Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Database Tools (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   php database wizard
Php database wizard is a php database tool and is one of the best programs in the mysql-php database area. Very useful to create database driven web pages. We can automatically insert, delete, list or update forms.

2)   phpMyEdit
phpMyEdit is a database tool used to generate editor code. It fits in a single MySQL table. It will provide a style sheet to format data, choice of fonts and colors etc.

3)   apgDB2xls
This is a PHP based script that helps to transform database table into an Excel spreadsheet. Provides easy user interface.

4)   PHP Excel Parser Pro
PHP Excel Parser Pro is a program that reads MS Excel files and saves the data in databse, as HTML pages. This a apt tool for doing PHP under Unix and Linux without using Windows tools like COM. This tool works with data type, contained in the cell. This newer version supports MAC Excel files also.

5)   PHP Text
PHP Text DB is a flat file database program. This lets you to provide effective content without using mySql or ODBC.

6)   PhpMyViews
PhpMyviews is a small PHP written program that lets you to create mysql queries and put the results in HTML pages. This programme also performs MYSQL based actions like select, update, edit and to delete.

7)   Text database system (textdb)
Text database system is a php script. You can utilise this program to manage a text database. This version of application has fixed a bug in removing database.

8)   PHPGem
PHPGem is a program based on PHP. It allows the users to generate PHP-scripts to operate with tables. It works with different SQL servers.

9)   MySQLHandler
MySQLHandler is built in PHP script database tools. It allows you when writing queries in your code and you don't need to program those link statements. It returns the results in multidimensional arrays.

10)   PHP Excel Converter
PHP converter from Excel to MySQL without any additional modules like COM for large Excel file processing works on LAMP platforms

11)   MySQL Query Maker
MySQL Query Maker is used to create a new query or load an existing query for its execution. At present only one database can be selected. This script has an option to select multiple tables.

PHPMYSQLDUMP database tool is a php built script used to backup the MySQL database. It is very comfortable to use and to customize.

13)   ExcelExplorer
ExcelExplorer is a PHP scripted program. Without using COM or ODBC, this program can read data from a Excel file and works on any PHP platform. This script supports windows and Mac Excel files and no extra classes, configurations or modules needed.

14)   ezDatabase
It is a PHP database application through which webmasters can create their own online databases for their website. It requires no programming knowledge and also it is easy to integrate.

DaDaBIK is a PHP script that permits users to build webform interface for a MYSQL database to insert, delete and update database records. Users can customize this tool very easily and fast.

16)   ezSQL Database Class
within your Php/C++ scripts to use mysql, InterBase/FireBird, Oracle8, SQLite C++, PHP and Post gresql. Superb debug functions making it very fast to watch your sql code and works with templating lanugage.

17)   A.M.B.T. - MySQL Backup Tool
This is an easy to use database tool and is a PHP based program that can be used to backup MySQL website databases. This is completely an automated program.

18)   dbForm
dbForm is a database tool having more features. It connects to any database via ADODB. It creates default buttons for processing. Customization like adding and removing fields are abled.

19)   ExcelExplorer
ExcelExplorer is a PHP scripted program. Without using COM or ODBC, this program can read data from a Excel file and works on any PHP platform. This script supports windows and Mac Excel files and no extra classes, configurations or modules needed.

20)   Oracle Commander
Oracle Commander is a tool which handles the data stored in an Oracle database. It is a PHP based script. You can customize it easily.

21)   PDBM- Patient Data Base Management
This is a database management system developed with php for dentists. Doctors can manage their patient's records in this program with complete details of them including their photograph.

22)   MySQL database Useradmin
MySQL Database UserAdmin is a database tool performs to create webbased interface. It administers the data of the user in MySQL database. Customization is included.

23)   phpMyBackup
phpMyBackup is a MySQL database tool. It generates the backups from a MySQL-Database in given time. It stores the data in a gzip file.

24)   CSV Data Tool
CSV Data Tool component is a PHP based database tool. This program provides a shortcut to update and maintain your database driven website easily and quickly.

25)   phpFlashMyAdmin
Like phpMyAdmin? Don't like page refreshes? This tool is for you! Not only can you edit mysql table structures and data, you can also *visually* create foreign key relationships among InnoDB tables. Includes 100% of source code!

26)   phpImporter
This is a php based programme that allows you to acquire ascii files into MySQL database. This can be done from the ease of web browser.

27)   Relational form Wizard for MySQL
This script is used to create a form wizard for MySQL database. It handles MySQL as backend of this script. The data's are stored in the parent table and no new child tables are required. The recent release of this programme facilitates multiple select capabilities.

28)   PHP-TextDB API
Txt-Db-API is a database tool which gets the data from the text files as SQL Database. SQL database is quite enough for this tool than another database. Customization like query, create and other functions are easy.

29)   Database-File-Upload-Download.PHP
Database-File-Upload-Download.PHP is a simple online software written in PHP that provides complete and optimum solution for software developers to store all image files in an unique database file so that much of the disk space is saved.

30)   EasySQL
EasySQL lets you run SQL commands on your mySQL database using just your web browser. Set up EasySQL in three easy steps.Its easy for beginners aswell as experts too.

31)   MySQL Database 2 Excel KonvertR
MySQL Database 2 Excel KonvertR is a small and handy programme for webmasters to export the contents of a MySQL database into an excel file without ODBC.

32)   Jax db_tools
A collection of tools for managing CSV- and MySQL- tables...

33)   Backup DB
Backup DB is a database tool written in PHP. It is used to restore and backup utility. Backup and restore processes are programmed in perl.

34)   QuickDB
QuickDB is a programme that will allow PHP developers to move from one database to another without rewriting codes. This programme positions between a PHP script and PHP Database API.

35)   Fusion Downloads
Fusion downloads is a php based download manager script for websites. Commonly used in anime sites,the script protects the download URL's from leechers and tracking the number of times the file is being downloaded.

36)   Instant Report!
Instant Report is a powerful database tool capable of generating reports for the records of MySQL database by extracting the essential details from them.

37)   phpSQLGen
phpSQLGen is a database tool built in PHP. This project provides functions for generating SQL queries, HTML tables, and XML documents. The output of each SQLGen method is a SQL query string, the library is compatible with ADODB, Pear DB, PHPLib and some other databases.

38)   PHP MySQL Table manager
PHP MySQL Table manager is a php script developed to make easy administration of MySQL database. You can create, rename or drop tables, changing table structures by dropping or adding keys and indexes with this program. It is a simple adminstrator of mysql database.

39)   PHP Excel
php excel is a php written script. With this program all your data are colleted from SQL table to a MS excel file. The excel file specifies a set of headers, defining content.

40)   ADP
ADP is a PHP program which makes a library set to do a fast creation of PHP front-end to a MySQL database. No other programs available at this time for Linux platform, ADP is a kind of replacement for MS Access. This program lets a modular system that can be expandable.

41)   Text to DB
Text to DB is a database tool used to dump delineated text file to MySQL table.

42)   wtcSQLite
wtcSQLite is a program based on PHP using which users can effectively manage each and every aspect of the SQLite database with ease.

43)   AddpuszBaza
Addpuszbaza is a php based script. The users who manage their datas can use this database tool to create database forms with customization facility that allows user to add, remove, delete the data easily.

44)   SqlCommand class
SqlCommand class is a PHP based program using which users can use MySQL server stored procedures via PHP. It makes it possible to let the users to read PHP code contents.

45)   MySql PHP Backup
MySql PHP Backup is a PHP based database script. With this program you can make a backup of your Mysql database in sql or gz form. In the event of server crash this script allows you to restore the lost format.

46)   phpMySQLAutoBackup
phpMySQLAutoBackup is a simple database tool that helps webmasters by automating MySQL database backups effectively without losing any data.

47)   Just another MySQL-Client
Just another MySQL Client is a Web interface to a mySQL database written in PHP. It allows you to display and query database.

48)   MySQL PHP Helper
MySQL PHP Helper is a database tool which is used to restore larger database files as it runs in server-side. This script does not require to upload a file.

49)   t-77.DbBackup
t-77 DbBackup is a backing up tool that helps you to make a backup of MySQL database which is compressed to a Zlib file and send it to your specified email.

50)   Accession for php
Accession is powerful development tool aimed at providing developers an intuitive framework through which they can develop complex, web-based database administration applications in a minimal amount of time.

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