Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Groupware Tools (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Groupware
Groupware is a collection of PHP scripts that helps you to manipulate a user based content manager on websites. Banners, mailing functions, navigator are included.

2)   phpSched
phpSched is a simple PHP script that deals with creating and maintaining project managers. It supports templates for page modification. Mailing system enables messaging between users.

3)   Meeting Room Booking System
MRBS is fully written in PHP and it provides several tools to enhance user management system with projects. Web based contact makes fast communication. Supports different levels for users. Calendar system enables viewing schedules monthly / weekly.

4)   phpTime Sheet
This is a php based time sheet generator program which helps users to handle and organize their company and personal data and to schedule work time.

5)   Moregroupware
Moregroupware is a co-ordinating system that organizes group users on PHP based websites. Mailing tool, calendar modules, Planner, skins for layouts can be included for upgrading project manager.

6)   PhpCollab
Groupware module. Manage web projects with team collaboration, users management, tasks and projects tracking, files approval tracking, project sites clients access, customer relationship management.

7)   WebOffice
WebOffice is a program based on PHP with which users can save and retrieve information wherever they want. This program will be useful for the users to manage personal memo, email, task etc.,

8)   Willow Job Tracking and Management System
Willow is a job-tracking system designed to help different departments within an organization to better cooperate with each other. Users can submit jobs to other departments, follow job status to completion, sort job listings on a variety of criteria, search jobs for specific words and phrases, and more.

9)   TikiWiki
TikiWiki is developed using php and is a simple open source content management system which is used to create and maintain websites.

10)   phpProject Management
phpProject Management supports framework for maintaining project administration on PHP enabled web sites. Webmaster can quote as many projects as he can and the programmers can update the project position, finished tasks to be billed for every hour. Requires GD/GIF support.

11)   Portable PHP,MySQL Corporate Intranet System
PPCIS is an user management script that gives PHP based functions for user administration, directories for commuincations, FAQs, and more.

12)   CuteFlow
This is an useful document circulation tool using which you would be able to circulate your web documents to all work groups. This program even supports attachments for the documents.

13)   Smooth Webcam PHP
This is a PHP script through which programmers can include webcam in their webpages with the help of an iframe. This webcam facility can increase the traffic of the users website.

14)   dotProject
dotProject is a powerful web based application which is derived in PHP that manages users and project group systems on portal systems. It consists modules for project management, group tasks, calendar functions, forums, themes and much more.

15)   MyDMS
MyDMS is a PHP/MySQL based document manager that stores binary data. Meta info is about author, created date, stutus, version, and more. Security mechanism keeps data safe. ADOdb supports mulitple servers.

16)   Sherpath Groupware
Sherpath is a Group organizing system that is powered with PHP script. Password protected admin page, safe mode utility, HTTP based data transfer, emailing, SMS, database for storing contact info are supported.

17)   Phonebook.php
Phonebook.php is a contact manager that runs on PHP and MysQL driven websites. Seperate field contains cell phone, pager phone, and telephone along with name, location and comapany's logo. Needs XHTML to import files into Excel.

18)   Vantaa Intranet Toolkit
Vantaa Intranet Toolkit is a PHP application that consists of several modules which are project manager, document loader, news system, telephone directory, file manager, user admin section etc.,

19)   absoluteBUSY - Online CRM
absoluteBUSY Online-CRM is a customer management script that is made of PHP modules. It also works as a contact manager and as a project administrator. Using this script you can increase your e-business.

20)   TUTOS
TUTOS is a web based groupware system that runs on PHP included websites. It has a calendar wizard to organize tasks, user interactive system for allowing user groups, teams, agents etc., Project manager, mailing software and still more features.

21)   Intranet
Intranet is to manage projects and teams effectively on PHP designed websites. It enhance a relationship management. Polls, forums, calendars, file manager, user rules are some of the features this module supports.

22)   Web Project
This advanced communication tool will help you to develop and organise an intuitive working environment for all your project mates by enhancing your project related communication.

23)   Team Folio
This is an online PHP based utility which can be used to share the advanced information between the users. This application allows the users to execute small to medium level projects in a team of work.

24)   Copper 2004
Copper 2004 is a centralised team - project management that helps team members to interact with them and share their performances. Keep track of project timing, budget, permissions, submissions simply and effectively.

25)   ePersonnel
ePersonnel is powered by PHP language that originates features for managing personnel system on small companies. It includes an interacitve user adminstration system that deals with employee management. Doucmentation supports RTF.

26)   PHProjekt
PHProjekt is an effective PHP software that facilitates to manage group system on internet and intranet. It can be accessed in 33 languages and is compatible with several database servers. It includes a file manager, calendar system, admin page, voting module and more.

27)   Itnas
ITNAS is an intuitive project management tool that is powered in PHP code. Internal modules organizes project and finance manager. Others can interact through printable PDF files. You can preplan tasks and meetings through calendar module.

28)   Project Pack
This is a web based project management and a communication software that gives one point contact to your customer to communicate with all your team members and leaders. It provides an unified communication platform, easy project tracking and updating and much more.

29)   Mozart
Mozart is a collection of PHP implemented modules that is used as a project manager on PHP platforms. Contact list, calendar system, user management are some of the features included in this software.

30)   Recruitment and job board software
Recruitment and job board software is provided on PHP language that is useful for job opprtunities site, staff palcement concerns and many other man power agencies. Provides effective solutions for recruitment websites.

31)   Magia Groupware
Magia Groupware is a groupware management script that supports PHP driven platforms. It includes as many functions as you look for developing your e-business and organazational functions.

32)   Chemoventory Standard
Chemoventory Standard is an efficient chemical inventory tool that provides customizable solutions for all chemical professioanls to export, recycle and transfer bulk chemicals online.

33)   PCorner
This is a simple program that offers custom solutions for small and medium websites to integrate web based services.

34)   BHC Intranet
BHC Intranet is completely based on PHP modules that is adaptable for intranet based offices. Many projects can be included and updated. Web based admin interface, contact database, news groups, mailing tools are incorporated.

35)   Willow Issue Tracker pro
With the help of this tool you can track the developments of your software projects, share and exchange task results, organize reports for the scheduled tasks etc.,

36)   Peeps
Peeps is an effective group organizing script which is generated in PHP code. You can manage your personnel department simply via this script. Contact manager provided the required detail in no time.

37)   Tasks Pro
A hierarchical task manager with polished multi-user functionality.

38)   CMMS
This is an useful maintenance management system designed to help webmasters to organize their business equipments online with MySQL database support.

39)   kidSister
kidSister works as a timesheet in project management which is generated in PHP language. It notifies outstanding jobs and future tasks with time settings. Unique reports are created for individual user.

40)   MyBizContax
MyBizContax is a web based group management PHP script that implements functions to upgrade your e-business and maintain your projects, customer service, and accounts. Ability to Search with customer Database.

41)   Plan Projects
Online project management services. Key features include task and project collaboration, customized payments, automated reminders, and fully-featured planning.

42)   KBshare
KBshare is a solution to track information in office management which is adaptable for PHP/ MySQL websites. It contains details about tasks that include time of start and end, worker name, work status, worker's contact details and more in Technical Information Documents (TID) forms.

43)   OPES Groupware Collaboration
OPES Groupware Collaboration is to manage a user group system on PHP driven websites. Features support communication tools, future plans, Reports for project date, time, contact details and more in project management.

44)   Group-Office
Group-Office is generated using PHP modules that assists you to manitain user groups and as well as content management on your system. Features support mailing modules, contact details, project manager, layout customization etc.,

45)   aldap
aldap is coded in PHP and MySQL which provides features for controlling group via centralised admin. Supports LDAP server. Creating / modifying / removing and managing organizational units are simply done.

46)   Magia Coordinator
Magia Coordinator is a webbased collabration system that shares and manages data between you and your clients, customers, workers etc. This module is derived from PHP language. You can integrate client's performances with timeliner.

47)   TeamIntegrator
TeamIntegrator is produced in PHP/MySQL classes that provides an effective project administration on web based environments. Forums are used to display latest news, topics, announcements etc., future plans can be assinged. Roaming based SMS can be accessed.

48)   TaskFile
Manage and share your team tasks online with TaskFile.

49)   Bills Image-Uploader & Resizer
Bills Image-Uploader & Resizer is a image manipulating system that works on PHP oriented web portals. 'jpeg', 'png', 'gif' type images can be uploaded and customized to meet your needs. While uploading the script checks filetype, file name, etc.,

50)   2do
2do is a PHP based co-ordinator that helps you to lead your projects. Your team workers are allowed to report their performance and status of project can be shown.

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