Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Calendars (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Extcalendar
EXTcalendar is a very huge calendar script, written in PHP and uses MySQL as a backend to store data.

2)   phpEvent Calender
phpEventCalender is a simple scheduling programme that allows the users to add, delete and view the events from this software. This is a user friendly programme.

3)   PHPplanner
PHP Planner is a single-user web-based calendar/planner/schedule application using PHP, JavaScript, and mySql.

4)   Rebel PHP Events Calendar
Rebel PHP Events Calendar is a simple calender script in PHP in which users can register and record their events under various categories after approved by the admin.

5)   Online Booking Manager
Online Booking Manager is a unique multilingual system and a highly cost-effective method for promoting your accommodation services online

6)   Viet Calendar
Viet Calendar is a simple calendar software. It shows you current month with day, month, date and year. This calendar has two options to show either a single month or all twelve months. You can customize it as you like.

7)   Calendar.php
Calendar.php - creates a calendar gif with current day highlighted. Uses GD and TTF Fonts - can be changed to PNG format if desired resultant gif has transparent background to black, can easily be changed

8)   BosDates
BosDates was designed with the large corporation, small to medium business, and individual users in mind.

9)   myPHPCalendar
This is an API(similar to MCAL) which provides for easy access to functions to control a calendar and possibly other workgroup activities.

10)   gee! Calendar Manager
Full-featured web calendar grids and lists. Supports recurring events. Display upcoming events and important dates on your website. Automatic removal of past events - "set it and forget it.

11)   Teamcal Pro
This is a PHP based event calendar program that allows the web developers to display their site with event calendar and this program is very helpful for the business administrators to manage their employees attendance regularly.

12)   Active Calendar
Active Calendar is a web based calendar script by which users can create static calendar as a HTML table in their website. Through this script the users can generate calendars between the years 1971 to 2037.

13)   phpBookingCalendar
It is a PHP based booking calendar script through which the programmers can generate booking calendar on their website. This has important features like user registration forms and time slot database design and more.

14)   Appointment Scheduler
Appointment scheduler is an event calendar. Users can keep track of appointments, make appointments. Comes with good features.

15)   PHP MyAgenda
phpMyAgenda is a simple calendar software that allows users to customize their entries of events like, place, timezone etc., Search engine is used to retrieve your events from this software.

16)   PHP Event Calendar
PHP Event Calendar is reusable PHP script extending web site's functilality with event sheduler or news archive.

17)   Total Calender
TotalCalender is a scheduling system for online communities to share their events. This systems comes with admin control panel. You can edit or delete the events in the system. The data will be stored in MySQL database.

18)   BirthSys
BirthSys allows you to maintain a Birthday calendar with many options. You can show whose birthday is today, and a table with all the birthdays in a given month.

19)   Flat Calendar
Flat Calendar was designed for those of us who need calendar and event book functionality but do not have access to a database. Unlike most of the calendar and event book scripts available, Flat Calendar stores all its events in files on the server without any use of a database

20)   iCalendar
iCalendar is a web based calendar basically built in PHP. It is a fully customizable software that allows you to customize your timezone, languages, alarm, font model and more.

21)   Web Calendar Pro
Web Calendar Pro is an online calendar system with scheduling & event planning. Stylish friendly interface. Fully customizable. Unlimited number of sub calendars & many more features.

22)   Virtual Calendar
This is a simple and useful calendar software written in PHP that can work without the support of any database and without any reconfiguration.

23)   myEvent
This program is helpful for the users to facilitate their website with event calendar that allows the users and site visitors to enter their events online.

24)   Server-Side Countdown Clock-PHP
It is a web based PHP application which helps in placing count down clock on the users website. This application helps in computing time period with respect to settings of server's date.

25)   ltwCalendar
This is an event calendar that shows a month by month view and supports events that recur on a weekly basis.

26)   SZCalendar
SZCalendar is an event calendar basically built in PHP with MySQL database to store data. You can enter, retrieve or delete your important events from calendar.

27)   Jax Calendar
Simple WWW Calendar-System for scheduling dates and events

28)   PAYA schedule
PAYA schedule is a calendar and schedule manager program with multi user support. It is beckended by database (mysql, postgresql, oracle, mssql, etc).

29)   88 script 's Event Calendar
Event Calendar is a web based calendar based on PHP. You can add your events and schedules in the calendar. It displays a correct year, month and date. It navigates you perfectly.

30)   Syphic's Calendar
This is an useful calendar utility built with PHP through which you would be able to post and add events for your website calendars.

31)   PHP Calendar Menu
A simple calendar menu which displays a calendar month and allows you to click on a day to fill in a form. PHP has some great date function capabilities such as built in support for textual Months and Days. Plus it can even display the appropiate suffix on a day.

32)   Lucid Calendar
The lucid . calendar is a simple calendar application written in PHP. It is currently set up to use the MySQL database as its back end. However, I don't think it would be very hard to port it to a different database. The lucid . calendar is known to work with versions of PHP as old as 3.0.8.

33)   PHP Webcalendar
php Web Calendar is an open source php coded calendar software. It displays a simple monthly calendar. This script is customizable and easy to use.

34)   ntMiniCalendar
ntMiniCalendar is a web based calendar. You can view last, present and next months. You can enter your events in the calendar in a simple way. Highly configurable programme.

35)   OOCal
This is an online event calendar script which helps the web developers to display their website with event calendar to allow their site visitors to enter their events online.

36)   CalGen
CalGen is a php-application which generates a dynamic graphical calendar. It can be customized for different dateformats (European, Finnish, Swedish and US), to have links or not, highlight or not.

37)   Helios Calendar
Helios takes online event management beyond just listing of events. Powerful, versatile, easy to use and most importantly affordable. Helios is professional event management and promotion at a great price. To try the Helios demo visit

38)   MM calendar
MM calendar is a calendar script that shows the calendar of each month and year.

39)   PHP Calendar
PHP Calendar is a simple PHP based calendar programme. It displays you a monthly calendar with correct date, months and year. Useful tool for you to display a calendar in your system.

40)   Maian Events
Simple events calendar system.

41)   Easily Simple Calendar
The Easily Simple Calendar is just that. A simple PHP calendar script that is easily integrated into your web site and easy to customize. It is an attractively small calendar suitable for display on your calendar of events page, your home page, or anywhere you need a calendar.

42)   Magia Calendar
Magia Calendar is web based calendar programme. PHP is used to build this calendar software. This allows the users to view date, time and can add important events in this calendar.

43)   Simons Event Calendar
Simons Event Calendar helps the users to write their main events in this calendar script. It has customization facility to view, hide, modify the events. This script secures your event details from unauthorised users.

44)   O-Kiraku Nikki
O-Kiraku Nikki is a simple PHP based calendar. This script displays you a real monthly calendar. You can add your events in the calendar. MySQL database holds the data.

45)   Calendar 2002
Easy implementable and configurable php script to embed calander in your site

46)   HCAL 1.0
Calendars that can be added in any webpage. The Look and Feel is configurable. Just download the file and start using it.

47)   Calendar Express
Calendar Express is a web based calendar for your website and intranet. It allows user to add their important events in the calendar and also they can delete it if not necessary. This scirpt is fully secured, has unlimited categories and easy to manage.

48)   Project-based Calendaring System
This is a Web-based calendaring system designed for project management on group environment.

49)   Calendarix
Calendarix is a calender software based on PHP with MySQL database. It allows for unlimited calendars for unlimited users and also permits for public view with protection.

50)   Calendrier
Calendrier is a PHP based calendar programme. You can customize your calendar as you prefer. You can view perfect day, month, date and year. Tool for webmasters to display calendars on their websites.

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