Friday, 20 July 2018
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Check PageRank
1-31 Link Checking (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Kinp's Reciprocal Link Checker
Kinp's Reciprocal Link Checker is a simple and easy to use link cecking script created using PHP that is available online. An online demo is available in the website.

2)   Google PageRank Checker with SEO
Script to Check your Google PageRank with out any tool bar .

3)   valid link!
Valid Link! is a simple and easy to use link checking script that is available online which is written using PHP programming. It checks for the validity of a link in real time.

4)   Simple Reciprocal Link Exchange
Simple Reciprocal Link Exchange is a PHP enabled module that helps you to exchange URL links via web based admin interface. Email validator and link code checker are available with this small, quality information portal.

5)   Popularity Report
This link checking tool can count and present you the total number of web page links you have on all popular search engines and gives you the ranking of your website on alexa traffic engine.

6)   BacklinkCheck Function
BacklinkCheck Function is a simple and useful script created using PHP. This script can be used to search a link or text in another website easily.

7)   Link Popularity Checker
Link Popularity Checker is a script which allows you to check the link popularity of a domain name in major search engines like Google, MSN, HotBot etc.

8)   Check if Image Exists with PHP
This little script will 'look' to see if an image file exists before displaying either the input image file or an 'error' image of your choice.

9)   Softbiz Automatic Link Checker
Softbiz Automatic Link Checker t will check to see if your website is linked in websites that have been in the link exchange.

10)   Keyword Position Checker
Keyword Position Checker on your site

11)   Google PageRank checker
Google PageRank checker on your site

12)   LinkPop Analyzer
The LinkPop Analyzer is an essential script written using PHP which automatically searches in MSN, AOL, Hotbot, Altavista and reports to you about your link popularity.

13)   Dead Link Script
Dead Link Script is a simple PHP based link checking script that allows you to check the availability of image URLs in your database.

14)   Link Exchange
Link Exchange is a new technique that is used by web masters to increase viewer traffic to their websites. It will save their time in creating a link exchange script of their own.

15)   Web Page Update Check
Web Page Update Check as it's name suggests, is a PHP based script which allows you to know when a particular website is updated. It does not reveal any other details.

16)   Popularity Report
This link checking tool can count and present you the total number of web page links you have on all popular search engines and gives you the ranking of your website on alexa traffic engine.

17)   PHP Link Checker
PHP Link Checker is a script written using PHP. It is the modified version of PHP Kung Foo link checker. The script is very simple and easy to configure.

18)   FTP Checker
FTP Checker is a simple link checking utility capable of verifying the status of the FTP's and provides important details regarding the FTP. This program can be customized by users preference.

19)   Automatic Link checker ( Validator ) Script
How do you track which of your link exchange partners are still linking to your site? Do you check each partners site everyday???? No need to waste your time for this now. This script will check your link partners site and send you a daily report regarding which are still linking.FULL DEMO AVALAIBLE

20)   LinkBack Checker Lite
LinkBack Checker Lite is a simple link checking script created using PHP and has an user friendly interface. This script is very useful for webmasters.

21)   LinkBack Checker Professional
Professional Reciprocal Link Checker is a PHP based script which keeps track of your websites and checks whether it links back to you or not.

22)   Skalinks Links Management Script
Link management script with links checking and advanced ads system.

23)   BookmarkParser
Class for parsing IE, Netscape and Opera bookmarks

24)   Little Cat Z
Little Cat Z is a link validator script written in PHP for the Mozilla Directory. It validates all links in the categories and sub-categories for a URL entered by you.

25)   Traffic Warden, Incoming Link Verifier
Traffic Warden, Incoming Link Verifier is a PHP and MySQL based link checking script which is designed to keep track of incoming links to your website.

26)   PHP Nuke Link Exchange
PHP Nuke Link Exchange is a PHP and MySQL based script which is able to get targeted traffic to your website. The script is very simple and easy to use.

27)   Linked popularity check
This program helps website owners to check the total number of links for their websites on popular search engines like google and yahoo.

28)   URLHelper
URLHelper is a simple PHP based script that is available online. It can be used to access the URLs and the HTTP data of a website. The script is also simple and easy to use.

29)   Link Reports from Populardrops
Link Reports from Populardrops is a PHP based script which can be used to get reports on link popularity for pending, deleted domains, redemption period and onHold domains. These softwares can be purchased individually or as a 3-in-one pack.

30)   CosmicLinksChecker
404 link checker. Recognises over 40 HTTP codes such as 404, 505, 200 etc. Can filter out specific files, file types, directories and sensors. Broken links checker that can keep your sire error free and professional.

31)   A Link Popularity
This PHP Script checks Google PR, Link Popularity and major Directory Placement for the given website.

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