Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Exchange (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   LinkMan
LinkMan is a simple PHP application that enables you to automate your website's link exchanging program with other websites with a support of a simple text file.

2)   Banner and Popunder Exchange
Start your own banner and popunder exchange with only one script.

3)   Web site developers link automate software
The 010SOFT LinkEx is FREE software that automate reciprocal link exchange.

4)   HomepageTraffic and Open Rate Calculator in 1 Package
Homepage Traffic and Open Rate Calculator in 1 Package is a PHP program that offers a link which can be used as homepage for websites. Provides 10 levels for referrers. Unique way calculates the traffic for your homepage.

5)   iDevBanX
iDevBanX is a PHP script that gives lot of funtions to integrate banner exchange system on your websites. Supports several credits for own accounts and multiple credit ratios, customizable banner parameters, Templates, CSS, user administration and much more.

6)   AutoHits PRO
AutoHits PRO is a best way to advertise your PHP driven website without spending money. Hits are raising automatically that requires no POP-up code on your portal sites. Earning incredible credits can be done simply. Contact file is included.

7)   Automate link exchange
Automate link exchange is a simple online exchange software in PHP designed to increase website traffic and link reputations of active websites with multiplatform support.

8)   Text Exchange Pro
Text Exchange Pro is powered by PHP and MysQL that gives solutions to exchange your text link on several websites. Each user can have 3 various size of text links. Allows yourself to make impressions to 30-50%. Templating system, real time stats are the features this tool supports.

9)   Link Manager Pro
This script is helpful for the webmasters to manage their links by trading with other websites and also they can track their links traffic regularly.

10)   Exit Page Traffic Exchange
Exit Page Traffic Exchange advances your e-marketting through this PHP and MySQL driven tool. Email module supports mailing to all members. Banner exchange and detecting of abused entries can be done.

11)   Traffic Trader
Traffic Trader is coded in PHP / MySQL that enhances your site rank among other trade sites. Anti-cheat system is included. 'Kickstart' function accelarates trades fastly. Proxy hits can be got in percentage.

12)   TrafficCenter
This script supports all kind of exchanges including PHP based banner exchange. Exchange ratio, categories, newsletter, IP banning, viewing banner statistics, customization in banners, sticky banners are some of the prominent features included with this script.

13)   Bannerzone
Bannerzone is a PHP/MySQL-driven banner exchange program and is actually written in German.It has many prominent features which highlights its importance.

14)   Softbiz Reciprocal link exchange script
Softbiz Reciprocal link exchange script helps to increase your rank in search engines which is designed to run with PHP platforms. Links are categoried by admin and your link can be added after filling up a form. This saves your advertising money. Make more traffic in your site.

15)   Xavier Popunder Exchange
Xavier Popunder Exchange is a PHP based script that almost functions as banner exchange but it exchanges site visits. Plugin system supports banner trade, ads through popunder and text links.

16)   AD Center 2000 NG Pro
ADC2000 NG PRO LITE is to implement a professional exchange on PHP platforms. Credit system, banner impressions, real-time statistics for each account are available. Referral features, multi banner and numerous other categories are supported.

17)   Top TextLink Exchange
Top TextLink Exchange provides you a link box through which your small text based links are rotated on your site that get credits for you. Admin supports secured user management. Paypal accounts can be included. referal list supports 5 level.

18)   webExchange
webExchange is a PHP oriented professional exchange script that accquires more credits for you by simply including a surf bar in your site. Supports credit purchase for charging members.

19)   Super Surf
Super Surf is a traffic exchange program which allows the webmasters to exchange their traffic with other site. It helps them to increase their website traffic drastically.

20)   ADC2000 NG PRO
AD Center 2000 NG Pro is one of the exchange script that is written with PHP/MySQL classes. 'C engine' is used to manage more over 6,000,000 ads daily. All clients can get their own stats whenever they want to see. Credit system keeps track of impressions and clicks. Uploading own images is possible

21)   Simple Banner Exchange
This is a banner exchange program developed with php that helps users to display banners on their site and in return their banners are displayed on other exchange member sites.

22)   Opt-IN BOOM
Opt-IN BOOM is an online traffic exchange software capable of creating a strong foundation for subscribing affiliates, mailing lists customers, etc., for your website.

23)   Link Exchange PHP
PHP and MySQL Database Driven Script Totally automated sign-up and code generation software. Members simply choose their username and password, indicate which the text they want to use, choose the categories to be placed in and copy html code for YourDomain.

24)   Exit-Popup Exchange
Exit-Popup Exchange program will send a popup when visitors leave. You can put messages, or ads.

25)   AlstraSoft Text Link Exchange Pro
This is an useful text link exchange program in PHP with which you can display rotating textual links of other website ads and banners on your website.

26)   Top banner exchange Script
Run extensive banner exchange network site with this script. Visitors exchange banner displays with each other and you can earn heavily by selling surplus banner impressions that site automatically generates. Feature include support for gif/jpg/png/flash banners, extensive graphical stats........

27)   Traffic Exchange Link
You can exchange and drive traffic for your website by exchanging links with other websites through this program without any registration procedures.

28)   Start Page Traffic Exchange
Start Page Traffic Exchange is created with PHP program that helps you to manage a start page business on website. You can modify the entire module to fulfill your needs. It brings thousands of people to visit your site.

29)   SuperAds Script (Fly-In Ads)
SuperAds Script (Fly-In Ads) is one of the advertising methods that is powered by PHP language. It attracts people's attention and dont let them to neglect your ad. Admin takes care of member and ad management.

30)   Textlinkexchange,Clicktextlinkexchange
This is a collection of exchange scripts that supports text exchange links for improving your site rank. This tool prefers PHP platform for implemetation. Admin has the power to modify links and text formats. Real-time stats, back-up functions are included.

31)   Rotator v1.1
Rotator can host images or use remote images. Rotate random or sequential with optional delays. Stats for groups and images. Views : click-throughs : unique click-throughs : click-through Tracking. Auto-generate php and jspopup code. Complete control of all image settings and no image lib required.

32)   OptInBOOM Clone Script
OptInBOOM Clone Script makes your site traffic using fly-in advertising method which supports PHP based platforms. This list building module improves your site rate on internet market. Supports subscriber module.

33)   Traffic Blast
Run your own traffic exchange with this template based script. Easy to istall and nice graphics make this the best script around. Free installation on your server included.

34)   Automated Link Swapper
Automated Link Swapper is generated for websites to attract more traffic and to get highest rank in search engines. Navbar stores all listed links. Top 3 refferers are displayed on the site page always.

A php based banner exchange script with ability to use image banner, flash banner and text ads within your own start exchange, exit exchange, popunder exchange and popup exchange system.

36)   Banex
a nice PHP/MySQL Banner Exchange program with anti-cheat functions and more

37)   bxSQL
bxSQL helps you to exchange your banners via browsers that is created using PHP code. Supports unique functions for member admnistration and banner administration. Members can hold on their accounts. Banner statistics can be reset.

38)   Fully Developed Exit Exchange Website
This traffic exchange program can increase the traffic of your customer sites by opening another member site whenever visitors sign off from a site.

39) Banner Exchange
A banner exchange allows members to promote their sites by having their banner shown on sites in the banner exchange. In return, the members show banners on their own site. You, as the banner exchange operator, are able to take a proportion of the banner impressions

40)   Harland Banner Exchange Script
Harland Banner Exchange Script is an online banner exchange script. It is big free, easy to install, and so much more.

41)   AD Center 2000 Next Generation Pro
AD Center 2000 NG Pro is a professional version of banner exchange software for organizing your own Banner Exchange. Each participant in the Exchange can distribute his own banner ads across the Exchange, and the ads are displayed based on a system of credits. AD Center 2000 NG Pro keeps track of all impressions and click-through stats for each clients and your clients can view the stats for their advertisement(s) online. Software uses MySQL backend.

42)   Professional Banner Exchange Scripts
Owning your own banner exchange is an excellent revenue generating traffic tool that you can use to promote your own website network. Plus you make 100% of advertising and traffic services. The banner exchange site is both free and paid with free accounts operating 100% automated.

43)   Homepage Traffic Script
Homepage Traffic Script is a web based PHP program that enhances your site traffic when people start to surf websites. Unique ways are included to increase your hits. Credit system builds 10 level list for referrers.

44)   The-Total-Resale-Package
The-Total-Resale-Package is an online resale package and marketing tool designed specially for resellers to make profit. You can sell products online with links directly to the product pages.

45)   Double ScreenSaver Traffic
Double ScreenSaver Traffic helps you to advance your traffic more effectively which is generated by PHP program. Earning credits do not need your presence online. Helps you to double your traffic by running your screensaver.

46)   phpPopup
phpPopup is a little web based program that implements the function of ExitWindow PopupService on PHP based platforms. Member management, mailing system, language files are included.

47)   ADCenter 2000
AD Center 2000 is a CGI script for organizing your own Banner Exchange. Each participant in the Exchange can distribute his own banner ads across the Exchange, and the ads are displayed based on a system of credits

48)   TCN Traffic Exchange Script
Start your own traffic exchange.

49)   Make Text Exchange
This is a simple and useful program for the webmasters to drive traffic for their websites by exchanging small textual links with other websites. This program is compatible with both IE and Netscape browsers.

50)   Dont-Touch-My-Ads
This is an easy to use and flexible online exchange system with which you can advertise your website, affiliate programs and lot on other’s desktop.

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