Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Chat Scripts (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Chat
Chat is a simple PHP script with Mysql as database. It has most enhanced features. It can be used for small business,beginners and easy understandable.

2)   BWChaT
BWChaT is a basic chat written using PHP. It is easy to understand, no programming knowledge is necessary to run this script. BWChat doesn't require any database.

3)   FreeChat
Advanced Chat system (written in php) that is server friendly. Online Administration zone helps you to manage the system Smilies, sound management, colours, ICQ notifications, online users, private rooms, advanced user permission management, online registration with email verification, support

4)   Web Shout
Web Shout is written using PHP,this is easy to handle. Visitors can post and reply to their post. No PHP or MYSQL knowledge is essential to understand this script.

5)   Tagbox
This script allows your site visitors to leave a message on your site.

6)   PHPOpenChat
PHPOpenChat is a web based chat software written in PHP. PHPOpenChat utilizes a MySQL database to manage its text lines and user profiles

7)   Shoutbox Tutorial
This tutorial will teach you how to create a PHP and MySQL type shoutbox.

8)   PCIM Chat
PCIM Chat is a chat script written using PHP. It is very fast. It has more than 10 colors. It is non cluttered and seperated chat window. It is password protected. It is easy customizable.

9)   123FlashChat MOD for phpbb
This php based flash chat server program allows users to chat with others using this high performance java server. Simple to handle and to chat.

10)   Voodoo chat
Fast, convenient, easily customized chat with the ability to continuously update the user messages.

11)   Light Php4-Flash chat
Light Php is a Flash chat and written using PHP and with Flash. It is easy to understand this chat script, no database is required, it has a user friendly interface.

12)   phpMychat
phpMychat is a Chat script written using PHP and Mysql. It is a lite chat and can be easily customizable and understandable. It can be easily integrated into your website.

13)   FlashChat
Flash MX Chatroom for PHP/MySQL servers.

14)   phpChat
phpChat is chat server written completely in PHP. It is intended both for corporate

15)   Flylip Media's Website Instant Messenger
Flylip Media's Website Instant Messenger is a simple online PHP application with which you can send instant messages to all your friends with emotion icons.

16)   ShoutBox
ShoutBox is a communication system and is written in php. You can send comments to the webmasters. This shoutbox bears many enhanced features.

17)   ARSC Really Simple Chat
ARSC is an easy to install, simple to handle, cross-browser and cross-platform compatible, high-performance open source web chat system written in PHP, using MySQL.

18)   shoutBOX
This is a easy to install and configure chat script written in PHP.

19)   VOC++
This powerful chatscript application is designed as an useful addon for VOC engines to enable you to organise an online chat with unlimited visitors simultaneously.

20)   phpChatNVID
phpChatNVID the pre-release is available for demo. It's not ready to download as of yet, but you can take a quick peek at the release soon to come.

21)   EzChatBox
An easy to configure PHP chatbox solution.

22)   OxyShout
OxyShout is a program built on PHP using which webmasters can build an enhanced shoutbox in a quick manner. This program can be easily integrated into the websites.

23)   Simple Chat
Simple Chat is written using PHP script. Its fast and easy to use. You can view in any browser, no database is required, formatting of text is easy,translated into many languages.

24)   phpIRC
phpIRC is an IRC layer for PHP, which enables you to use all IRC-features from your own scripts! phpIRC will enable you to code IRC bots, online checkers and the like without any hassle.

25)   MPM Chat
MPM Chat is a basic chat written using PHP. You can chat with or without webcam,displays online users,multi language is supported,you have rights to ban users. It is easily customizable.

26)   PHP DBZNet Shout Box
A PHP Shout box for your site, without mysql needed.

27)   X7 Chat
X7Chat is one of the best scripts written using PHP. It carries many features and good interface. This chat can be used for many purposes like, small business,schools,personal and for also commercial purpose.

28)   Leospirit ChatterBOX
An advance messaging hosting service aka tagboard, shoutbox, chatterbox. It's probably the COOLEST shoutbox on the Net!! Make your website more interactive with our ChatterBox

29)   PowerShout
Powershout is written using PHP script that used to add numerous useful features to OxyShout. Powershout is an easy customizable tool.

30)   Flash Chat Zone
Flash Chat Zone is written using PHP and its easy to handle and easy to customize. It has most enhanced features. No registeration is required.

31)   The Tager
This is a simple tagboard designed with PHP programming language to enable your site vistors to sign in and post their message to you.

32)   TJSChat
TJSChat is a simple chat script developed using PHP and Mysql. The blinking of messages cannot be seen during the time of refresh. This script is customizable.

33)   Microcyb - Chat
Microcyb Chat offers a new and easy way to chat on your site. This PHP chat script is a one file chat script, that offers image replacement, css style sheet templates, custom users skin selections, auto cleaning of old chat text, who is online, auto scrolling, and more.

34)   Katikai Shoutbox
Everything is controlled in the acp of the shoutbox. Uses sessions to login. Features- Add smilies, add bbcodes, add or remove acp users, word filtering,language selection,cookies and auto refresh with timer to set time before refreshing.

35)   VirtualTextChat1.1
VirtualTextChat1.1 php based chat room.

36)   HMS InvisionPowerBoard ChatRoom
HMS InvisionPowerBoard ChatRoom is a chat script utility with which members of the invision power board can create instant chat rooms to dicuss issues with other members.

37)   YASB - Yet Another Shout Box
YASB (Yet Another Shout Box) is a PHP script that helps you to enable your website visitors to post their messages on your website.

38)   Frog Tag Shout Box
Frog Tag Shout Box is a PHP based chat program supported by a text file. This program can parse your web address into a clickable link on the board.

39)   TagTag
TagTag is a "web graffiti toy", or to be exact, it allows users to drop one-liner messages onto your website. It has many features, and I intend on adding many more. As I write, it is only available in PHP/mySQL form. I do however intend on adding multiple types of database support.

40)   Andys Chat 4.5 Gold
A professional chat Script with lot of new features and a cool XP design. Smilies, avatar images, personal messaging and facility to boot and ban a user and lot more.

41)   Cheesehole Shout
Cheesehole Shout is a small PHP Shout box which allows visitors to post a message to the page and leave their name and it can be disabled. Cheesehole Shout is easy to customize.

42)   Edik's Chat
Edik's Chat is a simple and easy script written using PHP. It has enhanced features like,colors, smilies, administration tool,kicking users. It is easy for you to customize.

43)   phpChatNvid
phpChatNvid is a program based on PHP with which webmasters can build a chat system on their websites. This program comes in the format of phpOpenChat.

44)   VSN Chat
VSN Chat is a simple online chat program that allow users to manage predefined dynamic chat rooms. Members can chat with their specific user groups on various issues and topics.

45)   ChatXM
This is a php based programme that allows webmasters and site owners to create a message board application on their websites. It allows users to chat in a common room.

46)   php3Chat
This is a chat system written in PHP and that uses MySQL on backend for storing data.

47)   Chats
For people that need to chat enable a web site and want to avoid the annoying "full-refresh HTML only" solution, we have goods news. InterAKT developed a "server - free" chat server

48)   D-Tag
Features: a tagboard with IP Logging, Site logging, Name, Date, and Message logging, and an anti-spam feature, also full color customization

49)   Shout It Out
Shout It Out is a simple shout box written in PHP and database as Mysql. No registeration is required. You can just provide your screen name and the message. Easy to handle.

50)   DynarchChat
This is a php based utility through which the programmers can generate chat system on their website. This application is useful for providing online support to the users website.

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