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1-50 Introduction to PHP (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   PHP 101 (part 3) - Chocolate Fudge And Time Machines
This is the thrid part of the introduction to PHP language. In this tutorial you will come across some advance codes in PHP like loops, arrays etc.

2)   Building dynamic web pages with PHP
This is a tutorial which gives an introduction to PHP language and how and where to start the learning in PHP for creating dynamic web pages. This will be useful for beginners.

3)   Quick Intro to PHP
A quick introduction to the basics of PHP for complete beginners.

4)   Array: Lesson Part 1
Use this script after you have gained knowledge in PHP variables. By learning the first part in this array class, you will be able to store and organize the data structures easily.

5)   PHP For Dummies
PHP For Dummies is an article that teaches you about the ways and means of using various PHP variables for specific desired objectives.

6)   A simple tutorial
A simple tutorial is an article that teaches you to use PHP scripting language in creating dynamic webcontent pages. This is an useful article for all PHP users.

7)   PHP Articles
PHP Articles is an ultimate tutorial containing several online manuals with which webmaters and developers are skilled with each and every possible tasks using PHP codes.

8)   AgMAY 's PHP Tutorial
AgMAY 's PHP Tutorial is a simple online tutorial that explains users with the basics of PHP and its programming techniques right from the elemental concepts.

9)   PHP3 Introduction
PHP3 Introduction is a tutorial that gives you a brief introduction on the server side scripting language along with HTML codings. An useful guide for all users.

10)   Functions and Variable Scope in PHP
Functions and Variable Scope in PHP is an ultimate ttutorial that explains you about the various functions and varialbles of the PHP scripting language.

11)   AgMAY's Understanding PHP
AgMAY's Understanding PHP is an online article with which you can learn about the programming basics of PHP scripts with some examples.

12)   Introduction to PHP(Zend)
This tutorial guides you to learn the history of PHP and it's major functionalities. This will be useful for web developers and programmers.

13)   Create dynamic sites with PHP & MySQL
Create dynamic sites with PHP & MySQL is an ultimate article that assists webmasters and developers to create websites using PHP with MYSQL backend.

14)   PHP, The Nitty Gritty: Lesson 1
This tutorial explains you about PHP and how to use it. You can also know where to get PHP. It describes you the various basic functions of PHP with simple examples.

15)   Welcome to PHP
In this tutorial, you will be taught the basics in programming by using PHP 3 which is the most popular version in PHP. By learning this tutorial, you will really know more about PHP programming.

16)   Basic PHP
This is a tutorial which helps you in using PHP codes and programs. With this script you will be able to learn the basics in PHP and the meaning of the codes.

17)   Switching to PHP: What's the Language Difference?
This is a tutorial for PHP which is designed to educate programmers of Perl, Javascript or with ASP background. Various important functions of the language are described with examples to understand the concept easily.

18)   Enterprise PHP
Enterprise PHP is a simple and easy to understand article that helps novice programmers and programming experts to excel themselves in the PHP concepts and its versatility in creating enterprise web applications.

19)   PHP Lesson 1 - First PHP Script
This tutorial teaches you how to run a PHP script. It will be suitable for the beginners of PHP programming. It describes the basics in PHP and assists you in understanding the codes.

20)   Working with Directories in PHP
This tutorial script helps you to work with various directories that are available in PHP programming. After going through it, you will learn to handle directories in PHP.

21)   Introduction to PHP Tutorial
This tutorial provides you with the information regarding the brief history of PHP, and will be useful for those who have some knowledge in HTML programming and would like to switch over to PHP.

22)   Introduction to PHP Part 1 - The Basic
This is an online tutorial for PHP programming for those who are experts in HTML but new to PHP language. This script will guide you to create your own dynamic website.

23)   PHP Tutorial for beginners
PHP tutorial for beginners is an ideal script which can be used to know the basics in PHP programming and can start building their own programs easily.

24)   Build your own Database Driven Website using PHP and MySQL
This tutorial helps you to create your own dynamic website using PHP programming. This article is aimed at intermediates or advanced web designers.

25)   Quick Intro to PHP Development
This article is meant to be an introduction to the PHP language.

26)   Escaping PHP Tutorial
This article guides you to learn how to use Javascript, HTML, CSS etc along with PHP programming language. It is useful for the beginners and intermediates.

27)   PHP Strings Primer
In this tutorial, you will learn about the various string functions that are available in PHP programming. It describes the functions of each string with examples and how to use them in PHP.

28)   PHP 101 (Part 1) - Secret Agent Man
This article teaches you about the basics of using PHP to build your website and related web development efforts. It will be easier if you know something about HTML programming.

29)   Introduction to PHP Classes
Introduction to PHP Classes is a simple tutorial that makes you familiarize with PHP classes along with its fuctionalities and structures.

30)   What is PHP? What is PHP? is a simple tutorial that teaches you to make use of various PHP functions and classes for web based applications.

31)   PHP Introduction
PHP Introduction is an useful and simple tutorial designed for beginners to explain users about the basics of PHP scripting language.

32)   Introduction to PHP
This is a simple tutorial that reveals some basic and important technical concepts related and involved in PHP programming and the author details the difference between PHP and HTML.

33)   PHP, Javascript and VBScript Language Summary
PHP Language SummaryPHP, Javascript and VBScript Language Summary through which author provides several information about PHP by comparing with javasctript and VB script.

34)   What the Heck is PHP?
What the Heck is PHP? is an article with which you can enhance your PHP programming language. This is an useful article for all PHP users.

35)   PHP Tutorial (Part 2)
This tutorial teaches about the usage of strings, loops, break statements etc., with useful examples. Learners can easily understand the functions of PHP from this tutorial.

36)   PHP Tutorial (Part 1)
This is an online tutorial which teaches the learners about PHP in detail. It teaches the learners in step by step process with examples.

37)   PHP 101 (Part 2) - Shakespeare's Rose
PHP 101 (Part 2) - Shakespeare's Rose is an ultimate article that helps you to create PHP based forms to make easy interactions for the websites.

38)   LAMP, MySQL/PHP Database driven website design and development
This is a tutorial for designing and developing your own dynmaic website with the help of LAMP, PHP and MySQL database. This will be a useful tutorial for beginners.

39)   Herong's Tutorial Notes on PHP
This free book is an excellent tutorial book for beginners. It is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning PHP himself. Topics include Command Line Interface (CLI), array, CGI, cookie, database, HTTP, IIS, loop, mail, MySQL, PHP, request, session, SMTP, SQL,

40)   P and J Programming 101 - Sequencing and Dependencies
This is a PHP tutorial which explains that how the codes of the program should be sequenced and placed. This is designed to teach for those who are computer literate but do not need to have any programming background.

41)   Introduction to PHP
An Introduction to PHP, This tutorial tells you about PHP's History and shows you how to create your first PHP script. The following chapters touch on variables and functions.

42)   Dynamic Web Pages with PHP3
Dynamic Web Pages with PHP3 is a simple web based tutorial that provide users with several tips and guidelines to create and manage webpages for their site.

43)   Introduction to PHP & MySQL game development
This tutorial is an useful guide for all newbies which gives an introduction on all basic concepts of PHP programming language.

44)   Intro to PHP
Intro to PHP is a simple tutorial aimed at giving a brief introduction for the basics of PHP as a server side programming language for PHP beginners.

45)   First Introduction To PHP
This tutorial is provided for people with no PHP experience.

46)   Php Tutorial
This tutorial written by Martin Geisler explains the history and introduction to PHP which is aimed at educating the users who have no experience in PHP or any other programming language.

47)   My First PHP Script
This is a PHP tutorial available online for the beginners of PHP language. In this tutorial, you will be able to learn the basic php script and it shows you some tips in PHP.

48)   PHP4 Manual
PHP4 Manual is an ultimate tutorial that describes everything about PHP programming language for all levels of PHP users so as to excel themselves in PHP.

49)   Introduction to PEAR
Introduction to PEAR is a tutorial which explains the concept of PEAR and includes the basics in using PEAR based PHP programming.

50)   A Brief Introduction to PHP
A Brief Introduction to PHP is an article that gives an opening to all PHP beginners. This is an useful article for all PHP users.

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