Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Link Indexing (PHP) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   PHP FFA
PHP FFA is an application written in PHP that provides you with the best way to advertise your message and allow visitors to leave their links on your site.

2)   simplelinXml
simplelinXml is a simple PHP based script which offers you cool links in categories and sub-categories. It is very easy to install and customize the script.

3)   STP Reciprocal Links Manager
Easily manage your reciprocal links advertising campaign.

4)   Linker
It is an easy PHP script that can be used to generate link directory for your website.

5)   Linkster
Linkster is a simple but powerful script which will be useful for webmasters in creating and managing a dynamic link directory on their website. It contains numerous features.

6)   AllMyLinks
AllMyLinks is a professional link list system that allows you to create and run a professionally built link directory on your website. It is fully template driven and supports multiple language.

7)   cpDynaLinks
CpDynalinks is a link indexing program which helps the webmasters to create a link directories for their website. This software uses Apache mod-rewrite method using .htaccess file.

8)   phpBB Search Engine Indexer
This is a search engine optimized archive for phpBB that search engine will grab your site based on the keywords. This script has in-built template.

9)   Linklist
Linklist is a PHP and MySQL based script for creating link directory on your webserver. The script is simple and easy to customize.

10)   xLinks
xLinks is a simple link management system which can handle all your links. The script is written using PHP and uses MySQL database. The script contains numerous features like counts hits and ratings.

11)   DS Linker
DS Linker is a simple online link indexing software that allow website visitors to submit links along with their name to display it on your website.

12)   K-Links Directory
This is an online link indexing software that has the ability to hold several website links under different categories in a flexible directory with a search engine similar to yahoo interface.

13)   1Two directory
his script propose a links directory, you can create unlimited categories and sub-categories. A lot of option are available in the administration section.

14)   Chipmunk Directory
Chipmunk Directory is a powerful link indexing script written using PHP programming. It contains various features for managing and controlling the links in the directories on your website.

15)   LinksCaffe
LinksCaffe is a mySQL/PHP4 portal solution that allows you to run Yahoo-style directory on your web site. Admin features include: adding, editing, deleting, validating links, optional e-mail notification, creating or deleting categories

16)   PHP-Link Trader
You can use this program 'PHP-Link Trader' to exchange and market your website links with other websites and to track the total in and out hits for the links.

17)   phpRebel SEO
phpRebel SEO is nothing but a search engine optimizer for PHP based search engines. This can be done by making some simple changes to your website.

18)   HwLinks
HwLinks is a PHP based link indexing script for creating and maintaining your link directories in your website easily and effectively.

19)   Free PHP Directory Script
With the help of this PHP built online link indexing software you can list and create template-driven automated directory for your website links.

20)   Essential Reading Link Archive
Essential Reading Link Archive is a PHP based link indexing script that uses MySQL for storing the information. With this script it is possible to generate a two tiered link archive.

21)   phpMyLinks
phpMyLinks is a PHP based script which allows you to create and manage your http URLs. The script is very simple and easy to install.

22)   LinkeX PRO
LinkeXchange PRO

23)   Simple PHP Link Manager
Simple PHP Link Manager is a simple and easy to use link management system that creates categorized links and outputs a flexible display. It also provides you with statistics like the number of times a link has been accessed and so on.

24)   BosDirectory
The BosDirectory is a Yahoo style link index.

25)   TutorialSHRE
TutorialSHRE indexes tutorials of any category submitted by visitors on your website. The script lets the admin edit/add/delete these tutorials along with many other functions.

26)   Resource repository (Advanced Indexing) Script
Extensive and powerful script to launch your own Script Archive Portal . It is a COMPLETE SCRIPT with quality features like : Highly configurable site parameters, Convenient browsing , Extensive stats , Feature packed admin panel , Anti-spam and Anti-cheat mechanisms..

27)   phpYellow Pro Edition
phpYellow Pro Edition is a simple online link indexing software with which all business range communities would be able to create and manage yellow pages on the web directories.

28)   Linx BETA
Linx BETA is a powerful link directory script that is designed to manage thousands of links in your website quickly and efficiently. The script is written using PHP and MySQL.

29)   No database Post A Link
No Database Post A link is a simple PHP based link indexing script that does not require any database. This script will be useful for screening questionable links.

30)   Linkwa
Links are saved with a title and a description in a main or a sub category.

31)   Chipmunk FFAL
Chipmunk FFAL is nothing but a fully featured free for all links script. It is a simple and easy to use script for creating and maintaining your link directory.

32)   Free Association
Free Association is an Open Source project which will help you in creating and managing sites like slashdot or any other magazine type site with numerous features.

33)   MyPHPAnnuaire
MyPHPAnnuaire is a link directory script written using PHP and requires MySQL database for storing the information. An online demo is available in the website.

34)   eLinkPro
This is a powerful link indexing program, use it to create static HTML pages for your website, to exchange and reciprocate weblinks with other websites, to submit your site to search engines etc.,

35)   ZINK
ZINK is a simpe PHP based link indexing script with which you are able to create a search engine similar to Yahoo. It comes with various features for users as well as administrators.

36)   SnapDex link indexing
SnapDex link indexing is PHP based link indexing script which is capable of indexing a given set of links in real time. It comes with feature rich user and administration section.

37)   DeskLinks
DeskLinks is a simple and easy to use link indexing software with which you can create and manage link directory search engine on your website. Admin are provided with full control over the script.

38)   WebSight Directory System
WebSight Directory system is a PHP based link directory system that uses MySQL database for storing the links. This script can be used to keep track of your favorite links, or to offer a link-portal to the outside world.

39)   CNCat
CNCat is a simple and easy to use script that can maintain your web-sites directory. The script is coded in PHP and uses MySQL to work. It supports unlimited nesting of sections, unlimited number of links and change of languages.

40)   ssLinks
ssLinks is a PHP based open source script which allows you to run a database driven categorised links section on your website. It uses MySQL for storing and retrieving the data.

41)   GB Top-Directory
Using this tool you would be able to generate a toplist for all web based links on your website based on the hits generated and traffic they drive for your website.

42)   Simple link script
This PHP script will display frame when a user tries to visit other site through a link from your site. This tool is useful for webmasters to make their site visitors to stick with their site.

43)   Links PHP Program
This is a simple and useful online link indexing software using which you would be able to create a seperate index page for all your website links.

44)   phpWebDirectory
phpWebDir is full-featured PHP/MySQL driven Web Directory Application, which includes everything needed to to create your own fully customizable, Internet Website Directory.

45)   iWeb Hyperseek Jackhammer Search Engine System
PPC Search Engine Software that offers unbeatable strength, speed, reliability, and the potential for unlimited growth. Tested to handle over 10 million keyword bids, over 1 million accounts, and to serve upwards of 3 million unique searches per day, built for pure durability and reliability.

46)   SBDDirectoryScript
The Snowblind Development Directory Script is the most easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and visitor and search engine friendly front-end directory script on the Internet. It also supports a highly configurable and detailed administration panel on the back-end.

47)   Linker
Linker is a category search engine which can be used to create your own search engine like that of Yahoo or Altavista and manage them. It contains lots of features and has a convenience usage.

48)   Logilinks Directories/Links Manager
Just install, create your main theme categories and start earning from SPONSORSHIPS and ADS.

49)   Total Link Exchange
Total Link Exchange is a PHP based program using which you can verify the link backs for all your web pages with the link directory and thus increses the speed of your site navigation.

50)   SBCLinks
SBCLinks is a script written in PHP and MySQL that allows you to add links for your directory on your website easily. It offers you with various features.

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