Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Image Galleries (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Fusker
A collection of PHP scripts for extracting and linking to web content from other web pages. It is a full portal system, with community features like forums, user management, integrated search, and a modular structure which makes it easy to add new features.

2)   Web Photo Gallery
This script helps the users to upload their JPEG images online and it automatically generates thumbnail and resizes the picture quickly. It uses MySQL database for storing images.

3)   Photogallery
Photogallery is a simple script for image gallery written using PHP programming. It contains the basic features that can be found in a normal image gallery script.

4)   The Gallery
You can use this PHP application to build your own image gallery for your website with slide shows and automatic thumbnail creation.

5)   Photos
A photo database; a web based application for managing (storing, cataloging and retrieving) digital photos. This script is programmed in PHP language and uses MySQL database.

6)   PHPmyGallery
PHPmyGallery is a PHP script for creating online picture gallery system which also helps you to publish and manage galleries on the website. The script also supports multiple languages.

7)   minishowcase
This is a simple PHP program that helps users to organize and manage their image galleries online without any programming knowledge.

8)   Dynapic
Dynapic is a simple and easy to use image gallery script written using PHP and does not require any database to store the images or pictures. It is easily configurable.

9)   Easy Peasy Image Gallery
Ever had a collection of photos from your holidays or parties that you wanted to make them available on the web for your friends and relatives to enjoy? With EPIG, you can do just that. All that you need is web space to host your EPIG album with PHP & GD support. Simply upload the EPIG files on the same folder where your photos are and you are done! EPIG displays an image gallery with automatically generated thumbnails for all the image files (supports JPEG, GIF and PNG files). You can then click on the thumbnails to see the actual images. You can navigate page-by-page or by page numbers.

Dreampics Builder is a CMS+Photo/Video Gallery - customizable site engine for photographers or someone who want to easily build own website, manage content even without the knowledge of html, organize and exhibit the photo and video albums!

11)   Atomic Photo Album
Atomic Photo Album is an image gallery script written using PHP and uses MySQL database. It requires Image Magick to create thumbnails and small pictures and contains many other features.

12)   Indigo SlideShow
A simple yet functional slide show written in Flash MX 2004 and PHP using Ming. This slideshow can easily be integrated into an existing layout.

13)   Softbiz Image Gallery Script
Softbiz Image (Photo) Gallery Script is great tool for running your image (Photo) gallery site. Its very easy to install and operate. You can upload multiple images in one go. Just put the images in one directory and instruct the script to add them and that is it.

14)   PhreakPic
PhreakPic is a PHP based script that can be used to create an online gallery for any kind of website. The script is capable of generating thumbnails automatically and allows to create multiple sub-categories.

15)   Simple Gallery
Simple Gallery is a simple PHP script for image gallery management. It contains all the basic features that are available in the similar image gallery scripts.

16)   MiniGal
You can ue this gallery script to generate image galleries on your website with user comments, image captions and different skin support.

17)   Coppermine Photo Gallery
Coppermine Photo Gallery is a photo gallery system using PHP programming and MySQL databse with ImageMagick or GD library. It is a multi-purpose web based picture gallery script with endless features.

18)   MCImageManager PHP
The MCImageManager PHP is a combination of PHP, HTML and Javascript, possible to integrate with the MCFileManager. The purpose of the MCImageManager is to be able to preview images through thumbnails and conduct basic file operations on them, such as upload and delete. The perfect tool to integrate with your CMS system, or TinyMCE.

19)   Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery is a simple and easy to use image gallery script that has the ability to manage a catalog of images through the web. With this script you can easily update, add, change and delete photos in your online gallery.

20)   Autoslide
Autoslider is a simple and easy to use script written in PHP. The script allows you to make a slideshow presentation of your pictures that are stored in your folder or directory. The customization of this script is simple.

21)   PhotoGal
PhotoGal is an image gallery script which provides you a complete solution for your photo gallery management and presentation. The script is power packed with lots of features.

22)   phPhotoAlbum
phPhotoAlbum is a web based tool through which you can create photo album with many image files. This tool has an easy to use admin panel.

23)   Lightbox Photo Gallery
Lightbox Photo Gallery is a PHP based image gallery script which uses MySQL database backend along with GD library. Useful for professionals like artists, photographers etc to display their work and also allows them to sell online.

24)   THEPICS lite
THEPICS lite is a script to create an online image gallery which is based on PHP programming and requires GD library. Once the script is loaded, it scans the directory for JPG files and automatically creates thumbnails.

25)   Mubla
Mulba is a user-friendly image gallery application with powerful templating system. Using this application you can generate photo ablums for your website.

26)   PhotoPost PHP Pro
PhotoPost PHP Pro is designed to upload the user's photos to galleries on your site and can make photo discussions. Also if you have your own forum, you can integrate it with this site to have a central login and display your PhotoPost albums or photos in UBB threads forum.

27)   24 Update Cam portal Script
24 Update Cam portal is a PHP script which uses MySQL and CRON support. The script stores cam images from your digital camera with multi user interface and customizable admin area.

28)   35mm Slide Gallery
35mm Slide Gallery is a PHP based script that provides you to view the pictures in your gallery as a slideshow presentation and requires Photoshop to edit the slide mount images. The script generates thumbnails automatically.

29)   My Stock Photo Site
Using this program you can develop a full featured and automated online gallery on your website. Visitors can browse through the categories, search for pictures, buy and download pictures from your website etc.,

30)   gee! Photo Gallery Manager
Organize your images online with gee! Photo Gallery Manager. Create galleries of photos with captions. Photos and images are presented in a variety of layouts such as slideshows and lists.

31)   Autogallery
Autogallery, as its name suggests is an image gallery script that is capable of creating thumbnail image galleries by generating thumbnail images automatically from your picture folders.

32)   JPG-Dump-Photo-Gallery
This gallery script in PHP supports only JPG image file formats and will help you to setup an online image gallery with the photos of your digital camera.

33)   Galleristic
Galleristic is a simple PHP gallery script using which you can upload your pictures and flash movies online. This program will assist you in generating thumbnails for the images.

34)   Ultiamte Image Hosting
Incredible image hosting script! Imagine free and paid options, fully fledged membership system and of course, batch uploading. Check it out!

35)   PHP JackKnife Image Gallery
Complete image gallery for your website. Includes dynamic creation of thumbnails, image upload, locked galleries, ftp bulk import, unlimited categories, more. PHP & MSSQL/MySQL & Win/*nix.

36)   photo_album
This is a simple and easy to use photo album that helps you to create your own personal album on your website with photos and resized thumbnail images and much more. It is easy to customize and can be integrated with your existing website easily.

37)   Snipe Gallery
Snipe Gallery is a photo gallery script with an easy to use admin interface. It comes with various features like dynamic thumbnailing, HTML quicktips etc.

38)   phpWebAlbum
phpWebAlbum provides you a solution to create an automated photo album on the web. This script is written using PHP and MySQL and requires GD graphic library to upload the pictures. It is featured with automatic thumbnail generation.

39)   PhotoSeek
PhotoSeek is an image gallery script which was formerly known as Cloud Project. It is featured with secured administration of repositories and cataloguing and many other features.

40)   Slooze
Slooze is a simple and easy to use web based photo album written using PHP and stores the data in simple text files or in RDBMS. It is able to support large and complex image archieves.

41)   Supercharged ImageVote
Supercharged Image Vote is an advanced software program for webmasters to create photo voting website that generates thousands of ad views and rate any picture or image.

42)   PHP Simple Gallery Script
PHP Simple Gallery Script, as it's name suggests is a simple gallery script for creating online image galleries with less than hundred files. Capable to work with image files like GIF, PNG and JPG files.

43)   ImgPub
ImgPub is a PHP based script that allows you to publish your photos on your existing website. Useful script for those who needs to create a professional photo album with thousands of images. It can upload images through FTP and comes with many other features.

44)   mcGallery Pro
Pro version of mcGallery. Features include the ability to display photos, videos and flash movies. Albums can be created and sorted, e-cards created and sent, and slideshow.

45)   webYourPhotos
webYourPhotos is a PHP based easy, fast and professional picture gallery script for creating your own image gallery. It creates thumbnails and has many other features.

46)   MPGallery
Using this image gallery script you can generate your own dynamic photo galleries that supports slide shows for all images of your collections.

47)   Nimages
Nimages is a PHP based image gallery script which is simple but powerful. This script uses MySQL database to store and retrieve the data and provides a comprehensive theme system.

48)   Virtual Photo Album
Virtual Photo Album is a PHP based image gallery script which will be useful to display the pictures of your family or friends as an organized collection. It supports dynamic captioning, creation of custom photos for visitors, displaying animated GIF files and much more.

49)   FhImage
FhImage is a simple photo album script written using PHP programming and does not require any database. A color picker tool for configuring is also included in this script.

50)   Kig Image Gallery Plugin
Kig Image Gallery plugin is a simple online image gallery plugin for the kig image gallery. This program allow users to upload images to specific directories and password protect them. Users can edit or delete uploaded images.

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