Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-49 Financial Tools (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   eXng market stock exchange simulator
eXng market stock exchange simulator is a simple financial tool that assists you in maintaining an online stockmarket from your website.

2)   PHPFinance
This is a database driven financial tool designed for small and medium sized companies to generate different types of income and expense statistics.

3)   PHP High Yield Investment Multi-planning and Auto-payment Portal
PHP High Yield Investment Multi-planning and Auto-payment Portal is a PHP based script to perform e-investment operations from your websites. This script requires cURL functions.

4)   Checkbook
Checkbook is a stable and affordable check book application built with PHP using which you can maintain your personal bank cheque accounts online.

5)   TypicalInvoice Professional
TypicalInvoice Professional is a simple client management software to create and manage multiline invoicing for all the clients of your company.

6)   PHP InvoiceIt - Invoice Creator
PHP InvoiceIT is a program built on PHP using which users can generate invoices for their own purpose. They can easily configure it to suit all their demands.

7)   HYIP Cyberinvestment with E-Gold/Springpay
HYIP Cyberinvestment with E-Gold/Springpay. Internal payments system with all history.

8)   Magia Accountant
Magia Accountant is a simple financial too in PHP that provides a complete solution for maintaining all type of online accounts and transactions.

9)   The Invoicer
This is a powerful financial tool that has the ability to generate invoices for all your online transactions with updated and current billing status.

10)   PHP High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) with Mass Payment
PHP High Yield Investment Program is a PHP based investment software. This script helps your investors to earn money through online payment systems like and

11)   Clan-Kasse PHPKIT MOD
Clan-Kasse PHPKIT MOD is a simple and easy to use financial software that creates unique ledgers for your day to day business activities.

12)   AJ HYIP Pro
A&JSquare has launched the latest Sharecycle software with many advanced features. The site is integrated with 4 payment processors e-gold, int gold, evocash, storm pay & paypal if needed. Bulk Mailer, Affiliate History, Remainder and Notification Emails. Newletters, Rotating Banners and more

13)   MyPhpMoney
MyPhpMoney is a simple PHP program that is used to maintain bank accounts through a web based browser. Using this script you can store your accounting details on MYSQL database.

14)   Value Account
Value Account is a simple PHP database independent script programmed to provide detailed information to all investment Club participants.

15)   The Perfect Bank (for use with the IBStore)
This is a PHP based online banking utility through which the programmers can perform online banking from their website. This utiltiy can be act as an alternative to IB store bank.

16)   Currency Converter
This is PHP class designed as an useful financial tool through which you can convert and calculate the equivalent of one currency format to the other.

17)   E-Invoice System
This is an useful PHP based financial tool using which e-commerce professionals would be able to generate and manage invoices for all their clients.

18)   PHP Payment Management Tool
This financial utility provides an easy platform for tracking and monitoring recurring bills and payment dues for your online business transactions. This program can be easily customized to user requirements.

19)   iQpaypal+
iQpaypal+ is a full featured online system which rides on the widely adopted e-payment facility. It manages payment transactions on an account-to-account basis, extending the payment service from e-payment to 'physical' money delivery.

LOGIHYIPRATING is a PHP & MySQL-based easy to install complete advertising oriented solutions to install complete advertising oriented solutions to 1) LIST ADVERTISERS 2) RATE THEIR CREDITBILITY and 3) SERVE THE INVESTORS AND OWNERS who like to publicize their HYIP investment sites. With easy to manage templates and changeability theme of your existing site you can start earing those ads dollars almost immediately.

21)   iQtrader
iQtrader is an automated predicting software. Admins can setup easilym and can be configured, have control over members, e-mail members, and manage the trades.

22)   HYIP Cyberinvestment Referral Add-on
Enhance the attractiveness of your existing HYIP site by adding CASH incentives for members.

23)   Stock Portfolio Management System
Stock Portfolio Management System is a PHP based script that provides unique registeration programes for users in managing online stock management software.

24)   Ordervision Pro
This is a simple PHP software which helps in generating a customized customer management software for samll and mid level organization. Through this software the users can generate individual username and password for each customers to view the status remotely.

25)   Nuke-Salary module
Nuke-Salary module is a simple financial software designed to calculate and count salaries for all your staffs and affiliates.

26)   Paypal like Payment Processor
This PHP based finacial tool lets you handle your online payment trasactions effectively. All account processes can be done through user oriented web interface and supports mass email sending, customization with content page presentation and a lot.

27)   Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Calculator is a full featured handy financial tool for effective calculations of mortgage values based on US terms and conditions.

28)   Exchange Rate Grabber
Exchange Rate Grabber is a simple financial tool programmed to calculate exchange values for currencies especially dollars to pounds.

29)   MTS - Multiple Timesheets
Written for personal use, this script allows one person to maintain multipe timesheets for separate clients.

30)   Hyip Manager
Hyip Manager is a package for investment sites. This software helps you create and manager your own HYIP easily.

31)   The Invoicer
The Invoicer is a powerful and intuitive billing and invoicing system designed in PHP for the small professional that wants to use the power of the Internet to invoice clients.


33)   A Mortgage Site Solution
Ready Mortgage Site Solution is the ultimate mortgage software.

34)   PhpTax
PhpTax is a simple financial tool that is used to calculate income taxes based on the income. The outputs could be got in a pdf format and sent to IRS.

PayPal or StormPay type payment processor web site

36)   Quick HYIP
This is a simple PHP based tool that helps to work along with HYIP sites. Provides managable forums and templated built-in forum systems.

37)   Cash Account
Cash Account is a financial software designed to maintain bank accounts for your online transactions. You can add, edit and delete any transaction from your account.

38)   zAurum mass payment
zAurum mass payment is a simple payment interface software designed for automated payment systems through electronic currency providers.

39)   saCASH
saCASH is a simple web-based financial accounts manager script that works effectively in maintaining multiple accounts to perform account transfers, and reconciles information.

40)   paCheckbook
paCheckbook is a simple software to keep track of all your savings accounts electronically by accessing checkbooks from your website.

'GOLDPRO' is the all in 1 HYIP solutions with compounding/referral/different investment programs in one site.

42)   QuoteX
QuoteX is a simple and easy to customize financial script programmed to search stock symbols and to retrive stock information.

43)   A Mortgage Site Solution
Mortgage service software solution. It includes financial calculation tools and everything else you need. Original appearance will attract more customers. The Mortgage Software lets you know how each payment affects your personal finance.

44)   ProTimeJournal
ProTimeJournal is an efficient and easy to use billing software with which users can record and track all their bills inorder to maintain year end financial report.

45)   JD MassPay
JD MassPay is a simple PHP based script that helps paying your affiliates, members, partners etc,. automatically through Egold without any fuss.

46) Solutions Solutions is a simple and efficient online financial software designed to help webmasters to find optimum solution for all types of financial crisis.

47)   iQhyiprating
iQhyiprating is fuss-free and simple to install complete advertising oriented solutions to list advertisers, rating their creditbility and serving the investors and owners.

48)   ROI Tracking Pro
Return on Investment Tracking Pro offers real-time reporting of results of your online advertising efforts by tracking your ad campaigns. Find out what makes your site visitors convert into clients. Don’t waste your money. Make them work.

49)   Escrow
This is a PHP based online escrow system that uses paypal payment gateway for all customer transactions to protect online dealings from fraud activities.

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