Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-50 Blog (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   QuickBlogger
QuickBlogger is an ultimate weblog system in PHP that allow users to add and edit entries in your blog without a SQL database.

2)   eBlogger
eBlogger is a simple blogging software designed for integrating news systems on any webpage of your website. A simple and easy to use blogging tool.

3)   phpBlog
phpBlog is a blog sytem for maintaining an online full featured diary sytem that enables you to enter your day to day activities on your website.

4)   Particle Blogger
This is a simple PHP based template driven online weblog with rich text editor to help you to edit visitor postings. This program supports user management with different levels.

5)   WebEnabler Blog
A powerful program that helps developers to create blog applications on their website. It offers many enhanced features for both individual and business persons.

With Automatic Blog Publisher you can publish your own blog as HTML web site with RSS XML version.

7)   Serendipity - a PHP Weblog
Serendipity is an effecient weblog software that creates blog pages with robust editing interface that suits the needs of all webmasters and technicians.

8)   phpBB Blog
phpBB Blog is a simple and efficient online blogging tool capable of creating blog style files for every messages posted on the forums of phpBB.

9)   BlogMe
You can install this BlogMe software on your web applications to enable your website visitors to comment on your services. This flexible PHP program can also be used as a 'News System'.

10)   my little weblog
my little weblog is an effecient weblogging system in PHP to create and manage commenting systems with users email notification facilities.

11)   SMe Blog Host
SMe Blog Host - allow you to run your own Blog hosting service. is a good tool for webmaster, your able to offer a free blog for your visitors and your give a more visits. Users have all control in blog, Customize the text (font, color, size).

12)   TwoBlog
TwoBlog is an ultimate weblog system designed to create and maintain blog pages that enables users to post comments on your websites.

13)   b2evolution
This is an easy to integrate PHP application through which the programmers can generate blog in their website. This application offers all the weblog tools that helps in redesigning the layout of the users website.

14)   Rotating Blogger Box
Rotating Blogger Box is a simple and easy to use script that is created using PHP program and requires MySQL database to store all the data or information sent by the users.

15)   bloq
bloq is a simple weblog system in PHP with which you can create and maintain CSS designed blogs with a powerful admin control pannel.

16)   Chipmunk blog
This is a simple blog script for websites where you can post your daily news and articles and maintain a journal for yourself for which visitors can comment.

17)   e-moBLOG
This is a web blog system created using PHP and requires MySQL and GD graphic library. With this script you will be able to create a complete and powerful web blog system. It can be installed easily on your website.

18)   myBloggie
This online open source weblog system is written in PHP and is designed with powerful admin capabilities to control and maintain the blog with visitor postings.

19)   BlogHoster (Weblog Hosting System)
BlogHoster lets you create a network of weblogs on your website, allowing you to provide a weblog hosting service. Features include editable templates, comments, user profiles, friend lists, avatars, interest links, privacy settings, HTML editor for entries, and easy integration into your website.

20)   FLog
FLog is a simple yet powerful weblog script that doesn't require a database to run.

21)   RCBlog
RCBlog is a basic functionality of weblog feature which supports static posts, archives and color scheme generation. Data will be stored in flat text files.

22)   rss2html
A free PHP script, converts RSS feeds to HTML. Users can create webpages that will always display the most current information from the RSS feed, and because the resulting page is pure HTML, it will be in a format friendly to search engine robots.

23)   Orca Blog
Orca Blog is an easy to use simple blog software that assists in creating weblogs with threaded layout and CSS stylesheet. This program also supports HTMl postings.

24)   bMachine
BoastMachine is a PHP based weblog, journal, and article system that supports both flat files and MySQL database with referrer logging for creating, editing and managing all posts from a single admin page.

25)   CompleJournal
This is a PHP based online journal system that can be used to maintain your daily and personal events online. This program is simple to handle.

26)   PluggedOut Blog
PluggedOut Blog is a simple blog system that provides complete solution for maintaining an online diary and journal software integrated with discussion boards.

27)   CoffeeCup Blog Machine
This is an useful program available with an advanced WYSIWYG editor to enable you to manipulate the text of the blog entries.

28)   Mini Personal Blogger
This is a simple little blogger that will allow you to post your days events (or..?) to a web page. Requires php and MySql.

29)   Blogging Tool
Blogging Tool is a website with a collection of free PHP based blog softwares with which webmasters can generate weblog utilities for their programs with user friendly features.

30)   Blog Modification List
Blog Modification List is a PHP based efficient weblog software system designed for maintaining an online diary and journal software with a customizable browser caption.

31)   BlogLite
BlogLite is developed using php and is used to run weblog. It is plain, simple and easy to use.

32)   FBXWeblog
FBXWeblog is a simple online PHP weblog program with MySQL database support. Visitors can post their comments, rate comment entries, post UBB codes etc.,

33)   CheesyBlog
CheesyBlog is a simple weblog software that supports content pages, archive pages, multiple users etc,. for maintaining a customizable online blog entry system on your websites.

34)   phpblogie
This is a powerful PHP based weblog script that helps you to maintain your own persoanl diary on the net through which you can post your presonal events and messages.

35)   PHP RSS News Blog Feed for your site
This easy to use PHP script makes adding RSS news / blog feeds to your website quick and easy. Simply include the script and call a function. Customizable CSS styles for headlines and detail. Also chose to include details or just titles. To add more feeds, simply call the function again with a different source.

36)   LMS Journal
LMS Journal is an online PHP blog with a MySQL backend where your site visitors can post their comments and suggestions on the blog entries with full BB code support.

37)   GU2 Blog
This is an online weblog script through which your site visitors can comment and leave messages for you by signing the blog with their name and address.

38)   bBlog
bBlog is a simple template driven blogging system for implementing blog pages with smarty plugins.

39)   DCP-Portal
DCP Portal is used as Content manager which is designed with PHP and MySQL. It provides facilities for rating the contents, supporting text files for content system and consists of customizable modules and much more features to suite to your needs.

40)   WordPress
WordPress is an art publishing system and is developed using php. This system comes with a focus on web standards and aesthetics. This system will be very useful for developers.

41)   Newsposter
It is a PHP based weblog utility through which the programmers can construct and manage weblog system. Through this script programmers can display the comments in their website.

42)   How to Jump on the Blogging Bandwagon
This is a simple tutorial where the author has explained what actually a blog is, how to integrate, work and make use of it on your website.

43)   pLog
pLog is a PHP based blogging system with which users can comment, suggest on various issues regarding the performances of the website. This program is easy to use and customize.

44)   Yellow 5 Blog Software
Using this PHP program you can create a blog site with features for visitors to post message, send mails, attachments with messages etc.,

45)   PlainSlash
PlainSlash is a Portal Management application and its PHP modules helps you to upgrade your website with forums, comments, articles, categories and albums.

46)   My Bloggie
It is a simple PHP based weblog application with BB code. This application is built with the help of PHPBB template engine by using MySQL database.

47)   Oriblog
This is a powerful PHP application that helps you to create and design a full featured weblog for your website. This program supports MySQL database for storing visitor comments and postings.

48)   BlogHelper
BlogHelper is a simple blogging software by which you can maintain your own weblog without frills for creating dynamic archive blog entry links.

49)   EzWebBlog
EzWebBlog is an ultimate blog system that allows users to post comments and feedbacks in special entry forms on your websites.

50)   Sinapse
Sinapse is an efficient weblogging software for managing online blog pages that replicates news paper in desired formats with a biglist archive center module for easily adding features and customizable options for the script.

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