Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Email Systems (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   PHP email form script tutorial
PHP email form script tutorial is a email system that helps users to install this mailing script in their websites with ease. It is a useful tutorial for webmasters and for installers.

2)   MailDog
MailDog is a script based on php for web based emails that handles POP3, SMTP, and IMAP servers. It is simple and easy to use.

3)   MyMail webmail
MyMail webmail is a fantastic php script for webbased emails.In this script,administration panel works off of your website by using the installed documentation.

4)   CPanel/Horde Bridge
Integrate CPanel Horde into your site now!

5)   DWmail
DWmail is a script based on php that your website visitors can come and manage their e-mails. Uses POP3 and IMAP4.

6)   SZMail
SZMail is a mail wrapper through which you can send mails easily. This software is written in PHP.

7)   KmMail
KmMail is a powerful script for web based emails.This script handles IMAP, POP3, SMTP servers. It is simple and easy to use for webmasters. It is a small script that fixes a cross-site scripting vulnerability.

8)   SMTP Class
SMTP Class is a script based on php that sends email directly through an smtp server.All basic commands are supported by this script.This is a simple program developed for web masters.

9)   Pop 3 checker
Pop 3 checker is a php that allows you to check the amount of e-mail you have in the Pop 3 accounts.

10)   verifyemail_lib.php
verifyemail_lib.php is a small email verification program that verifies emails in three different levels.This is very simple,easy to use and user friendly.It checks whether email is valid or not.

11)   IMAP Mail Reading With PHP3
IMAP Mail Reading With PHP3 is a tutorial on email system that tells users how to use PHP to make a an IMAP or POP mail reader.

12)   Emailing in PHP
Emailing in PHP is a tutorial based on php that tells users how to send emails using php. This script tells about specifying the recipient, the subject, the message and parameters.

13)   PHPXmail
This is a PHP script where the admin can manage and monitor the mail server. Users having account can also manage their account with this mailing system.

14)   SocketMail Lite Edition
This script allows webmasters who don't have a dedicated server or are using shared web-hosting services to provide a web-based email service. It supports a multi-domain 'alias'. Users can signup for a domain name of their choice and login to that one. It uses a POP3 mail mechanism.

15)   Simple Contact Form
Contact form with easy installation in 3 easy steps.

16)   CJ Web2Mail
The CJ Web2Mail is a very simple web page form to your email inbox script. The script has been improved conciderably from the previous version. V3.0 includes multipart email sending which basically means that the script sends both HTML and text emails to you (and for the auto responder).

17)   phpmail
phpmail is a php based script which is created for web based emails. In this script,easy customization can be done using HTML templates.

18)   Super Web-mail
Super web-mail is a php based script which uses your domain for emails and allow others to have their own email addresses. There is a password protected area to access your emails. A net connection and a browser is needed.

19)   XeoPort
xeoport is an utility which helps to import textpart and entire messages in emails from IMAP or POP3 server in to your MySQL database. This application requires php4,MySQL database and email account.

20)   Contact Us Script
Contact Us Script is a way for the webmasters to allow their visitors to contact them. This program assures for webmasters email protection.

21)   Phpmail 2
Phpmail web based email system with paypal, paypal recurring, clickbank, and 2checkout auto payment gateways to collect money from every email sign up.

22)   Mime Decoding class
Mime Decoding class is a script based on php that enables you to decode mime email.Through the PEAR repository,the code is maintained.This is very useful for the web developers.

23)   AutoMail
Automail helps to send unlimited automated emails on any fixed time, date or days. Its a great tool for sending regular email messages to keep in touch with users, visitors or clients.

24)   Contact Us
"Contact Us" is a web based contacting PHP script, that is highly effective, simple and customizable. Visitors of your site may contact you via email without revealing your email address. Main Features: Fast and simple: Highly configurable look (both contact form and email sent)

25)   Email Validity Check
Email Validity Check is a powerful tool through which you can check the errors in email addresses. This application is written in PHP. You can easily install this application on your web site.

26)   Paid to Read Email Script
This is a paid-email program in PHP supported with MySQL database that helps you to sell advertising credits to other websites based on the profit ratios.

27)   HiveMail
HiveMail is a script based on php which allows you to offer personal email accounts to your site visitors.This script is packed with many great features.

28)   CMailFile
CMailFile is a php script which is used to attach a file to a mail message.This script requires built-in PHP3 functions.This is a very simple program written for the website users.It is very easy to use.

29)   Referrer Script
This email utility sends your mail to the given mail address and after successfully sending the mail, notifies you about the status of your mail.

30)   Hide Email
This is an useful email utility capable of protecting your emails from spammers by encoding your email address with HEX encodings.

31)   Protecting Your Users Email Addresses with PHP and MySQL
Protecting your users email addresses with PHP and MySQL is a tutorial on protecting the email addresses on your webpage. The users email addresses are secured.

32)   Alstrasoft autoresponder pro
Alstrasoft autoresponder is a script based on php which is a 100 percent automated system, delivering information instantly to your potential clients and follows up with clients mutiple times.

33)   VAMP
VAMP is a web based emails and it is a web-mail client written entirely in the PHP scripting language that can access POP3 mailboxes.

34)   AnonMail
AnonMail is a PHP script which permits the user and their site visitors to send anonymous email. This script is free to all members, has a platinum and basic version. It helps the users to hide their email address from hackers and spammers.

35)   Follow up Autoresponder PRO
Unlimited autoresponders and messages,email un/subscriptions,backup database,bounced email management,broadcast emails,subscribers management,multiple form subscription,javascript form subscriptions.

36)   How to create a webcatching program
This is a script that helps users to acquire a websites contents. This tutorial explains in detail about the functioning of the program.

37)   Anonymous Web Mailer
Send anonymous emails to a list.

38)   I:BOX Webmail
I:BOX Webmail is a script based on perl where users can offer emails under their own domain name with multiple interfaces that are available in multiple languages.

39)   Phorecast
Phorecast is a fantastic php based script for web based emails. This script is a web-based single-user email.It uses a database backend to store messages.

40)   Spamgourmet Email Creation
This is a PHP based script which is used for creating a website with email system to allow web visitors to send email or receive email. This program strictly protects spammers from stealing email address.

41)   MailMapper
MailMapper is a powerful PHP script based created for web based emails.This script is a web-based mail client.It is simple and easy to use for webmasters.

42)   Hail
Hail is a script basically developed on php that allows you to check your hotmail account through any webserver with PHP.Since unnecessary advertisements are blocked in this script,mail checking is made faster.

43)   Simple mail script
Sends an email to you, the webmaster from a web page based form. Sends useful information in the actual message such as the senders IP.

44)   Spam Assassin PHP POP3 Proxy
Spam Assassin PHP POP3 Proxy is a tool which helps to remove spams that comes into our mailbox. This proxy offers an API for more experienced PHP coder. This tool uses mail client rule to delete spams.

45)   DragonFlyMail
DragonFlyMail is a php script for web based emails and php4 based webmail client originally derived from phpWebMail. This supports basic email functions like reply, forward, and reply to all.

46)   GC Mail
GC Mail is a simple PHP based online email system using which you would be able to send anonymous e-mails.

47)   Epleweb's Email Contact Form
This is a powerful script that enables you to cross check and validate the details given by your customers in all the required fields of the contact forms.

48)   eCorrei
eCorrei is a PHP based script for web based emails.This script allows you to access your POP email account through the web.It can do all the things that a normal email client does.

49)   Prospector v2
Advanced Autoresponder with Unlimited Groups, Messages, Subscribers. CSV Import/Export. Message Scheduling. Unscheduled Mass Mailings. Double Opt-in features and much more...

50)   Botproof email
Botproof email is an easy to use utility which stops spam harvesting robots from collecting email addresses in your website and acts as a challenging master for the spambots. This utility requires php 4.1 and GD-Lib.

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