Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Image Manipulation (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   PHP+GD Progress Bar Demo
This is a demo that shows how to create a progress bar images using the PHP language and GD graphic library with various styles and width options etc.

2)   phpThumb()
php Thumb() is a script with which you can create thumbnails from image files like GIF, JPEG and PNG easily. You can view the output image that can be enlarged or reduced according to your choice and contains various other features.

3)   Convert images to thumbnail images
This is a tutorial which explains you about how to create thumbnail images automatically by converting the images that you have in your folder.

4)   Creating Dynamic Images with PHP
This is a simple and easy to learn online tutorial with which you will be learning how to generate dynamic images using PHP in real time.

5)   Image Properties Viewer
Image Properties Viewer is a PHP based image manipulation program capable of extracting image attributes from your localhost. This program supports GIF and JPG image formats.

6)   Manipulating Existing Images
This one page tutorial teaches you how to open an existing image in various file formats on your website for the purpose of modifying them.

7)   Image Processor
This is a PHP based tool which helps you to create effects and upload image files. This tool supports various iamge formats such as jpeg, gif, png, xbm and wbmp.

8)   Online Signature Maker
Make Cool Signature images online with this script. using PHP`s GD Libaray it creates number of images for free.

9)   Write Text to the Image
This is a simple PHP based utility using which you can easily add text on the top of the images. This utility is customizable. You can use this utility for adding the text on the pictures of your website.

10)   MakeJPGThumb
With the help of GD and JPEG image libraries this PHP program enables you to produce thumbnail pictures for JPG images and also allows you to resize your JPG images with the height and width of your choice.

11)   txt2jpeg
txt2jpeg is a script which will convert the text information into a dynamic jpeg file, which prevents from copying the text from your site.

12)   Croptool
With the help of this program the users can crop the required part of the image easily. It helps the users to manipulate the images quickly as they like.

13)   activeWatermark
Free script that places watermark on images in current folder and sub-folders

14)   12cropimage.php
12cropimage.php was created to crop uploaded images to the desired size without having to use a software.

15)   ImageManager
Allows secure browsing of folders with images. Different kinds of imge transformation like resize, rotate, write text, shadow etc. GIF sipported! Ttrue Type Fonts supported! Thumbnails generated on the fly.

16)   Dynamic Forum Signatures
Dynamic Forum Signatures is an online tutorial that contributes to users on creating signatures. This tutorial will be useful for the readers to learn about fetching any detail from a database to place on images.

17)   An intro to using the GD image library with PHP
This tutorial is designed for the beginners to teach them how to create images using the GD image library with PHP language. It demonstrates the functions with a simple example.

18)   CSS rounded corners
This is a simple PHP tutorial through which the learners can learn how to use CSS style sheets to round the corners of images.

19)   Creating an image gallery
This is a simple one page tutorial which will be helpful for beginners to create an online image gallery with folders and sub folders using PHP programming.

20)   Image Editor Class
Image Editor Class is a simple but useful PHP script that helps you in editing a digital cam image or any type of image easily. It requires GD library for uploading the image.

21)   Smart Thumbnail Creator
Smart Thumbnail Creator is PHP driven program which is capable of resizing your images and pictures and cropping them. New feature includes using Truecolor code.

22)   phpWatermark
phpWatermark is a PHP class which provides you a simple way to mark an image with a digital watermark so that you can prevent your images or photos from being used in an unauthorized manner.

23)   class.cropcanvas.php
class.cropcanvas.php is a PHP based script which can be used to crop an image in different ways as you like. It allows you to crop an image or picture in nine different positions.

24)   PEL - PHP EXIF Library
PEL - PHP EXIF Library is a simple and easy to use online program written in PHP allowing webmasters decode EXIF datas on all JPEG and TIFF image files.

25)   Image Masking
Image Masking is a PHP class that allows you to apply a mask to your favourite image. The mask is converted to grayscale and hence you are requested to use black and white patterns.

26)   Write Text to Image
Write a text to your image without altering the image itself.

27)   Draw a rating box
Draw a rating box is a simple script which allows you to create or draw your own rating box. With this script you can get poll results from your online visitors for any type of product or image.

28)   GD2+ Thumbnail Class Distro
GD2+ Thumbnail Class Distro is a script that requires GD library of version 2 or higher for creating thumbnails automatically when you upload the images into the server. It allows you to create thumbnails in various formats.

29)   Image Converter JPG2SWF
Image Converter is a script available online for converting your JPG files into SWF files with preloader function. The script is written using PHP and is easy to customize.

30)   class.dropshadow.php
class.dropshadow.php is a PHP based script that allows you to create thumbnail images easily and applying a drop-shadow effect to the particular image.

31)   Image Processor
This is a PHP based image processing application which can be used to upload images, resize images and to secure images. Through this image processor the programmers can display their image gallery in thumbnail format.

32)   Generating Images on the Fly With PHP
With this tutorial, you will be able to generate images in real time and to send them directly to the browser or can store them in a file.

33)   PHP+GD Scale and Overlay Demo
This is a tutorial that helps you to learn the functions of scaling and overlaying images using the PHP and GD library functions with the help of an online demo.

34)   Creating an Image Gallery
This tutorial teaches you about the creation of your own online image gallery from the beginning and right to the end. It covers all the topics that are required to construct an image gallery.

35)   Dynamic Picture Frame
Dynamic Picture Frame is a PHP based script that allows you to add an unlimited variety of picture frames to choose from the drop down list box for any size of images on your website.

36)   Indigo Forum Signature
Most people probably have seen those forum signatures that show your IP and other information inside a picture. You might be wondering how in the world is it done. Well this script will do it for you you. The possibilities with this are endless.

37)   Binary Data + MySQL + PHP
This tutorial teaches you how to store images as well as the html files directly into the SQL database through the HTML forms. The functions are explained clearly with examples.

38)   Button Image
Button Image is an image manipulation script written using PHP that will create dynamic button images instantly. The script is simple and easy to use.

39)   Banner Builder
Create high quality looking banners in a matter of seconds using this powerfull PHP banner builder script. Simply choose your settings, click create and you'll have your very own professional looking banner.

40)   PHP Draw
PHP Draw is a simple but powerful web drawing tool that uses the GD library for generating images. It has the ability to draw lines,Rectangles, filled rectangles, filled ellipses, and pixels.

41)   Simple Form-Based Image Upload
This is a simple one page tutorial which explains to you about how to upload a gif image to your web server using HTML form.

IMG2ASCII is a script written in PHP which is capable of generating images from JPG, GIF or PNG into ASCII format. It is also featured with several options to cater the needs of everyone.

43)   Exifer
Exifer is a PHP based photo library system that reads the EXIF data that are embedded in the images and stores them. It is tested with almost all the leading digital cams available.

44)   Bar Charts With GD
Bar Charts With GD presents useful information about creation of bar charts with 'gif' and 'png' support using PHP's image modules. This tool enables you to develop the image manipulation to generate complicated pie charts.

45)   class.resize_pic.php
class resize pic php is a simple program for resizing thumbnail images written using PHP. The script requires GD library or Image Magick for uploading the images or pictures.

46)   FastBanner
FastBanner is a script which helps you in enhancing your site with creating new eye catching ads and banners quickly thereby increasing your revenue with increased viewer traffic.

47)   Time based image
Time based image is a simple and easy to use script that can be used to diplay different images based on time intervals. The script allows you to use with any of your own personal images.

48)   Dynamic Images in PHP 3.0
This is a simple tutorial that teaches you to create dynamic images for your online gallery using PHP version 3. You can modify existing images after learning this tutorial.

49)   phpcad
phpcad is a CAD or painting program that is written in PHP which requires no skill in detailed drawing. The functions are placed in the screen as objects by defining the parameters for the object. With this script you can create 3D .pov images similar to photographs.

50)   IMS Pro
This is a php based programme that allows users to run an online image storage service. Online auctioning sites and communities make use of these sort of sevices. Thi programme offers many useful features like bandwidth tracking, paypal integration, thumbnails, photoalbums etc.

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