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1-50 Flash and PHP (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Piece Of Cake Guestbook
Piece Of Cake Guestbook is a programme that can easily configurable and comes with plenty of heading options. Has two folders. One is Guest book which contains the script for displaying and adding new messages and the other is titles which contains SWF files.

2)   Flash Guestbook + Admin Tool
This is a flash based guestbook wiht an php back-end script and an admin kit to administrate the entries.

3)   PHP Flash Form
PHP Flash Form is a PHP scripted application useful for sending messages to the site administrator. site visitor send informations about them through email. Sample usage code is provided for setting up on your site.

4)   Flash Highscore
This is a Highscore script for Flash games that displays player name, scores and the number of who are online (in a variable time range).

5)   Flash Poll
Flash Poll is a Flash/PHP-based poll script that uses MySQL to store data.

6)   Mp3Player
MP3 player is an application in PHP for streaming MP3 tracks. This software can handle file name, title, band and stream buffer that are received from HTTP string.

7)   Full Screen Image Gallery pro2
Full Screen Image Gallery pro2 is an attractive full screen image gallery which lets you to display your digital images in the way they should be viewed, ie- Full screen. This is now with improved features with GD 1 and 2 and imagemagick and image captions with improved navigation.

8)   Flash Dynamic Photo Gallery
Flash Dynamic Photo Gallery is a PHP Flash movie that queries a database and retrieves image information. This script loads image information into a flash movie. Fun display for your site visitors.

9)   Proxus FLV video Pack
This is a flash program by which a small motion picture or flash can be run with sound. Avi, mov,Mpeg files can be streamed using this program. Installation of this program is easy.

10)   PHP-Flash-ICQ messenger
PHP-Flash-ICQ messenger is a PHP scripted programme for sending ICQ messages from flash without any pop-up windows. This also displays error messages.

11)   Flash Vote System + Admin Tool
A dynamic flash based vote system with a php back-end script. Includes an admin kit.

12)   Easy Flash Contact Form
This is a simple form processing script using Flash and PHP. It consists of just 2 files: swf and php.

13)   Flash Language Translator
This application shows you how to integrate a Flash application with a soap based web service.

14)   Ming
Ming is an open-source (LGPL) library which allows you to create SWF ("Flash") format movies.

15)   Simple Login/Registration Using Flash with PHP and mySQL
This tutorial is a introduction to using mySQL and PHP in flash. This tutorial is by Jeffrey F. Hill. Most of the people are not aware that PHP can be used within flash movies.

16)   Amfphp flash forum
Amfphp flash forum is an application to create a forum using flash as front end and PHP/MySQL as server side part. This is fully made up of AMFPHP flash remoting components. This is useful to webmasters to show the images in flash movie.

17)   Flash MX Poll
The Flash MX Charting Components Example is a free download application running with PHP and MySQL - this allows you to create dynamic Polls and Voting applications in Flash.

18)   Image Gallery with AMFPHP
Image gallery with AMFPHP is a simple application using AMFPHP as server side language which creates image gallery. Saving a cropped region of images is possible with GD library.

19)   Instant Flash Photo Gallery
Simple PHP based photo gallery utility built on flash with easier navigation and simple in nature.

20)   PHPObject
PHPObject is an opensource alternative to Flash Remoting for PHP developers. With PHPObject, you can call a method of a PHP class/library on your web server as if the class/library was defined in Flash itself.

21)   flashBOX
flashBOX is a Shoutbox script that uses .txt file to store the data and uses FLASH for interface.

22)   MySQL enabled Flash MX2004 components
Database enabled Flash MX2004 components provides the latest PHP plus MySQL enabled FlashMX 2004 professional components. Components like Combo box, datagrid, list, tree and search engine are available.

23)   Creating a Mail Form with PHP and Flash - Part 2
This tutorial is an follow up of the article 'sending emails from flash'. In the contact form, there were only 4 fields to fill up. But in this improved contact form drop down menu and checkboxes were added. Some sample codes are also given in this article.

24)   Vision.To Dynamic Photo Gallery
Vision.To Dynamic Photo Gallery is a dynamic photo gallery in flash movie. You can use plenty of images as you like in this programme.

25)   News Scroller
News Scroller™ is the easiest way to create dynamic scrollers

26)   Dynamic SWF Video Multi Player
Dynamic SWF Video Multi Player is a sophisticated script for complete control over the SWF Video Multi-player without editing the players FLA file in Flash and allows flash cookies or shared objects to save user preferences like bandwidth selector, sound volume and looping of videos.

27)   Live Counter!
Live Counter! is a combination of PHP code and a Flash movie. It shows the counter state LIVE, without reloading the whole page.

28)   Lighting Chat
LightingChat is a Web chat system based on PHP, MySQL db and flash.

29)   phpChart
Phpchart is an application derived from advgraph to generate chart in flash4 swf format files and this is also hacked from advgraph. This class package uses the ming php extension to swf files.

30)   Flash Formular + Autoresponder
This is an e-mail form with a flash front end and a PHP back-end script. It includes an autoresponder.

31)   Flash Server Inspector
A flash application for looking up server details for any server.

32)   Develooping Flash Chat
This is a PHP3 (server side)/Flash 4 (client side) chat room program. It is easy to setup and customize.

33)   Flash & PHP: A Text Search
This tutorial describes about how to combine PHP and Flash into one single package and generate a search engine which will search through a text file and output the results to a Flash movie with some codes.

34)   Web Poll
Flash Web Poll is a new interacive online poll service that allows you to quickly and easily create a multiple-choice polling question for your website.

35)   Stock Quotes in Flash
This script is useful to display financial information (Stock Quote) for any company in flash. This programme is using a web service with flash remoting.

36)   Flash Currency Exchange rates and conversion
Convert currency's between 40 different countries.

37)   ChatBox by Brucepro
ChatBoxOpen by Brucepro is an application useful for chatting with any online user. This software provides users of a website for communicating with each other.

38)   Ming and Flash Bitmaps
Ming and Flash Bitmaps is a tutorial for Ming and Flash Bitmaps. Easy to understand.

39)   Flash MX and Unicode
With Flash MX and the Flash 6 plug-in, we finally have unicode support in Flash. This makes it a viable tool to display text in languages other than English, including all Euro-languages with accents, Middle Eastern right-to-left scripts and many Asian Languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc. It also helps to make dynamic text, with HTML, in Flash a more appealing visual aid to our designs since we can use bullets, arrows and symbols more creatively. Hence Unicode opens up a new door for graphic design with Type as well.

40)   Cabron Connector PHP Flash Remoting
PHP and ActionScript code for Remoting - it allows remote invocation of PHP methods from Flash movies. No PHP extensions needed. Multilanguage support, timed deserialization. PHP 4.0.5 or above required!

41)   FlashWriter Toolkit
The FlashWriter Toolkit is a reimplementation of several functions from the original SWF FileFormatSDK.

42)   Creating a Mail Form with PHP and Flash offers a tutorial on making a contact form using the programming language PHP and flash.

43)   Casino Manager Start your own casino
If you are searching a low cost casino software and want to start your gambling business, We have what you need ! Casino Manager is the cheapest Casino Software available on Internet

44)   Flash XML Poll
Flash php and xml integration for this version of the Poll system. Please note this is still a beta version.. take a look at the readme file inside the .zip

45)   Flash MX poll
Flash MX poll. It allow a multiple poll management through a flash admin panel.

46)   AdesFormMail
AdesFormMail is a software that works with flash to send email from your website. This validates the required fields not to be empty and when the user does not fill the required fields it instructs them to fill.

47)   Introduction to SWF and Flash
Introduction to SWF and Flash is an article that gives the solution to create SWF and flash files using PHP. PHP inbuilt capability for creating image files comes in handy.

48)   Cabron Connector
Cabron Connector is an action script code in PHP for remoting. This lets remote invocation of PHP methods from flash movies. There is no need for PHP extensions and has multi language support.

49)   Flashmaker
This is a class for binding the Swift Generator to the PHP scripting language.

50)   presentation center block with random effects
presentation center block with random effects is a image loader script on the internet. With this you can show themes, still photos or anything you like to present with random effects in XML file.

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