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1-50 Counters (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   PHP Multipage counter
PHP Multipage counter is used by the webmasters which helps them to count the number of page hits by the visitors and stores the detail of this in the text file.

2)   Simple MySQL PHP Hit Counter
Simple MySQL PHP Hit Counter is a tutorial that teaches the users how to create a simple hit counter with php and mysql on their website.

3)   Simple clicks counter script
Simple clicks counter script is a tutorial that teaches the users how to create a simple click counter script that counts each click made on the item by the visitors by using php.

4)   Users Online Counter
Add automatic Users Online Counter to your website. All you have to do is copy/paste the code anywhere on your webpage and you can display the number of unique visitors online! Easy to install, platform independent and 100% free.

5)   xcounter
Xcounter is a PHP based script. It is an counter to count webpage hits and displays it in graphical or text mode. Every counter can use its own image set using counter id. It has ability to add your own custom image sets.

6)   Site Stats
Site Stats v.2.1. Uses PHP/MYSQL. Stores IP address and host of a visitor to pages on your site plus the date and time of visit. Includes administrators page for viewing the stats and for purging records.

7)   PHPcounter by Qads
This is a Simple counter which will count number of hits on your webpage and add it to mysql database.

8)   Users Online
This script allows you to count how many users have been on your site within the last 30 min. It requires 1 mysql database entry and some variables changed in the script.

9)   airCounter
airCounter is a MySQL and php4 based script for counting visitors of a website. Some features include: Easy to configure, can be used as text or image based counter, different Imagesets available, advanced settings for proffessional users (e.g. output is easily cusomizable by through regular expressions) and more.

10)   CounterCode Enterprise Edition
Run your own web counter/statistics service with CounterCode.

11)   Users Online
Users online script displays the number of unique users online.

12)   Free Hit Counter Script
This is a simple and light weight online counter software that counts the total number of hits for your website pages without using MySQL database.

13)   PHPBB Simple Stats
PHPBB Simple Stats displays the number of posts, number of users and the name of the latest registered user.

14)   Unique Visitor Counter (HUC 1.0)
This counts only unique clicks based on ipAddress. The visit from a ipAddress to a webpage will be counted only once every 24hrs.

15)   Hit Counter Host
This program will help you to furnish your clients with a highly featured and easy to install counter software that counts total visitor hits for webpages.

Web based multifunctional tool for real time website monitoring and traffic analyses. Marketing, Traffic Analyses, Referrals , User Profile.

17)   A simple flat file hit counter
A simple flat file hit counter is an online tutorial briefing the step by step procedures and sample PHP codes for generating an online PHP counter software.

18)   Counter Script
Counterscript is written in PHP. This script allows the user to show a web page counter in text or graphical mode. You can adjust almost any setting.

19)   phpUseronline
phpUseronline is a counter script. It is used to count how many visitors are online. It stores the information in MySQL database.

20)   PowerPhlogger
PowerPhlogger is a php based counter hosting programme.It lets you to offer counter services to others from your site. Your clients dont need php support on their server.

21)   Referral Tracking
Referral Track is a counter script. It count visitors online. It uses PHP and MySQL. MySQL is a database to store the visitors online detail.

22)   PhpDaily_Counter
A Counter which can show daily hits on any website runing php and mysql database.

23)   Live Traffic 5
Live Traffic 5 is a real time counter software programme that provides statistical details of the number of users for your websites. This script uses flat files instead of MYSQL database.

24)   Simple Pageviews Counter
Simple Pageviews Counter is an online tutorial that contributes to readers on creating a website counter for counting how many times a web page is viewed by the visitors.

25)   CountMySQL
CountMySQL project is used to display the counts in graphical mode. It stores the hit statistics in a MySQL database.

26)   InstaCounter
InstaCounter is a script built on PHP and it is a counter script. It allows you to add unlimited counters. It stores all settings in MySQL database.

27)   TxtHit hit counter
TxtHit hit counter is designed with PHP scripting module that can give the details of total hits made on a page including unique and overall hits. Text based file system can be used as backend.

28)   Liquid Frog - Free Graphical Hit Counter
This is an useful image based online visitor tracker that calculates and displays the total number of visitors for your website in different graphical formats.

29)   My PHP-Who is online
My PHP-Who is online script is used to count how many visitors are online. It tracks browsing forum or it track signing guestbook and member_id. The layout is editable.

30)   Get Counters
With the help of this script, you will be able to place a counter on your website to monitor the number of visitors to your website and to display the numbers on your website. It is available in different skins to suit the design of your website. It contains numerous number of features.

31)   myStats
This is a handy tool for the webmasters built with PHP that can count and display the total number of visitors for any active website.

32)   Simple usersonline Class
Simple Users online class is a script used to count how many visitors have visited your site. It stores the information to the database. It checks if user is coming behind proxy server and it helps in script accuracy.

33)   GraphiCookie Counter
GraphiCookie Counter is a graphic counter using a cookie to identify your visitors not to count them twice. You can use your own images and define the cookie lifetime before counting again the visitors. Set of pictures included.

34)   Download Counter
Download Counter is an open source download counter / tracking script designed to be small, fast and easy to customise to your own requirements. Downloads are tracked on a per day basis which will form the graphing element when written. It has been written in PHP/MySQL and the download contains all the source code and database creation scripts to get you started.

35)   PHP MyHitCounter
PHP MyHitCount is a web based frontend and it is a hit tracker. It counts the number of visits to your website. MySQL database handles the online visitors information.

36)   mod.counter
displays the number of page visits and users currently online on your site. mysql-based.

37)   Advanced CowCounter
Advanced CowCounter is a PHP based counter software that can track the total number of hits for your website with the date and time, IP address, browser details etc.

38)   SmE Fast Users Online
SmE Fast Users Online - allows you to run your own Online users hosting service. this is a good tool for webmaster, your will be able to offer a Online users a counter.

39)   Top 100 or Free Counter
Top 100 or Free Counter is a program that allows users to have a hit counter for their websites. This program also enables webmasters to know their site rank.

40)   Free Hit Counters
Free Hit Counters is a collection of php scripts that allows users to track the number of hits on their site. Has admin facilities to customize and configure.

41)   Unique visitors today counter
Unique visitors today counter is an online article that provides powerful PHP codes to track and evaluate the total number of visitors for your website.

42)   GC Log
GC Log is a powerful counter software that helps website owners to monitor and maintain a record of all those visitors to their website.

43)   TXcounter
TXcounter is a page counter based on cookies. Output is in the form of total and unique hits (for yesterday, today and overall) as well as monthly graphs showing the relative hits per day.

44)   eCounters
eCounters is a simple web tracking system that counts the total number of users, hits, page views etc,. for your website along with the comprehensive statistics updated in real time.

45)   Download Counter
This script is a basic download counter script. This script can be used to count file downloads. Provides easier customization and several functions. No additional setup is required for this script.

46)   Flyscripts - Remotely Hosted Scripts
Flyscripts provides remotely hosted scripts that you can use on your website. We currently offer a hit counter with a range of customisation options for each counter. We hope to soon offer a full range of scripts including .. Users Online counter, News Script, Guestbook etc

47)   Antido's Counter
Antido's Counter is a PHP based counter software with which webmasters would be able to track and evaluate the total number of visitors for their website.

48)   ABTi Hit Counter
ABTi Hit Counter is a perl based online hit counter that provides instant mail notification for the webmasters about each and every hit on their websites.

49)   FW Counters
FW Counter is an online counter program which is helpful for the webmasters that displays them their websites regular traffic report in a statistical format.

50)   SCounter
SCounter is a php based script. It is mighty and simple counter.Two Display modes are available- text or in graphical mode. Both in vertical or horizontal mode can also be displayed.

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