Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Form Processors (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Simple Form Script
Simple Form Processor is a script that automatically detects all form fields submitted and send all the results to a e-mail address. You only need to set the email address and have the option to require fields not be empty. You can also specify a location to redirect to after the form is processed.

2)   Form to email with attachment
Form to email with attachment is a simple programme used for sending an email. It is used to provide attachments, HTML email and HTML editor.

3)   FProc Form Processor
FProc is a PHP based HTML form processor. This script is used to make contact with others or to do some online business. It is easy to install in your online system.

4)   phpFormGenerator
phpFormGenerator software is a php based programm used for creating a form. It has ability to create nearly hundred form fields. This script is highly customizable.

5)   Easiest Form2Mail
Easiest Form2Mail is a simple PHP based script. This script is used for sending email to the particular person by filling the form field step by step. It is easy to use and user friendly.

6)   EZ FormMail
EZ FormMail is a simple yet very powerful form processor that has many features including e-mail validation, required fields, referer checking, and much more!

7)   FormBuilder
FormBuilder is a PHP class that simplifies the process of creation and validation of HTML forms.

8)   Formproc
FormProc is a simple PHP based programme to process a form. It is a highly secured programme, allows you to mail multiple recipients with Cc and Bcc. It is simple to configure. This script is more flexible and user friendly.

9)   Whois.cart
Whois.cart is a simple software built in PHP used for running and efficient webhosting and domain registration business . This script comes with high security and is fully configurable. It has been designed to automate your entire account, recurring billing and more.

10)   12validateform
12validateform is a software built in PHP. Simple and Extra are the two versions of this form. This script is used to check each field to find if there any field is empty.

11)   PF Form Mailer
Easy to use form-to-mailer script written in PHP that can handle unlimited number of form fields. Works on existing form and doesn't require database

12)   Advanced Form Handler
Advanced Form Handler is a software for managing forms. Everything is in just one script file and no data files, you will never have to edit or look into script, easy copy and paste integration. It is easy to use.

13)   Level Ten Form Mail
Level Ten Form Mail is a programme for processing email form. Added security, improved e-mail formatting and enhancing visitors data are the main features of this programme.

14)   SmartyValidate
SmartyValidate is a template driven form validator with which webmasters would be able to validate form variables, functions and contents of the forms.

15)   aFormMail
aFormMail script is used by webmasters to receive a message from your visitors of your site through your web forms. This script stores the data in CSV text files.

16)   Email Form
Email Form is an email form processing software that allows you to generate a form to send email. It is easy to customize and has unlimited form fields.

17)   Feedback
Feedback is a email programme that helps you to get feedback from your site visitors as a mail format to your specified mail address. This script really helps you to clarify your users questions.

18)   A Very Simple form to Mail Script
This program allows webmasters to build their own email form on their website by which they can allow their site visitors to send email to others.

19)   Advanced PHP Form Builder
PhpForms is an advanced Web Form Builder that allows you to create Web forms quickly and easily. You can create an unlimited number of forms with any number of radio-buttons, checkboxes, pull-down menus, text areas, etc. PhpForms supports form validation.

20)   apgForm
This is a PHP file which can handle online forms and save the details of the form in MS Excel. Allows any number of forms with unlimited text box, drop-down menus, radio button etc., in the form.

21)   Vdaemon - Web Form Validation
An important aspect of creating Web Forms pages for user input is to be able to check that the information users enter is valid. VDaemon is a PHP library that grants an easy-to-use but powerful way to check for errors and, if necessary, display messages to the user.

22)   Contact Us
Contact Us is a programme used to contact visitors of your site. It hides your mail address from your visitors is an added advantage. It works fast and simple.

23)   Magic Form Mail
Magic Form Mail is a simple online form processor that can extract user inputs from your online forms, saves them on a CSV file and then exports it to your mail.

24)   FormToEmail
FormToEmail is a web based programme used by the web masters to receive comments from their customers. Your mail address will be hidden from your site visitors and also protects your mail address from hackers.

25)   Formmail Script
Formmail Script is a template driven formmailer script.

26)   My PHPvalidator
MyPHPValidator is a creation of javascript functions to validate forms. This script is available in customizable form.

27)   Easy Php-mailform
Easy Php-mailform is a simple customizable form processor utility that validates every user input on your online HTML forms.

28)   Contact Form
You can use this simple PHP contact form to enable your website visitors to send messages to you and to process and validate those input data.

29)   Gmail
Gmail is a simple software that protects your email address from hackers. It is an anti spam mailer programme.

30)   EasyFormIt
This advanced script is an ideal form processing tool for a variety of needs. EasyFormIt validates data, sends submissions to email and saves them to a database.

31)   Form-to-file
Form-to-file is a simple programme used to store the data in a text file and you can retrieve the data from that text file. This script is easy to install.

32)   Site Comment
Site Comment is a programme helps to make email contacts with others. You can give text message, html file or image through this software. Easy to install and to use.

33)   gee! Inquiry & Response Generator
Supercharge the forms on your web site. Create automatic responses easily. Visitors submit an inquiry web form; this sends an email to you; plus a response email is sent to the visitor.

34)   Phorm
Phorm software is a PHP based form processor. This software is used to send datas that are filled in the form fields to the specified email address. Autoresponder is available, it stores data in MySQL database and in text file.

35)   PHP CallBack
PHP CallBack is a program based on PHP using which webmasters can generate a call back form on their websites for collecting details about their visitors. It will be helpful for them to contact their visitors.

36)   Form offers a free form for websites.

37)   Contact Us
This script places a contact form on your website so visitors can send you an email message. They complete their name, email and the message they will send to you. When they submit it, it validates the form fields, outputs a message, then sends you an email. This type of script allows you to give your site visitors an easy way of contacting you without having your email address on your website - thus virtually eliminating spam! This script only has 5 variables to configure and you should get it up and working on your site within a few minutes.

38)   FormM@iler
FormMailer is a programme used for mailing your friends or others. It protects your mail address from spam. It hides your email address and it is easy to use.

39)   Form Generator
Form Generator is a software used for generating form for email. The form will be sent to you through e-mail as a PHP script. This script has several fields to fill and easy to use.

40)   rc_formValidator.class
Bored with server side validation by making code ?. This is a class file which performs client side validation to the form fields present in the webpage. If any error field is found it will intimate the user with user defined errors.

41)   MD Contact
MD Contact software helps the persons to contact you through your site contact form. It validates data, if there is a single problem found the form will be returned to the visitors to correct it.

42)   Feedback Form
Feedback Form is a simple software that allow the webmasters to recieve feedback from their site users. This script is highly secured and more compatibile. It has spam protection and bandwidth theft protection.

43)   Form to mail
Form to mail is a mailing programme to send mail to others and it is included with protection feature from spammer.

44)   Basic Form
A very basic and easy to use website form processor that comes with a comprehensive form template.

45)   Dope Mail form
Dope Mail Form is a PHP based software. This contact form is in simple format and easily understandable. The user can send message through this email form after filling the form fields.

46)   Mail Form
Mail Form software helps you to make contact with others through an email. It validates data and checks for error. This script is customizable.

47)   MyEasyFormProzessor
This is an useful online form processor of the kind built with PHP and is capable of helping you to validate user's form input from the client side server.

48)   Marioz PHP Mail
This is a php based form mail program which helps webmasters to build their site with form mail to receive email from their site visitors. It has error validation and thank you page facilities.

49)   Bs_Form
Bs_Form is a package that implements HTML forms as PHP classes. With all its features and the 46 classes (18'000 lines of documented code) it is by far the most comprehensive web form building and handling we have seen. If you read on, you'll see why. And what it can do for you.

50)   24Mail
24Mail is based on PHP and no database is required. It helps you to send an email message to the web owners. It validates data to check whether there is error or not. It is customizable.

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