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1-50 E-Commerce (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Quick Cart
This is a simple and effective PHP based shopping cart application through which users can perform online business from their website. This application facilitates the provision of selling various products online.

2)   PHP Invoice
PHP Invoice is a PHP/MySQL-based account and automated invoice management program.

3)   Online store php script
Run a complete online store that supports most payment processors

4)   E-Catalogue
E-Catalogue is an E-commerce software tool that is used to sell your products online in a catalog form without requiring a database.

5)   Digi-Cart
This is a PHP and MySQL based online e-commerce program to help web hosting companies to maintain an e-store with several skins.

6)   Excel price-list for osCommerce
Excel price-list for osCommerce

7)   Pinnacle Cart
Pinnacle Cart is an efficient online shopping cart software with which you can create a fullfeatured e-store on the net to sell all your products online.

8)   cpCommerce
cpCommerce is a shopping cart which is template and module driven e-commerce tool with SSL Support and Built-In Manual for creating online stores.

9)   PhpBB Integration - X-Cart MOD
PhpBB Integration - X-Cart MOD is an add on for PHP BB which enables PHPBB tool carryout E-commerce functions.

10)   Solunas Hotel Management and Booking
It is a simple PHP based E-commerce application through which users can perform small to medium online hotel management business. This software offers online booking facilities.

11)   IPN Pro PHP
AUTOMATE SALES... IPN Pro is ideal for selling e-goods online like ebooks, scripts, mp3, software, etc using a PayPal "Cart" or "Buy Now" button & need to securely send customers Instant Payment confirmation email with a file attachment, activation key, download link or members access details.

12)   digiSHOP
PHP Shopping Cart with a very easy to use admin interface. Allows you to seamlessly integrate the shopping cart into your website design with a template based system.

13)   HYIP Manager
HYIP Manager Pro is a package for investment sites. This software helps you to create and manage your own HYIP with ease. Automatic withdrawal, instant payment and mass payment included. The combination of price, features, performance and security are the best on the current market.

14)   Clover Shop
Clover Shop is a dynamic shopping cart in PHP and HTML that does not require MYSQL as it's backend instead it uses editable flat text files.

15)   EPS Shop
EPS Shop is a simple yet powerful ecommerce system, allows you to sell your digital files like jpg, gif, bmp, png, zip, pdf, exe files etc. This system is also a very flexible system for you to manage your webpages for SEO purposes. All webpages created through the system is in static html format.

16)   MX Shop
This is an php based application that allows users to create e-commerce sites with the turnkey template solutions. This programme allows users to edit in Studio MX and MX collection.

17)   oscMall System
This is an e-commerce software tool that helps you to run as many as oscommerce shop under a single domain. This software is designed for online store creation process with an unique template system so that twenty different layouts and themes is available for the owners.

18)   HS.CART
Suits Small business Easy To install No programming experience required No database required Layout based on CSS Template support so it’s easy to customize Full administration for products, category, couriers, information pages like about us and contacts .. Free to use and distribute

19)   Automated Instant Digital Product Downloads - DownloadNow!
Offer Automated Instant Digital Product Downloads for Auctions and Paypal with DownloadNow!

20)   CubeCart™ - Free Template Driven eCommerce Script

21)   E-bank and Investment Program Manager
Advanced Investment Program Manager Script with additional features. Also Hosting.

22)   Squirrelcart
Squirrelcart is an e-commerce online shopping cart in PHP that requires MYSQL as its backend. This is completely database driven with secure socket layer.

23)   DigitalWebShop
DigitalWebShop is an e-commerce tool for online shopping cart with unique images in the catalogs along with the categories ans sub categories.

24)   :: PayDownloadPal ::
Digital download delivery automation with Paypal ecommerce integration.

25)   Php-MultiShop
This is a powerful e-commerce software using which you can develop and deploy online shopping malls with several shops and contents.

26)   DVD Rental System
This is a PHP based rental program through which webmasters can maintain an online DVD rental website. This software helps in searching information stored in the dedicated server and helps in installing web parts, purchasing equipment and more.

27)   Sun Pay
This is an useful online billing utility written in PHP using which e-commerce professionals would be able to set up a fully featured payment processor for their customer transactions.

28)   Amazon Webstore
Amazon Webstore is a php based script that provides users an interface to the vast amazon product database. This script takes care of the product details and picyures and you need not strore them on your site.

29)   myEZshop Shopping Cart
A PHP based shopping cart utility that allows you to generate a customizable shopping cart on your website. This tool provides all the tools required to build an online shopping cart.

30)   AlstraSoft EPay Pro
This PHP based AlstraSoft EPay Pro helps you to run your own payment processor on the net with all basic functionalities of a powerful billing system.

31)   SFS Downloads Store
You know - stores have major part in internet-life nowadays! Everybody buys anything sometimes - can it be e-book or licensed MP3, or probably sophisticated software or children's game! You have the chance to build your own electronic store! The store easily allows you to present and offer your downloadable products through IPN automation PayPal.

32)   Bitrix Site Manager - Enterprise Edition
Bitrix Site Manager - Enterprise Edition is a powerful e-commerce software with which you can organize e-commerce projects online with several advanced web portals.

33)   PHP_MySQL Store Creator with PayPal IPN V1.0
PHP_MySQL Store Creator with PayPal IPN V1.0

34)   cuSell IPS
cuSell IPS is an online PHP built payment software available with advanced encryption algorithms to process and transact with customers securely.

35)   EasyEstimates
EasyEstimates is an easy to use quote system program written in PHP with which customers can easily estimate prices for the services or products you offer.

36)   PC Configurator
Intelligent Professional Computer Configurator that prompts the user using point and click to build a computer system from your stock!

37)   PhpBoleto
PhpBoleto is a simple e-commerce software that is designed to create bar codes for the products. This software is provided with a lot of customizing options in creating the barcodes for the products.

38)   Shopcart DX - shopping cart php script
Run a complete shopping cart that supports most payment processors

39)   Anygateway e-comerce website
Anygateway e-comerce it is a full website which can be customisez as you want.We can work out this for you if you want.The main futures of this e-comerce website is that you can integrate it with ANY payment processor and add ANY products labeled in categories.The website is buid in PHP/MySql

40)   SearchFit
SearchFit is a PHP based shopping cart software that creates actual static HTML codes. This script provides a powerful search engine and 4 levels building link text summary.

41)   Search Engine Optimization for osCommerce
It is a PHP based E-commerce tutorial in which the PHP programmers can gather information about method of creating search engine optimization for the e-commerce web stores.

42)   : Paypal Pro PHP 1.1 - for Paypal Website Payments Pro :
Process Credit Cards on your site without a merchant account using Paypal Website Payments Pro. This script allows you to easily connect to the Paypal Pro servers and process credit cards without the headaches of dealing with the complicated integration.

43)   Eazy Cart
Our PHP based shopping cart system designed for the novice or the professional programmer, easy to install and easy to customize shopping cart. No experience needed to install, be up and running within 10 minutes of downloading.

44)   AlstraSoft Template Seller Pro
AlstraSoft Template Seller Pro is a program built on PHP which can be used by the users to have an online template store on their websites.

45)   FEX F-Delivery Paypal
Your best way to delivery digital products(s). FEX F-Delivery is a cutting edge system that gives more control, automation and security selling digital product(s).

FEDEX CLASS FOR PHP is a built in PHP script that can interact with one and only fedex servers.

47)   myPayPal History Parser Module
myPayPal History Parser Module is an e-commerce software written in PHP for maintaining online database files regarding your transactions in Paypal.

48)   FishCart
FishCart is an e-commerce shopping cart system with flexible order management system and efficient administration for controlling everything through simple web forms.

49)   gee! Product Manager
Manage your product inventory with this powerful catalog tool. Easy to maintain a catalog of items to be sold on the Internet. Take advantage of the Internet as a successful sales tool!

50)   payproCart
payproCart is an e-commerce software tool in PHP and MYSQL database for online marketing of products and is available with IP integration.

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