Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-46 Communication Tools (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   MyAdder - Bulk MySpace Friend Adder
This script allows people to search for people by age, location, etc and then add all of them!

2)   PlaySMS - SMS Gateway
PlaySMS - SMS Gateway is a powerful communication tool through which you would be able to send and receive SMS to your friends and dear ones or broadcast them.

3)   iVITE
This is a php based event planning resource program. This is a clone of evite script. A Mysql database is required to run this program.

4)   Email to SMS
PHP script which checks a POP3 acco.unt for email and forward on to mobile

5)   Subprofile
Subprofile is equipped with speed and reliability for sending text files and also allows unlimited number of subscribers. Setup and configuration can be edited within the admin panel. Features like adding sub pages, web links, other subprofile menbers profile, quiz, count down, poll etc., available.

6)   WebCam Solution 2.3
Web based video chat. Supports up to 8000 participants. Remote administration.

7)   SciptsMill Comments
Let users add comments to your pages.

8)   Okphp BBS
Okphp BBS is an online communication tool designed to help webmasters to implement forums for sharing and holding all types of technical discussions.

PHPASPSMS is a php script that uses the to provide simple way to create a web based gateway. To use this script, you have to register with and get your own username and password. Additional features like Multiple recipients, Flashing SMS, Blinking SMS and much more available.

10)   2 way SMS
The script provides SMS/EMS services both in and out to nearly any mobile network around the world. Also send Ring tones, operator logos and more with DML interface. Once registering, you will have your username and password.

11)   SMSme
Put this form on your webpage and you will be always ONLINE!!! Receive messages right from your web site. Open source and edit line 3. You can add new fileds such as name and email and receive them in message body too!

12)   ICQ Status
ICQ status is a simple PHP script that displays ICQ Status in text format.Display ICQ status without disturbing your design and without using ICQ's indicators.

13)   e-post online site messaging system
The e-post online site messaging is a php script that allows users to send messages to other users of the same group on their site. This easily customisable script also comes with an online demo.

14)   Messenger Pro
This is a powerful instant messaging system for 'Postnuke' to send and receive messages either through a pop window or within a small section.

15)   Contact Me
With Contact Me, you can allow you visitors to send you a message.

16)   PHP Morse Coder
The PHP Morse Coder is a simple php script with which the user can easily convert a string or word into morse code and can convert morse code into readable text.

17)   Mike's Contact Script
Mike's Contact Script is a PHP based email form which is both easy to use and simple to install. This is not your average simple contact form, it is much more!

18)   MySpaceContactScript.TK
a script that users enter there myspace url and ms user id it creates a code so that they can place a contact box on there website!!! everytime someone uses the script there info gets stored into a database so you can add to there friends list and use as a counter This is the perfect script for site s with lots of traffic such as band sites

19)   MySMS
A tool to send SMS messages with the MTNSMS-"Gateway".

20)   PHPmyPagers
PHPmyPagers is a collection of PHP Pagers. It includes a SMS-Pager an ICQ Pager and a Skyper Pager. It's easy to setup and you can adjust it to your needs.

21)   SMS API
This sms-api is a communication tool script meant to send sms messages through clickatell gateway. This script requires PHP CURL module to communicate.

22)   SMS web sender
SMS web sender 2 script is a php script that allows users to send sms messages through the existing websites that offers sms sends. you should have HTTP Navigator 2.2 or higher to work in sms web sender. An online demo is available.

23)   sms2email Liveticker
The sms2email Liveticker is a php script that can be used to send sms messages from mobile phones as emails. The configuration file can be updated at selected regular intervals. Option to view and delete sender details in admin page.

24)   Ditto Tags
Ditto tags is a popular Tag Board in PHP scripts for websites.It provides realtime interactive conversations in your site. It has a very userfreindly inbuilt template system.The installation is very simple, just upload,chmod 4 files and you are done in about 15 seconds.

25)   NotePager Net
NotePager Net is a network wide text paging software script which allows all network user to share a common modem and phone line to send messages to pagers and digital phones.

26)   1Worlddo Professional
Worlddo Professional is a web CRM software for professional offices, with invoicing, time and expense management, contact management, and project tracking.

27)   PageGate
PageGate script is a powerful way of controlling business communications. The paging gateway engine takes input from web, email, commandline/ascii, serial, TAP-in etc., and sends the messages to numeric/alphanumeric pagers, cell phones, pcmcia pager cards etc.,

28)   paBox
The paBox script is a php/mySQL shoutbox script which you can add to your site. visitors can send new messages. It is a kind of guestbook.To use this you should have *NIX or IIS web server with php4 and 1 my SQL database. cookies must be enabled

29)   PHP Tracker Plus
PHP Tracker Plus is a simple tracking software that is designed to track your website visitors and the total number of clicks on certain pages of your website.

30)   Yahoo Fetch IM
Yahoo Fetch IM is a instant messenger status script that allows surfers who are visiting your website to send message or chat with you immediately. With this script you can increase your sales and to solve customer queries instantly. It allows instant messaging,online chat,online/offline status etc.

31)   NotePager 32
NetPager 32 - an easy to use communication script for small business as well as for home use. It can send sms messages to pagers and cell phones. With the built-in character counter, it is very easy to view the length of the message to be sent.

32)   Chatter Box
Chatter Box is chat script that comes with many features such as banning, word filtering, smiles, and more.

33)   Warpagez
Warpagez is designed for communication with address list and with the details about upcoming and past wars. It is also used as news engine and content manager on websites.

34)   Network Messenger
Network Messenger script enables you to send messages through your area network. Network messenger is developed using php script.

35)   SMS Web Sender
A PHP class which connects to a web site offering free SMS sending and sends SMS to mobiles.

36)   iChatStatusPublisher
iChatStatusPublisher is an advanced communication utility that has the ability to display your current online iChat status on your website pages.

37)   BrijnSMS
BrijnSMS is a front-end to SMS Client and handles all SMS services supported by it. BrijnSMS is a small script written to allow authenticating and logging of messages send thru SMS Client.

38)   PHPMQ
PHPMQ is a communication tool which helps the developers to transfer message without server utility. It delivers messages in queue.

39)   ICQ-Webmailer
ICQ-Webmailer is a script coded in PHP. It sends messages to an icq client through an inet form.

40)   UliMessenger
SMS messaging and subscription tool to manage global SMS campaigns through your web. Popular applications include peer-to-peer messaging, SMS marketing, alerts, info-text, web-to-mobile content, notifications and much more.

41)   Esvon classifieds-instant messenger module
Esvon classifieds- instant messenger module is a web based messenger script by which you can chat even when you have http access only. Automatic logout on closing the browser is possible.

42)   NotePager Pro
NotePager Pro script is a paging software to send text messages to multi recipients through wireless service providers. Advanced features such as group paging, on-call groups, pre-programmed messages,scheduled and repeating messages are available.

43)   WebGate
WebGate script is an SMTP/POP mail server by which you can send internet paging and email notification to pagers, cell phones and other paging devices. High end features such as multiple modem support(upto 16), message queuing, on-call groups, comprehensive message logging,remote administration etc.

44)   SmartBeep PageIT Plus
SmartBeep pageIT Plus is a simple php script to get messages from emails on the smart beep pager. The script can allow upto 160 characters. The script is easily customizable.

45)   secretMessagex
secretMessagex is a php script that allows users to send secret messages to their crushes. The users can create personalised accounts to check incoming/outgoing of secret messages. An admin script is provided to edit configuration, add/delete ADs, show user statistics and much more.

46)   PHP Newbie
PHP Newbie is a php script which queries the RogerWilco Server and displays the output in a fresh page. The script also takes the arguments to the RW client.

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