Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-50 Development Tools (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   MX Looper Suite
Create nested repeated regions and horizontal loopers - For Dreamweaver MX programmers who create dynamic websites, MX Looper Suite is a collection of Commands and Server Behaviors for the PHP, ASP and ColdFusion server models that create complex repeated regions.

2)   phpCodeGenie
PHPcodeGenie is a code generator for PHP/MYSQL applications. Its capable of generating numerous forms and tables from your database tables for you.

3)   XLS Reader Class
XLS Reader Class is used to read binary files using PHP. This PHP class doesn't need any components. It is used to deliver report in websites without any programming languages.

4)   XLS Generator
XLS Generator is a simple and easy to use PHP script that can help us create binary XLS files which can be used in MS-Excel. This script enables the user to create spreadsheets just with PHP.

5)   PHP and UML Class Diagrams
PHP and UML Class Diagrams is a tutorial that tells the users how to create design in their applications in the form of diagrams using php and uml.

6)   PHPCB
This is a powerful PHP class builder designed specially for database access tier through which you would be able to build powerful database driven PHP applications.

7)   PHP Multi Syntax Highlighter CODE tags for PunBB
This is a simple program that can be used to highlight programming codes and syntax, change the colour and font size of the highlighted entities.

8)   PHP Application Server
PHP application server helps to build web applications and websites without any special knowledge of designing and programming of web applications.

9)   Tag Tester (php)
Tag Tester(PHP) is a very simple script for testing PHP pages, it gives the outputs and so the programmer can know if there are any errors.

10)   Flyspray - The Bug Killer
Flyspray - The Bug Killer is a bug tracking program designed without much complications for tracking software developments by facilitating quick database access.

11)   The Ismo PHP Framework
Ismo is a PHP based application framework. It helps to make complicated designs in a easier way.

12)   BlueShoes
BlueShoes is a PHP written content management system. It supports MYSQL database, Oracle and MSSQL also. This programmes extensive feature set makes even the toughest programming tasks very easy.

13)   PHP, HTML and Java Test Board
PHP, HTML and Java Test Board is a powerful development tool using which you can test the efficiency of your projects and softwares without the support of FTP's.

14)   PHP Application Structure
The PHP Application Structure is a development tool for appication framework that provides you the basics of dividing, logic and graphic and how to use the session management.

15)   t0xirc - the aEGiS PHP to Eggdrop gateway class
t0xirc is a PHP class that can make any PHP application to communicate with the IRC bot Eggdrop. This will be very useful in listing the online users on the IRC on your PHP page.

16)   phpBugTracker
phpBugTracker is a bug tracking software meant for tracking bugs of software projects, unlike other bug tracking utilities this has multi user support.

17)   PHP Code Lock Source Encryption
PHPCODELOCK helps encoding your PHP source code published on a website. It uses a very secure algorithm that is foolproof and impossible for anybody to break, but can still work on a server or browser.

18)   Marc's PHP Debugger
PHP Debugger is a debugging program and is developed using php. This program is used to debug your newly written php scripts locally or remotely. The output is redirected to the listener that is part of php debugger.

19)   BrowserSniffer
You can use this PHP tool to detect the browser compatibility of your site visitors and to check it with a predefined configuration file.

20)   Dreamweaver Code Reuse
Functional Server Side Includes in DWMX - For PHP and CF developers who need to save time by reusing code in their web applications, MX Includes is a Dreamweaver MX extension that provides server behaviors allowing the effective use of statically or dynamically included files within your site.

21)   OpenBiz
OpenBiz is a PHP based framework that helps to make complicated web applications easier. It is built with cross platform language. It has key features like all OpenBiz design studio, multi layer architecture.

22)   StyleTools
A simple PHP tool that converts CSS/HTML formats. It also will produce a CSS family. Please note that StyleTools is released under the BSD licence.

23)   PHP Accelerator
PHP Accelerator is a robust PHP file caching utility. Using this utility the performance of webservers running PHP can be increased drastically.

24)   Portal API
Portal APIPortal API is an application framework software that excels itself in developing portal systems for web based applications.

25)   Mantis
Mantis is a web based bug tracking system with MYSQL backend that provides bug fixes and localization updates for tracking bugs.

26)   CSV MySQL Converter
CSV MySQL Converter is a php based script that helps users to write CSV contents into a Mysql database. Every line of the CSV content is written into Mysql.

27)   PHITE PHP Site Framework
PHITE PHP Site Framework is a powerful site framework with which you can build websites by just dropping text, HTML and PHP snippet files in directories.

28)   Ampoliros
Ampoliros is a script that is backed by Solarix. It offers customization, support, and is great for internet and intranet development.

29)   Ends CSS Generator
ECG is a revolutionary script allowing you to easily create Cascading Style Sheets for your website through our intuitive web interface.

30)   phpHtmlLib
phpHtmlLib is a collection of PHP classes and library functions that can help PHP programmers to do several functions in their PHP programmes.

31)   Code Secure
Add just one line of code to your PHP or HTML file and instantly protect your hard work - without the hard work of traditional encryption programs.

32)   EditPHP
EditPHP is a simple utility for editing your PHP and HTML codes online.

33)   AVUSBD
AVUSBD is a simple online development software that assist webmasters to have complete control over their remotely hosted programes and allows them to access USB ports through the TCP/IP.

34)   Bugport
The bugport is built with PHP script utilizing its Object Oriented functions and is very much helpful to track bugs in software development process.

35)   Mufinware
Mufinware is a collection of class for use with PHP coding for interacting with the backend. This script makes the work easier for the PHP programmer.

36)   PHP Email Libraries
PHP Email Libraries is a collection of tiny PHP classes which are useful to work with email related functions in PHP. It saves time for the programmer with its ready built functions.

37)   PHAkt
PHAkt is a server model for Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and 2004, allowing PHP generation using the same techniques as when developing ASP/JSP/ColdFusion. It is a better alternative to the PHP_MySQL server model.

38)   phpSync
This phpSync is an efficient development tool that can be used to organize and upload your website contents through normal FTP's with MD5 hashes.

39)   Internet Explorer 6 as an FTP Client
Internet Explorer 6 as an FTP Client is a PHP article relating about the usage and impact of IE 6 as a FTP client in uploading web content online.

40)   Date class
Date class is a PHP class for manipulating date and time. This class controls all functions regarding time with PHP script.

41)   paBugs
paBugs is a bug tracker designed to help developers organize bugs in their programs/scripts. It has an easy to use interface making browsing the database simple and a full featured easy to use admin center for managing the bug database. Written in PHP and using MySQL for the data backend, paBugs is a fast, server/CPU-friendly script.

42)   PHP and HTML CodeExecuter
You can use this development tool to run and execute your scripts directly from your server. This PHP application is easy to use and to handle.

43)   PHPLens
PHPLens is a powerful PHP application server that allows PHP developers to quickly create database-driven web applications. With PHPLens, web pages can be quickly created to present data as html tables with facilities to create, edit, search and delete records.

44)   BiteSizeWebsiteEnvironment
Bitesize website environment is a PHP based content management system. It helps for generating database driven dynamic websites. It has functions like user security and administration.

45)   Japha

46)   Simple Test for PHP
Simple Test is a testing software available with both PHP and JWeb unit functions providing complete developer test solutions for all types of PHP files.

47)   PHP Print - Echo
PPE is a handy little script that allows you to enter in plain text or HTML, and get the PHP equivelant back. No more wasting time getting your text to be "code-ready", with PPE, you enter the text, and the script does the rest!

48)   RC4Crypt - RC4 Encryption in PHP
RC4Crypt is a library that helps PHP programmers to use RC4 encryption in their PHP programmes. This is a very tiny, still very functional library.

49)   Turck MMCache
Turck MMCache is a PHP script that encodes, Optimises and caches PHP script so that the processing becomes more faster. Since it caches the files, the load on the server decreases drastically.

50)   tableVarDump()
tableVarDump()is an efficient development tool in PHP that provides multi-dimensional array variables in HTML table formats. This script can be easily integrated in to any websites.

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