Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Games and Entertainment (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Gaming Scripts
Gaming scripts is a PHP scripted gaming ladder and tournament programme with a lot of fixes and changes. This scripts features new control panel and easier account creations.

2)   Shadows Rising RPG
Shadows Rising RPG Game Engine will allow users to add items, classes, quests, NPCs and locations to create a custom RPG powered by the core engine. Includes the default Shadows Rising Game. Written with PHP, Javascript, MySQL/PostgreSQL and XHTML. NOTE: We are currently in Alpha so all comments are welcome to the forum to improve the game.

3)   WebLeague
WebLeague is a php based script and is an online league system that helps users to categorize different types of leagues such as, rating, ladder, points etc. This is completely automated program.

4)   MyGosuClan
MyGosuClan is a PHP based program and a collection of clan scripts needed for a clan website. This scripts comes with an automatic installation, and comes with templates to change the looks of the site.

5)   Scratch n Match
Scratch n Match is a play programme very simple to use. You have to scratch the card and have the chance to win. Maximum allowed wins can easily be changed by admin page.

6)   Orbitalz Planetarion like Space Game
Orbitalz is a PHP massively multiplayer online space game. Orbitalz is a space game which allows you to become a galactic commander and take control of the universe. Features: attack, defend, politics, construct, research, produce ships, travel to galaxies within the universe, private message system

7)   Celebrity Names
Celebrity Names is a PHP scripted online entertaining programme that makes you fun. You have to fill up answer to a questionaire that displayed in the screen and click. The celebrity name will appear.

8)   E-Gold Head Tails Game Scripts
A PHP driven head tail game lets the people to bet online for a given amount and enable them to gain 150% of their spent amount if they win. Supports MySQL and displays the results in real time.

9)   Kill Monster
Killmonster is a PHP scripted online gaming programme which is fun to play. In this game, monsters are made by the administrator and the player should use his skill to kill monsters and gain points.

10)   CCleague Pro
CCleague Pro is mainly developed for soccer. It is a easy way for you to post a web site for a sport league to update information about players registraion, team coaches and managers, scores etc.

11)   Nuke Ladder
Nukeladder lets you run your own gaming league ladder or tournaments.

12)   Tarot
Tarot is a card program that lets the user to send pre-made spells which are based on different tarot card combination across the website which inturn gives the prediction of the day.

13)   Roleplaying Name Generator
This programme helps to create your roleplaying name with this Roleplaying Name Generator Script. Some of the online role playing games will not allow to play in some names. To overcome this, this programme is helpful.

14)   Prediction Football
Prediction Football is based on PHP scripts that allows your websites to provide automated prediction leagues. Feature highlights are muliple fixture creations, messages to other users and no need for cookies.

15)   class.madlibs.php
class.madlibs.php can be added to a website to make it more interactive for the website visitors. Madlibs can be stories, users can add words in a form to finish the story.

16)   SWS Jokes Site CMS
SWS Jokes Site CMS is a script written using PHP and uses MySQL database for storing the information or data. With this script you can create and run your own jokes site online.

17)   Gaming Ladder - ComboSystem
Mygamingladder is a professional ladder and tournament script for your gaming league. A large array of new features are in this new version. Features includes complete ladder bug fixes, improved ladder design, report and challenge system, multiple admin options are available.

18)   Madam Lenormand Fortune Teller
Madam Lenormand Fortune Teller is a PHP based online fortune telling programme. This script increase your visitors to visit repetetively. You have to fill the require fields and click. The script tells your forture.

19)   NetBingo
NetBingo is a web-based gaming programme in PHP. With this application many number of players can play and who compete to be the first to get a Bingo. Useful to webmasters who wish to allow interactive bingo games to their website visitors.

20)   Lotto & Keno scripts
Lotto is a lottery type entertaining programme based on PHP script. This is a combination of lotto and keno scripts. Works very fast. You can compose all your own combinations in the database.

21)   Tarot Online Deluxe
Tarot Online Deluxe is an online entertaining programme that offers fourteen different Tarot spreads and seven different decks to choose. The user have to choose their cards and know his tarot prediction. This is useful to bring repetetive vistors.

22)   PHPFootball
PHPFootball is a football management programme for managing the fixtures, games, teams, results, divisions etc. Comes with two free modules.

23)   Free Lotto Lottery Game
Free Lotto Lottery Game is a simple online lottery game software written in PHP with which website visitors have a chance to win million dollars by just picking six random numbers.

24)   E-Gold Game Script Package
E-Gold Game Script Package is a program that comes with a collection of E-Gold game scripts. Using this program webmasters can launch several E-Gold games on their websites.

25)   Instant Scratch Ticket
Instant Scratch ticket is a PHP written web based lottery ticket programme that keeps your visitors to visit again and again. A good addition to any website and a nice matchup with the Pick 4 lotto script.

26)   Multiplayer PHP and MySQL game
This is a powerful PHP based multiplayer game software using which you can play wargame with any of your friends on a remote location. This program is easy to install on your server.

27)   Simuland
Simuland is a web-based PHP scripted gaming programme that lets users to make their own business structure and race with other business.

28)   PHP Chess
PHP Chess is an online chess gaming programme. Making a chess move by entering in your move in the textbox that says 'Make a move". This game helps to develop your chess playing skill.

29)   Mega Sweepstakes Script
This is a sweepstake script that can build email lists. This script posses features that helps to increase web traffic to your website. This site will be very helpful for website promoters and webmasters.

30)   Nuke Ladder
NukeLadder is a PHP scripted gaming application allows you to run many gaming ladders for multiple games. This is perfectly designed for clans and also for those who wants to start a gaming ladder.

31)   Merchant Empires
Mechant Empires is a web-based entertaining game in PHP. This is a space exploration and economic competition game and also a multi player gaming programme. Customizing is easy.

32)   CzarQuery
CzarQuery is to extract the details from a Half Life game server about the players details, mode of playing, map server, and more. Availability of PHP 4.x on your website suits to install and access this tool.

33)   Online Game- Battle Sigs
Battlesigs program is helpful for the webmasters to facilitate their website with online game feature. This online game program enables the website visitors to earn money online.

34)   WebChess
WebChess is an online PHP scripted gaming programme to play chess. This latest version includes bug fixes, checkmate checking improvement with graphical user interface.

35)   Fake Newspaper Stories For Mambo OS
Fake Newspaper Stories For Mambo OS is a PHP programme for you to create or send a fake front page of a news paper for making funny things.

36)   Rostermain
Rostermain is a bunch of PHP scripted files. This programme acts as a roster for an everquest 2 guild site. This script can be changed to use any kind of roster as per your needs.

37)   Hole In One Club!
This is a PHP based application through which the users can generate a website for Golf lovers. This application offers to list various golf courses.

38)   tplSoccerStats
This is a very useful programme for soccer team webmasters to control matches and players by seasons. Though this programme was created to handle one one team, making use of several databases, different teams can be handled.

39)   Promisance
Promisance is a online strategy gaming programme written in PHP. This programme facilitates users to add modules for enhanced playing. Uses MySQL in the backend.

40)   HockeySTATS Online
This is an ice hockey league controlling program that could be controlled through a web based browser. HockeySTATS Online gaming script can be utilised to other games like Field Hockey, Roller Hockey and Lacrosse Leagues.

41)   Name Generator
Name Generator is written in PHP. Just you have to type your name and this program tells your Klingon name that is your superhero or caveman's name. You can type a number of names and find or create a new name by this program.

42)   npIDB
npIDB is based in PHP and Uses the MySQL database. This is a normal but very efficient database system that will track all items on the petsite Though this program is meant for Neopets fan sites, it suits to all other users. This new version fixes a bug for easy installation.

43)   Service Page - Poker
This an interesting casino game software with which you can enjoy web based free card games online without any third party plug-ins.

44)   Myth2
Myth2 is a interactive story where you traverse down a binary tree of storys, and select either of the two options on each node. After reaching the end of a branch you can add to the story which is same as the game books that were popular in the 80's. It is coded and maintained by solidox.

45)   Roulette
Roulette is a PHP scripted gaming programme which makes you feel the gambling excitement without any risk. The users win entries or points with this game. This game is of addictive nature and has a customizable look.

46)   Astro-Compatibility
Astro-compatibility is an entertaining PHP programme that Offer your users Western Astrology sign compatibility who were born between 1900 and 2003. This scripts brings more new visitors to your website to visit repetetively.

47)   ScoreSystem
ScoreSystem is a PHP flat file. With this programme you can conduct many contests on your website.This programme keeps track of all the participants entering in contests on your site. You can also maintain the total scores of the participants.

48)   SportsPHool
SportsPHool is a PHP scripted gaming application that uses MySQL database. With this tool you can create and run your own sports pool having muliple games. This helps your visitors to visit more frequently.

49)   exoGameCtl
exoGameCtl is a half-life game control panel which you can control your gameserver settings in real time easily from your webpage. The remarkable features of this programme keeps you entertained.

50)   E-Gold Game Portal Scripts
E-Gold Game Portal Scripts is fully coded in PHP where with MySQL is integrated to maintain all online games effectively. This software provides 11 games which supports payments through e-gold.

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