Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-50 Customer Support (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Php Unlimited Chat
Live chat support script based on Php & MySQL. Many great features and works on both Linux and Windows platforms. Unlimited website version.

2)   PHP Ticket
PHP Ticket is an advanced ticketing system written in PHP and MySQL. It contains user management sessions, search function etc., to make your ticket managing task easier.

3)   Comdev Customer Helpdesk v2.0
The powerful helpdesk ticketing system that allows you to establish an online support centre for your customers. Features: canned texts, auto-reply, notify email, customer post comment & upload attachment, ticket history, flag ticket, set status, add support issues, add reply directly to FAQ, more..

4)   RealLink - Customer Service Application
RealLink - Customer Service Application is a powerful PHP aplication using which large corporate business firms and companies would be able to provide perceptive online customer care to all their customers.

5)   Support Ticket System
PHP/MySQL Customer Support Ticket System with email notification, user management and registration, administration console, fully template driven for easy site customisation. 15 mins to install.

6)   PHP LiveChat
PHP LiveChat is written using PHP and JavaScript for the purpose of solving customer problems by communicating with them online. This system has more new and exclusive features for online communication.

7)   h2desk
h2desk is the powerful way to provide online support to your customers.

8)   IRM
IRM is a web based helpdesk system for asset and problem tracking especially built for the purpose of helpdesks and IT departments. It records all the information relating to hardware and software of every computer in your organization.

9)   phpSupport
phpsupport is easy to install and light weight. It has a basic layout and easy to customize. Submission of trouble tickets via perl Email gateway.

10)   YUDO The Ultimate Web Desk for the ASP
YUDO helpdesk system is written using ASP and supports ACCESS database. It contains various features for user, staff and administration areas individually.

11)   Isolsoft Support Center
Support Center is a PHP/MySQL based customer support system that increase the productivity and efficiency of your support staff. Main features: multiple languages support, in-built knowledge base, automated email notifications, email templates, customizable end user interface, and much more.

12)   DeskLance - Revoultionary HelpDesk/Ticketing System
DeskLance - Revoultionary HelpDesk/Ticketing System

13)   Heathco Help Desk
Heathco Help Desk provides a perfect solution for online support for your customers. It saves time and money and is suitable for small to larger business corporations. A built-in knowledgebase assists staffs to reduce their time in solving customer's queries.

14)   eForcer
This is ticket based customer support program in PHP to help users in implementing department wise help desk system on their websites.

15)   osTicket STS
osTicket STS is a simple program for open source support ticket system written in PHP and MySQL database as backend. It is a system which supports aliases with perl gateway etc., Admin features such as email alerts for pager, create categories, representatives etc.,

16)   Contact US
Helpful for the webmasters to create a contact form by which they can receive messages from web visitors and secure emails by hiding it from spammers.

17)   Live Help Messenger
Live Help Messenger is a customer service software that provides solution to the support operators to have a live chat with their online browsers in real-time.

18)   Double Choco Latte
Double Choco Latte is a helpdesk system which integrates basic project management capabilities, time tracking, call tracking, email notifications, online documents, statistical features etc., in one package. This version also contains bug fix for ticket notifications.

19)   PHP Support Tickets
PHP Support Tickets is a simple and powerful customer relation software available online to solve all customer relation problems. Setting up multiple login for more staffs is possible with admin side. Various features like file attachments, receiving emails automatically etc.,are offered.

20)   CitrusDB
CitrusDB is database driven program that can be used by the administrators on their business to track their products, customer information, billing, customer service information etc.,

21)   HelpOnClick
This is an online customer support chat utility which helps you to communicate with your online customers. You can easily customize the chat window of this utility. You can easily integrate this chat utility on your web sites.

22)   A Plus Bill
A Plus Bill is a help desk system which is also capable of auto billing through cron jobs. It comes with numerous features for users as well as for the administrators.

23)   Edge Panel
EdgePanel is a simple but powerful customer support tool that allows users to provide advanced helpdesk services to clients and staffs. Features like online chatting with customers,email piping,staff and ticket reporting etc. The system is supported with simple user interface, searchable databases.

24)   Information Call Center
Information Call Center is a PHP based call center system to provide solution for call centers. With this system it is easy to handle customer's calls, assigning priority to calls, search calls, log calls and more features available.

25)   ZSupport
ZSupport is a customer support system packed with more features to assist you in website monitoring, allows access to multiple user live chat with department based.

26)   OSS - Oveas Support System
OSS is a complete web based customer support system which offers everything that you require to provide full suport ts your customers. It has a built-in user management, Announcement, known issues, FAQ lists and several communication options.

27)   @1 Helpdesk XP
An intelligent web-based helpdesk system. It adopts a more effective ticket sorting/ranking method on top of a new "closed ticket" feature.

28)   Craft Syntax Live Help
Crafty Syntax Live Help is a live chat system that supports the website operators to view the customer traffic and to initiate chat session with the visitor. It is written using PHP and uses MySQL database. Features include chat notifcation, allows to access multiple chat sessions etc.,

29)   SitePanel 2
SitePanel 2 is an Enterprise-level helpdesk system featured with full search capabilities, visually pleasing user interface, ticket time management, email piping support, ticket attachment support and unlimited users and staffs. New features includes knowledgebase articles, cosmetics fixes etc.,

30)   Jab:ITS Incident Tracking System
Jab:ITS Incident Tracking System is a PHP based customer support script which uses MySQL database that helps you in tracking the issues and reporting the issues regarding customer support and occurences.

31)   DeskPRO
DeskPRO is a helpdesk system with wide range of features. Some of the important features include unlimited custom fields, full language translations of the user interface, SQL backend, Advanced FAQ etc.,

32)   Boldchat
Boldchat is an live support provider for having online chat with your customers. With this system you will be able to achieve more results, understand your visitors and customers better.

33)   Maian Support
Easy to install support ticket system.

34)   Dapper Desk Online Help Desk
Organize your customer requests. Create tickets via login or via email. Unlimited end-users and unlimited customer service reps. Color coded status codes. Customizable autoresponses. Mutliple themes.

35)   Ace Helpdesk Software
This is an useful PHP software through which the users can generate help desk on their website. This software helps in providing technical support to their clients.

36)   :: iSupport ::
Knowledge base, support tickets and FAQ helpdesk.

37)   PHP Helpdesk
PHP Helpdesk is a customer support system written in PHP and uses MySQL database backend. The system allows to edit user lists, departments or companies, categories etc.,

38)   LiveSys
LiveSys is an online live customer support system that allows the customers to get the information they require from the company at anytime. Different packages are available to suit different size of organizations.

39)   ITROM Live Staff
ITROM Live Staff allows a live interaction between the visitors of your website and your operators.

40)   AITOC Support Ticketing System
AITOC Support Ticketing System is a helpdesk system which is written using PHP and backedup with MySQL database. The system can be easily integrated with your application that have interaction with your users.

41)   Ware Support
Ware Support is a php based online help desk programme where users can create support tickets and you are intimated and so you can respond immediatly. This programme has many useful features for an online helpdesk system.

42)   guanxiCRM
guanxiCRM is a customer relation management system created for the exclusive use for Asian firms. The system is capable of dealing with chinese notions of Guanxi and Mianzi. The system can be used by a wide range of industries.

43)   Help Center Live
Help Center Live is a customer support system that allows the user to communicate with their online clients in real time. This system supports unlimited operators or departments or users. Further it also manages trouble tickets.

44)   MiniHelp!
Live Help for websites - Without monthly taxes!

45)   Ticket System
This is a powerful PHP based Help Desk system that allows you to establish an online support centre for your web site customers. You can easily integrate this ticket system on your web sites.

46)   innovateHelpDesk
innovateHelpDesk is a powerful and easy to use suport desk solution. With this you can reduce support costs, training costs of your staffs and also you can improve your customer satisfaction to a great level.The script is highly cofigurable and customizable without knowing any programming knowledge.

47)   DocBuilder -
DocBuilder makes it easy for users to manage online documentation on their website. Perfect for training manuals, intranets, employee handbooks, online support documentation, etc.

48)   Magia SiteIM
Magia SiteIM is an online customer support system that provides you to communicate with your clients and can make folllow-ups to close the sale. The system provides you automatic contact and conversation logging.

49)   Virtual HelpDesk
Virtual HelpDesk is a customer support helpdesk system which allows the users to search for help questions. This system is useful for those who have a technical website.

50)   Global digital's Support Center
Global digital's Support Center is a simple online PHP based customer support program that offers live customer support for all website visitors and members.

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