Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-36 Education (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   SchoolGen
School gen is a software written using PHP by using this can improve the quality of education efficiently. Time and money saver, maintenance free and upgrades automatically.

2)   PhpMyLibrary
PHP my library is a library automation software.It consists cateloging,circulation and the webpac module.Having import and export features also.

3)   php exam management
php exam management is a very good online examination management system. It is very simple and tiny.It has separate modules to evaluate the management staff,tests for students and much more.

4)   AC e-learning System
Ac e-learning is a software that helps students and teachers to simplify the online examination process.It is developed in PHP language.Reliable and cost effective.

5)   Quadratic Equation Solver
This is a powerful education software using which you can find the possible roots of quadratic equations. Educational institutions and students would find it easy in solving complicated algebric equations.

6)   Spaghetti learning
Spaghetti learning is a totally free open source project.This e-learning platform is used by several schools,institutions,business and universities all over the world.

7)   York Online Exam Scripts
Scripts to make adding an online exam easy. Uses templates for easy customization.

8) e-learning is a hongkong based software company that helps reducing cost in providing training and increase efficiency. It provides professional platforms and courses in many languages. Very useful for small and medium enterprise training, re-sellers and e-learning websites.

9)   TCExam
TCExam is an useful platform-independent server side educational software with which you can generate online exams with improved realiability and web based interface.

10)   ATutor
ATutor helps the educators to assemble,and redistribute web based instructional content,and conduct their courses online.This technology makes it a cost effective online tool for both small and large educational organizations.

11)   php Essay Editing
php Essay Editing is an editing software.It gives solution for educational institutions,Public enterprises.Portable and easy installation.

12)   NueQuiz Pro Lite
NueQuiz Pro Lite is the perfect and accurate solution for creating the online quiz. This tool offers the webmasters to have an unlimited number of choices, questions etc.

13)   Openbibilio
Openbibilio is a PHP written library system software. It has OPAC, circulation, cataloging and staff administration functions. It is a Cost effective solution for library management.

14)   School Mation
School mation is an easy to use web based education management solution.It is a key tool that enables data driven decision making.It is the best cost effective alternative to expensive traditional student information system.

15)   OpenCourse
Open Course is a highly economical way for giving training, online education, e-learning, Virtual Classroom and Distance Learning and online.

16)   PHP Library
PHP Library is a software helps to store students,items and loans.Through this you can easily make loans.MYSQL database is needed. It has powerful admin support.

17)   Covidia
Covidia is a software that provides turn key e-learning solutions.It is designed to reduce costs and improve effectivenesss in learning environments.

18)   Alumni On-line
Alumni on-line is a script that helps to manage a web based alumni database. Users can send e-mail to other members.

19)   phpEssayEditing
phpEssayEditing is a full featured, completely automated, high quality, Essay editing and Document Flow solution.

20)   Classmates PHP
The classmates search website allows visitors to search and post profiles. The profiles are detailed with descriptions, photos, school name, occupations and contact forms.

21)   SWS Site Builder
SWS is a nice site builder software and is an online educational programme.It is a better solution to pull students and teachers who use the web as a learning medium.

22)   Moodle
Moodle is a software that helps the educators to create quality online courses.A strong grounding in social constructionist pedagogy is an added advantage than anyother systems.

23)   bibtex php parser
bibtex php parser is an online research documents organizer for the students and researchers who have too many e-papers, websites and documents to organize.

24)   SWS sentence Scrambler
SWS sentence scrambler is an educational script provides helps to repeat traffic to your websites.Very easy making job to teachers.It provides tools to teachers from your website.

25)   SWS Word Scrambler
SWS word scrambler is an educational software that helps to produce repeat traffic to your websites.Teachers in needof their easier job,they always want tools.Through this you can give tools to them.

26)   InfoKids
InfoKids is a simple education software designed especially for children as a means of sharing their experience and curricular activities between them under a secured and safe network.

27)   Online Room for educators
Online room for educators is a nice software especially designed for educators to keep contact with students and their parents.This is a programme for teachers to manage web pages on their own.

28)   BlueSoftWeb
SchoolScript is an online school management script for K-12 schools and colledges. Low cost solution for your school management needs.

29)   Tulis
Tulis is an useful educational management program that assist institutions to easily schedule and administer their online program effectively.

30)   Math Graph
Math Graph is a simple php based script to help students to plot graphs when values are entered.A easy and handy tool to draw mathematical graphs.

31)   Online Scholarships Administration
This is a php based scholarship program that allows students to apply scholarship for their education in real time online. This program displays available scholarships for each college or school.

32)   A Online Training Solution
Learning Management System for your original training programs. Provides complete internet based training program management for administrator, student, instructor and consumer. Include course requirements, test certificates, payment system

33)   NeDictionary
NeDictionary is an english definition online dictionary and it contains millions of words.It makes no difference from a regular dictionary in your hands.

34)   Interact
Interact is a nice online learning and collaboration platform and it is developed by the christchurch college of education,Newzealand.It is an alternate programme to WebCT and Blackboard.This programme allows students and lecturers to interact online.

35)   Online Training Solution
Elearning management solution for your original training programs. Provides complete internet based training program management for administrator, student, instructor and consumer. Include course requirements, test certificates, payment system

36)   Wordcircle
Wordcircle is a powerful educational software designed to assist instructors to organize online web courses with advanced document management system.

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