Script Feed Generator can turn an affiliate data feed into 1000s of static HTML pages in less that 5 minutes!

3)   CashCrusader
CashCrusader is a simple PHP based affiliate software designed to promote product sales through affiliates, by providing advertisements like banners, text, pop-ups and rotating ads.

4)   WebAffiliate
WebAffiliate is a simple PHP based program to track your sales and pay commissions to all your affiliates through various payment gateway systems.

5)   Tidalrangemobile
A script to create a MySql database of the Polyphonic ringtones available via the Mediaplazza affiliate program and a script to display it in alphabetical order on your website.

6)   Quickpay
This script is helpful for the webmasters and for the referers that allows them to earn money online and also it increases website traffic to the website. It uses MySQL database as backend.

7)   RevenuePilot
RevenuePilot is an affiliate program that allows webmasters to earn revenue by providing an opportunity to display their ad listing in a Pay Per Click method.

8)   Affiliate Network
Affiliate Network is a PHP based affiliate software designed to run an online commission junction and linkshare on your website. This script provides two-tier program to your affiliates.

9)   Nixie Affiliate
Pixie Affiliate is a simple PHP software for selling digital and downloadable products with ebay auction and Paypal's IPN support through your website.

10)   Rewards Site
Rewards Site is a simple money making affiliate program using which you can earn and gain commissions through paid emails, lottery picking, paid to signup, paid to click, popup banner exchanges etc.,

11)   Travel Affiliate PHP
Your Online Travel Agency is loaded with the best travel services on the Internet including online hotel booking, flight reservation system, car rental system and destination guides to the most traveled cities around the world.

12) affiliate search affiliate search is a simple affiliate program to search Amazon shopping cart products. Using this script you can affiliate sales associates to upgrade the products.

13)   Leadhound affiliate software
Leadhound affiliate software is a simple script that provides complete solution for maintaining an online affiliate network on your website by providing different loggings to all merchants.

14)   Viral DX - viral marketing system php script
Viral marketing system php script

15)   NDLinks
This affiliate system comes with an ability to help you to manage your website affiliates, to track their activities and performance.

16)   GoTemplate
This is a simple online affiliate program designed for 'TemplateMonster' website through which you can gain sales commisions for every sale you turn.

Break the boundaries of referral or affiliate programs. Earn much more by recurring more downlines and let downlines recruit more downlines. This EXPLOSION in referrals will equate to EXPONENTIAL growth of your products/services sale. FORCED MATRIX MANAGER differs in function that it limits the width and depth of the matrix according to the admin. Allowing members to help each other build their downlines will inevitably reinforce signups and encourages take ins at a much faster pace.

18)   My Amazon Store Manager
My Amazon Store Manager is an online PHP application using which you can subscribe yourself as an affiliate and set up your own amazon store on the net.

19)   Forced Matrix Software
The core of this forced matrix software is developed by the team at DH Softwares, therefore you will find that the features of our Forced Matrix product is very similar to DH-MLM.

20)   Mobile Content
This is an online tutorial which discusses about how to generate mobile content sale on your website. It teaches the learners in a step by step process.

21)   AgileBill Application
Angile Bill is a simple billing application which suits for both small and medium organisations and helps to perform online marketing. Through this application users can perform recurring billing, subscription management, automated invoicing, account management etc.

22)   Amazon Money Maker
Amazon Money Maker is a simple script for building easy links for all Amazon products. Using this script you can earn commissions with amazon ID.

23)   MyRevenuePilot
MyRevenuePilot is a simple script for creating search engines with MyRevenuePilot. Using this script you can display search results. Easy to configure and use.

24)   :: Ultimate RegNow Affiliate ::
Ultimate RegNow Affiliate is a PHP and MySql application designed to use RegNow's affiliate system and create an big software website in minutes. Every sale will bring you a nice income.

25)   OnWithIT Turnkey Pharmacy Website Script
You can earn monetary benefits from this online affiliate program by promoting the sales of US based pharmaceutical products on a commission basis.

26)   PHP Affiliate Link Jump Script
This script is helpful for the webmasters to ban or bypass third party programs like norton antivirus from blocking affiliate links on their website.

27)   BN Soft URL Rotator Host Pro
BN Soft URL Rotator Host Pro is a simple program designed to maintain dynamic webpages for affiliates to promote their links without any complications.

28)   Blackwell's affiliate script
Blackwell's affiliate script is a simple program that can be used to search books available on the Blackwell's on-line bookshops.

29)   Amazon Box
Amazon Box is a simple affiliate program designed for promoting books through affiliates by uploading weblinks, images and details on the website.

30)   Click Bank Affiliate Page Generator
Created Specifically for CLICKBANK Merchants! These scripts will Increase your sales by increasing your presence on the web and inviting affiliates to participate in your program!

31)   iQaffiliate
This affiliate program is simple and gives you the ability to manage affiliates, MLM's and referrals in a multi structured business network. This program is easy to setup and run.

32)   AL
"Al" is designed to allow you to use it to create static searches (i.e.: find all the books about 'widgets') or to search dynamically for anything the user would like to ask for in a search bix just like's

33)   Leadhound
Leadhound is an ultra-fast, feature-loaded service, designed from the group up to be robust and yet very simple to use.

34)   POST Affiliate
POST Affiliate is a PHP based affiliate program that provides opportunities for selling digital products online by quoting different prices for different products.

35)   :: NixieAffiliate ::
Affiliate system with Paypal integration.

36)   Campain Trak
Campain Trak is a online tracking program and is a php based script. This program keeps track your compains in real time. It can be customized easily.

37)   Traffic Exchange PHP Script (HOT)
TrafficExchange sites are a great traffic generator!! You can also easily sell advertising credits for a nice income stream. When using a trafficexchange site, your site is shown to thousands of users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while you are visiting a lot of interesting web sites! This is done

38)   eAffiliate Manager
eAffiliate Manager is a simple online template based PHP application that monitors all your affiliates up to 12 tiers and provides a report summarizing the total sales and leads from your affiliates.

39)   ZugTech TWSC Affiliate Lite
ZugTech TWSC Affiliate Lite is a PHP based affiliate program that signup affiliates as resellers and thus increases your profit returns.

40)   iDevAffiliate
iDevAffiliate is a simple PHP program designed to increase your sales and traffic by tracking sessions, cookies and IP loggings. A easy to use affiliate program.

41)   HeroEbay
An Automated Ebay Auction Web Site On The Fly.

42)   Free Site
Run your own "For Free" site getting users to complete offers, refer friends and earn prizes.

43)   The Doubler Script Just 15 Dollar

44)   AShop for Downloads
AShop for Downloads is a file downloader shopping cart and affiliate sales software package. The shopping cart and file downloader software provide a secure method of selling software, music, e-books, information, and any other digital file.

45)   AShop for Downloads
Protects Downloadable Products Against Unauthorized Downloads

46)   AShop Deluxe Shopping Cart Software
This is a php based online shopping cart and affiliate tracking software that helps users to sell a variety of digital and physical products. Its a good solution for e-commerce sites and online shopping sites to sell their products.

47)   VirtualAffiliate1.2
VirtualAffiliate1.2 is a php based affiliate program.

48)   Affiliate Network Solution
Ready Affiliate Program Software for your online bussiness

49)   Click & Pay Affiliate Banner Program
Click & Pay Affiliate Banner Program offers a alternative to Standard Affiliate Programs.

50)   Associate-O-Matic
It is a simple and powerful application for your website through which you can construct a customized association of stores with in few seconds which helps in increasing your site revenue.

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