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1-50 FAQ and Knowledgebase (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Support Information Tracker
Support Information Tracker is a PHP based script which will be useful for system administrators, customer care departments of any type of companies to serve them effectively.

2)   FaqForge
FaqForge is a web based document creation and management tool. It is written using PHP programming. This script is very simple and easy to use.

3)   KnowledgeQuest
You can use this KnowledgeQuest to create your own knowledge base for your website under several categories and subcategories.

4)   Lore
Lore is a professional knowledgebase management system written using PHP and uses MySQL database for storing all the data and information. It is built using smarty template system which allows you for easy customization.

5)   HelpWorks Professional
HelpWorks Professional is a robust knowledge base support system written in PHP and MySQL. It is simple to use, packed with power, and offers many powerful features and options which you can customize to meet your needs.

6)   Knowledgebase/helpdesk
Answer to frequently asked questions from your visitors and / or customers! With our easy to use Knowledgebase script Your visitors can search from a comfortable web base form

7)   Simply FAQ
Simply FAQ - is a fully functional easy to use FAQ program with seach capability, unlimited categories, no need for mysql database only text base and with no complicated setup just upload it and its done.

8)   paFAQ
paFAQ is a feature rich knowledge base system which is written in PHP and MySQL. This script is simple and easy to use and contains various features.

9)   Magia FAQ
Magia FAQ is a simple script which helps you in creating FAQ section on your website easily. FAQs can be used on websites, intranets and for customer care departments of all companies.

10)   my Knowledge Base
my Knowledge Base is a simple web based application which allows you to create your own Knowledge Base for messages and notes or for messages and notes of a group of users with access through the Web.

11)   ScriptMagix FAQ Builder 2.0
a PHP/mySQL script that allows users to ask questions and get them answered by the admin.Once published users can rate and post comments on them.The script also includes a powerful and flexible control panel.The admin can create categories and subcategories.In short the script helps to create a powe

12)   AutoKB
Powerful and easy to use knowledge base program. Supports unlimited categories and sub-categories, unlimited articles, user comments and ratings, a glossary and much more. All output is controlled through templates so you can customize it to match your site.

13)   Frequently Asked Database Script
Frequently Asked Database Script is an useful script which contains all the necessary information about your website. This utility helps your website visitors to know about your website.

14)   FAQEngine
FAQEngine is a PHP based script which can be used to maintain your FAQ database effectively. The script uses MySQL database for storing all the relevant information. It contains a bunch of new features.

15)   FAQ747
FAQ747 is a FAQ management system written in PHP for the purpose of managing FAQ database on your website. It comes with various features like functionality boxes which is equipped with search box, category box, most popular questions box and much more.

16)   kbEditor
It is a knowledge base solution applicable for any websites. Using this tool the web administrator can place number of useful articles and FAQ to their members and their visitors.

17)   A FAQ Generator PHP Script
This is a PHP based utility which helps you to handle frequently asked questions section of your web site. Using this utility you can add the topics and questions for your FAQ web page.

18)   Smoky FAQ
A full featured FAQs management system with a MySQL backend and a Web based automated installation script.

19)   ODFaq
ODFaq is a PHP based script which allows you to manage the FAQ section on your website easily. It allows you to add, change and delete the FAQs easily.

20)   Simply FAQ Script
This is a simple PHP based FAQ application which helps in generating FAQ for the users website. This application offers search facility and allows unlimited categories of content to be added.

21)   FAQMasterFlex
FAQMasterFlex is a simple PHP script which is able to create and maintain a FAQ section on your website. It is simple to install and easy to use.

22)   KW FAQ
KW FAQ is a simple and easy to use FAQ script written using PHP and MySQL database. It allows your online visitors to ask questions about the products and services.

23)   Glossword Glossary Compiler
Glossword Glossary Compiler is a PHP based script for advanced dictionary management system. With this script you will be able to create your own glossaries with terms, definitions and descriptions. It also supports multiple language.

24)   Crazy Faqs
Crazy Faqs is a simple PHP based script which is an automated system for displaying the Frequently asked questions on your website. It consists of various features.

25)   PHPGlos
PHPGlos is a simple script for creating a glossary section on your website. It is written in PHP and uses PostgreSQL for storing the information and smarty templates.

26)   WhatDaFaq
WhatDaFaq is a simple script which allows you to create FAQ pages for your website. It can be easily integrated on your existing website easily. An online demo is available in the website.

27)   KBase
KBase is a simple help document management system written using PHP and MySQL database. It allows unlimited topic depth and is fully templated to allow you to fit it into the look and feel of your site.

28)   ActiveKB
ActiveKB is the most powerful knowledge base solution available online. With this script you will be able to provide your customers an immediate support solution around the clock throughout 24 hours a day. It offers you with a bundle of rich features.

29)   WSN Knowledge Base
WSN Knowledge Base is a powerful FAQ and knowledge base script which helps visitors to view answer for the question that they want to get solution. It has customization facility and very flexible to use.

30)   phpFAQTory
PhpFAQTory is a script for creating a FAQ section for your website. It is coded in PHP and requires MySQL database for storing all the information.

31)   Comdev FAQ Support v2.0
The powerful knowledge base management system that allows your customers to automatically get answers to their specific questions. Features: WYSIWYG editor, attachment, FAQ categories, natural language searching, most viewed FAQs, latest FAQs, related FAQs, print version, tell a friend, hits, and rating.

32)   Virtual Help Desk
Virtual Help Desk is a simple PHP based program which allows you to create a knowledgebase or helpdesk system. It allow users to search for frequently asked questions or through keywords.

33)   Big Fat FAQ
An easy to use faq manager that can easily create a multi-category Help and FAQ page for your current website in minutes! Comes complete with it's own Admin Area where you can create unlimited categories for unlimited questions and answers. Requires MySQL.

34)   FAQ
FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions is a PHP application for managing FAQ section of your website. It requires MySQL database for storing the data or information.

35)   Top FAQ Script
This FAQ Script reduces the burden of replying to similar/repetitive queries. It can also be used as a collection of articles. FEATURES: multilevel categories; stats; Customizable colors, fonts, styles; create&save new color schemes and icon sets. Admin can post attachments&specify related articles.

36)   KBEverywhere
KBEverywhere is a powerful PHP based application which is designed to create and maintain knowledgebases on your website. It will be useful for any type of businesses, academic and non profit organizations.

37)   gee! FAQ Manager
Share answers to common questions. Manage FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) effortlessly. You can setup different types of FAQs, each displaying different questions and answers.

38)   Con
Create and Manage your own Knowlegde Base with this User Friendly and Powerful Management Suite.

39)   PC-Craft KnowledgeBase
PC-Craft KnowledgeBase is a simple online knowledge base software where you can put forth as many as frequently asked questions along with the relevant answers for those faqs.

40)   CascadianFAQ
CascadianFAQ is a PHP based script which is designed to administer your website's frequently asked questions area effectively. It can be easily integrated with your existing website.

41)   vDMS
vDMS or Vizcon's Demo Management System is a software for your website which helps you in improving support service for your clients and visitors. With this script you will be able to reduce the work of the techncical support department and improve customer satisfaction.

42)   PHPGlossar
PHPGlossar is a simple and easy to use script for creating a glossary system. The script is written using PHP and MySQL. It provides you with full language support and you can redesign it very easily.

43)   Easy FAQ
Easy FAQ lets you to incorporate an FAQ module on your PHP supported website and also enables to maintain your FAQ system without any HTML knowledge. To implement this program MySQL is required.

44)   Starsol FAQ Manager
Starsol FAQ Manager is a PHP based script with which you can create and run a FAQ database for your website. It consists of a password protected admin area.

45)   piFAQ Lite
piFAQ Lite is a knowledgebase script written using PHP and uses MySQL database for storing and retrieving all the information. The script is very simple to install and to use.

46)   KnowledgeBuilder
KnowledgeBuilder is a professional knowledge base / FAQ solution.

47)   Frequently Asked Database Script
Frequently Asked Database Script is an useful script which contains all the necessary information about your website. This utility helps your website visitors to know about your website.

48)   MD Glossary
This script lets you to create a glossary on your website in which you can include the terms and description of the products and services that are available in your website.

49)   SpaceDust Glossary of terms
SpaceDust Glossary of terms is an online faq and knowledge base software with which you will be able to create and manage glossaries for all confusing and complex terms and words.

50)   PhpGlossary
PhpGlossary is a simple script for creating a glossary online on your website which allows your users to search for terminologies and descriptions of your products and services easily.

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