Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-44 Click Tracking (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   ClickStatistics
This is a simple PHP script that counts clicks from your site links. It is capable of counting raw and unique clicks divided by days. For the backend it uses the MySQL database so the system overhead is minimum even on big sites.

2)   Click count
Click count is a simple online clik tracking software designed to track and monitor the total number of visitors send by each of your sales and business affiliates.

3)   PHPClickLog
PHPClickLog is based on PHP-4 script. It tracks statistics of the clicks on link. Flatfile database is used here to store log files.

4)   Adsense Program in PHP
Adsense Program in PHP is a simple PHP based tracking script designed to monitor the total number of clicks on the adsense ads in your website.

5)   Google AdSense Tracking Script
Now getting real time Google AdSense statistics is easy with the Google AdSense Tracking Script. This PHP script and a simple javascript code inserted in your pages will allow you to track detailed information about the clicks on your AdSense ads.

6)   Fast Click SQL
Fast Click SQL is a simple and easy to use script that provides you with the statistical details regarding the number of clicks made on the links on your website by the website visitors.

7)   LinksMonitor
Easily track and log your site visitors' clicks on any link on any page of your site.

8)   KeywordROI
You can use this program to track your website PPC campaign. This program generates realtime statistical report on the performance of your keywords in getting traffic.

9)   Tracker
Tracker can be used to track Banner Ads, Music Files, Movie Files(Any File Type, really), Pages Hits and emails(mailto: 's). This great tool can help you know which banner ads work best, how many files are being downloaded or which pages get the most hits.

10)   click counter
Click counter is a PHP based script.It tracks the clicks on a link by the visitors.Automatic updates available with this script.

11)   Click N Link Tracker
Click N Link Tracker is a program built on PHP scripting and it is useful by managing time as a webmaster,affiliate or E-zine publishers.It tells you which one is the most popular links and downloads and which one is duped.

12)   PhpScriptLog
A script written in PHP 4 which logs a user's statistics when they click on a link.

13)   Maian Links
Easily track links that are clicked on your website. Easy to manage via clean admin interface. View top 10 most popular links in all categories combined.

14)   Click Tracker
Click Tracker is a simple script based on PHP.This script is used to track your long and ugly affiliate links.It tracks how many times your files and reports have been downloaded.

15)   InDirect
InDirect click control is a script based on PHP and it has been developed primarily as a helper tool to gather how many clicks that the user has pressed from blogs.

16)   mROI PPC Manager
MROI is a PHP based free tracking tool that counts the number of user clicks on an advertisement on a web page.Helps business establishments to manage their Pay Per Click campaigns.

17)   AdeptiSoft's Commerce Tracker
AdeptiSoft's Commerce Tracker is a script based on PHP and it observes the details of who visits your site in real time.It offers an unique approach in comparison. It is constructed specifically for e-commerce websites.

18)   asRep
asRep is a simple click tracking software with which you can monitor the real time activities of adsense ads on your web pages with a detailed daily and monthly report.

19)   TCPDB
TCPDB can work with any sized PHP websites where it can be used to track the details of TCP / IP addresses of many location and subnet on MySQL back-end. Includes a search engine to find TCP/IP address, Host name etc.,

20)   tClick
tClick is a PHP4 based script used to track the number of times a link has been clicked.MySQL is the backend database used in this script.It categorizes grouping links together to view total click-throughs for multiple links.

21)   Answers 2000 PHP Click/Counter Tracker
This script allows you to track the number of visitors to any of your advertising links or web pages, and does so silently and invisibly.

22)   Ccount
Ccount is a simple online PHP application capable of evaluating the total number of hits and the total number of downloads from website pages.

23)   Down Stat
Down Stat is a simple online click tracking software that allow users to keep in track of total downloads and files from their websites by logging users and visitors.

24)   Uresk Links PRO
Uresk Links 2.0 PRO is a simple PHP based script.It is very easy to use for link tracking.Customization like add,edit and view stats for all your links.Setup in this script is also easy.It tracks the number of clicks a certain link gets.

25)   Click Count
Click Count is a simple online click tracking software written in PHP with which webmasters would be able to track all their files and affiliate lists downloads.

26)   Ad tracking for small online businesses
OWLmarketing offers webmasters a tool for tracking their ads. This helps to keep track of the profit made from ads. It is free to set up and easy to use.

27)   DynaTracker
Dyna Tracker is a PHP script which tells you exactly which methods of advertising are successful or not. Track clicks from PPC search engines,e-zine ads,classified advertisements,exchange of links,bulk of email,autoresponders and more.

28)   ROI Web Site Traffic
Tracking of your Internet advertisement profitability.

29)   Conversion Logic
conversion logic script proclaims you that,which keyword drove the sale and how much each sale cost and average cost per sale?.It has 6 different action areas which controls within the tracking system, they are Tracking zones,Manage Listings,Reports,Engines,categories and prune.

30)   PPN Click Count
A click count script which allows the number of clicks for a URL to be called via SSI.

31)   Access Clicks Counter
This is a link click counter script written in PHP. It includes a password protected admin script for viewing the click results. Uses a text file for data handling.

32)   CesClick
A PHP/mySQL-driven click counter script for IP/browser tracking as well as the click count. Admin area for designing the statistics to be tracked.

33)   PHPtrak
PHPTrak is a script developed on PHP and which can be used to track how many times a link is accessed.To track an unlimited number of links either it is incoming to your site or outgoing from your site are designed in this script.Backend does not require any database.

34)   FastClick
Fast Click is simply script, which counts how many times a link on your site has been pressed and generated detailed statistic

35)   asRep: Google AdSense tracking script
asRep tracks and reports the views, clicks and CTR of the AdSense ads you publish in real-time. It reports the stats of domains, pages, directories, channels, clicked ads, referrers, AdSense options, IPs & countries. It tracks up to 3 ad units per page. It can email the reports periodically.

36)   HIOX Counter
Just copy the code in to your site and start using counters. Download the text file and give the values from which you want the counter to start from.

37)   Web_Mylinks
Web-Mylink is your web site link management system that can track all actions and interest of the web site visitors.

38)   Link Stats
Track clicks on links on your site. View clicks by day and sort by name, total, and average. Edit existing clicks.

39)   Chris Dingman's Hit Tracker
This is a simple click tracking software that tracks the total number of hits for your website and even logs all your site visitors along with their date and time.

40)   CounterCaffe
CounterCaffe is an click counter program. It is quick, not to mention, free, Adding this counter to a webpage is pretty easy. Some features are displaying the number of people coming to the website as well as visits weekly dan daily.

41)   EZ Link
EZLink is a nice small tool that could be applied for various purposes.It can track the number of hits you are sending to eachsite and hide a link till it is visited.

42)   Clicks Counter Pro
The Clicks Counter Pro is the best tool for your site statistic. It could also be used as clicks or downloads counter and ROI tracker. The CCP delivers the information you need to run a successful Web site in a way that you can understand. Check it!

43)   PCHelpZone
PCHelpzone will show how many times that a file has been downloaded.It is based on PHP and MySQL.It is a free, fast and easy to count downloaded files.

44)   Magic Downloads
Easy to install and control file download manager gives you an ability to view statistics on file downloads from your site.

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